Some people will divorce their dream before they will devote a dollar.


Is that how you feel?


Is your dream worth it?


Are you really committed?


Do you think that you can really achieve your dream all by yourself?


What do you really believe about your potential?


Do you think that you can google greatness?


When you are by yourself, in your quiet place, without the crowd, what do you really say? What do you really believe is true?


Lately, I have been considering that question as I hear people express or really chant the popular messages of the day.  I hear people enthusiastically talk about their goals to start businesses, their objectives to elevate their lives and their desire to serve the world. I  hear people talk about challenging their limiting beliefs, breaking glass ceilings and healing the wounds of their pasts. I hear people express their commitment to leave legacies, commitments to transform their minds and commitments to strengthen their bodies.


I have heard it all or at least I have heard it enough.….Sometimes I even say those things myself. Be honest, you hear and sometimes say those same words too. No judgment, but just honest!


We all hear all types of proclamations, declarations, and incantations until money is mentioned. Yes, when it is time to put their money where their mouths are, people shut down and they shut up.  The chants stop. The mantras cease. The promises weaken. The pledges plunge.


When it is time to invest in their OWN dream, people will hold money so tight that a “ dolla will holla”.


But, why is that?


Who told us that dreams were free? When did get we get convinced that success comes without sweat, suffering, and sacrifice?  What made us assume that the “call it and haul it” adage was true? Who said that the “name it claim it” maxim was devoid of financial investment?  Who only quoted half the scripture that said faith…but forget to mention the second part, without works is DEAD!!


What I know for sure is that everything takes currency…cash…credit…coins. Nothing is free! Yet there seems to be a sense that words of success, abundance, and goals are enough. If that were true, we ALL, everybody, would have what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted just because they wanted it. Success, however you define it,  would be common. But we all know that is NOT true.


Just for the record. Nothing is free; everything has a cost. If may not be a financial cost but anything of value will cost you something! And if you get something for free, trust me, some compensation or exchange is implied.  Don’t miss that!


This is what I know for sure. If people really want a change…they must invest their time, talent and here it is – their TREASURE!!! Why? Because outputs are a result of inputs. Outcomes are the result of in-comes. Wins are the result of work. Prosperity is a result of pain. Nothing is free….


As 2018 ends, ask yourself an important question: am I willing to invest in myself to have what I desire? Or, will have forfeit my dream over finances? 


This is what I know for sure. There is a cost for growth AND some of the highest costs that you will ever  pay are the costs of staying the same, the costs of missed opportunities,  the cost of the wrong strategy, the cost of bad timing, the cost of not being prepared, the cost of unaddressed pain,  and the high costs of regret.  And, regret is expensive!


So, the question remains. Will devoting dollars cause a divorce?


Only you can answer the question!


But if you are open to changing your life and you want to start the transformation process with a low money investment so that you can test the waters of possibility, join me at the ““Dare To Be Me” masterclass.


But if I am not your cup of tea, there are many amazing coaches, teachers, mentors, healers and lawyers that I can refer to support you. Why would I refer other amazing people to you?


Because at the end of the day, your dream matters to me. Your legacy could affect my son and my future grandchildren. Your mission could save my life. Your invention could bless my parents. Your “aha” could make me say “he-he”. We need you!


I hope you join me for the class and let’s Dare to Soar Higher together as we invest in ourselves that help us SOAR HIGHER!




SharRon , The Life Strategist

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