My elders used to say that “all money ain’t good money”.  Of course, I didn’t believe them. When you are young and broke, all cash was good and all credit was wonderful.


But, life has a way of teaching you that money is not everything. In fact, money can bring misery if you overvalue it.  No, I am not saying that money is wrong; those lessons about money that many of us learned in bible study were based on flawed teaching.


Money is good; we need money. The challenge is that we MUST evaluate if more money will result in us having LESSless life, less happiness and less autonomy. Trust me, more money does not mean MORE of everything else; it can actually mean having LESS. That’s why we must consider if having more really brings more.


So, before you sign that contract, accept that agreement, ask for that raise, accept that promotion, take on that new client or get into a new relationship, ask yourself….is the money worth it? Ask yourself…


Is this money really worth the mess?

Is the money I earn worth the misery I will endure?

Will the blessing today feel like a burden tomorrow?

Is this the most effective use of my time, talent, and treasure?

Am I saying “ I do” when  “I don’t”, “ I won’t”, “ I can’t” and “ I am not even interested”?

Will the dollars be worth the drama?

Is the collaboration worth my concentration?

Is my presence important to this process or project?

Will I have to sell my soul, my sanity or my sense of self?

Is the input worth the outcome?

Is my YES a strong YES or just a weak no?



Ask yourself the questions before you trade your time, peace and freedom for cash!!


Why? Because often we make money decisions that cause us to live in defeat,  deficit, and depletion because we don’t proactively consider the FULL impact of our decisions. (Excerpt from soon-to-be-released Deciding to Soar 2)

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