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Do You Know How To Be A Friend To Another Woman?

 It’s Women’s Month!


It’s time to celebrate women! And, we should celebrate and honor women! In most families, women are the backbones, the engines and the foundations of most families. And even though women work hard, sometimes twice as hard as men,  women are still not consistently celebrated for the many contributions they make to their families, communities and to the world.


Why is that? There are many reasons for the inequity. I will share more about why I believe women are not recognized and appreciated in future posts. 


Today, let’s talk about how women can support other women in their everyday lives because we all need MORE support. Being an island is exhausting and jeopardizes our health in a variety of ways.


So, what can we do? How can we develop authentic relationships with each other so that we feel supported, respected, challenged and loved?


I have a system called the Relationship GPS System that I know can help women have more meaningful conversations with each other. ( FYI, the system can also be used for men.) And, meaningful conversations are the foundation of meaningful connections.


What’s the Relationship GPS System(click here for video. You can also view from the bottom of the page.


It is a system that ensures that we are supporting in each other in ways that “feels” like support because all of us experience support differently.



I share a little about the Relationship GPS  system in the video below. I do a deeper dive of the framework in my coaching programs but I wanted to share a few nuggets that you can apply immediately to strengthen your bonds.




Women need each other more than ever before. In fact, the research shows that women are craving closeness and have a deep desire for belonging. Just think about it. We are electronically connected but we are not emotionally close which leaves us starving for true companionship. And, we all know what starvation does….being hungry makes us vulnerable to manipulation, die-ease and bad decision-making!



Until women are able to be who they really are and bring their full, perfectly-flawed selves to the table without judgment, we will miss out on the beauty, joy, and power of each other. We will stunt our own growth, impede our own success and prevent our own peace. 





This week use the GPS Relationship System with a few of your friends and co-workers. Write down all of the new facts you learn and identify ways that you can be more helpful, supportive and more engaging with your fellow sisters.




As you are considering your relationships this week, think about how the Relationship GPS System can improve your connections. If you are a leader, consider how asking those 4 questions can improve how you lead your teams. Consider how understanding a person’s history and dreams can help you be more compassionate and empathetic. Most of all, consider how using the Relationship GPS system can improve your relationship with YOURSELF!


If you live in the Atlanta area, bring your thoughts and insights about the Relationship GPS System to Paint Sip Socialize. Let’s put our heads together so that we can learn how we can SOAR higher as sisters. Click here to learn more and see additional information down below.


If you haven’t had time to purchase the “Get Unstuck” replay, you still have time. Click here.  And don’t forget, the replay comes with a free e-book, Can Depend On Me.  I know that the book will bless you.


Have a great week as you build and bolster new relationships.



Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!




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What type of love is that? Expensive or Valuable?

There is a difference between valuable love and expensive love.


Valuable love is a love that allows you to experience all of who you are and challenges you to be all that you can be. It is a type of love that encourages you to grow, explore and expand.


Valuable love is also a love that challenges you to live your truth and holds space for your truth to evolve as you learn more about who you are and what you need.


Valuable love affirms you, accepts you, and attends to you. It is not suffocating, demanding or intimidating. It breathes… life….new peace…new air…and new energy into your life.


BUT expensive love is different!


Expensive love is a love that cost too much; it has a high price BUT low worth. It requires too much time, energy and care.


It is a love that violates you, your ethics, your values, and morals. It is a love that compromises your character, diminishes your competency and dulls your creativity.


Expensive love is a love that erodes your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. It condemns instead of corrects. It entangles instead of empowers. It limits instead of liberates.


Expensive love demands energy that you don’t have which leaves you in a constant state of depletion, deficiency, and defeat.


So, is the love that you are giving or receiving valuable or expensive?


Look at your life. Your life will always tell the truth even when your mouth lies. (from the upcoming book, Deciding to Soar 2)


It’s time To SOAR Higher as we only commit to love that is valuable, but not expensive!


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True Friends Tell YOU the Truth!

We must be careful that we don’t stuff our lives full of “yes” people. To do so leaves us vulnerable to our blind spots and shortcomings.

But to encourage people to speak into lives, we must stretch ourselves and grow spiritually so we can hear and digest honest feedback. We can’t be so emotionally fragile that we overact when people generously share their wisdom, insight, and advice with us about us. If so, we will miss out on valuable information WE NEED to advance to our lives, careers, and our families. It does not matter how successful we are or have been; we will always need new lessons to leverage us and lift us so that we can SOAR to our highest potential.!
Oscar Wilde said it best when he said that “true friend stabs you in the front.” True Friends!!!! True friends share their perspectives and assessments to your face. They don’t hide from the truth. They don’t coddle or cater to you; they correct you and challenge you. They provide direction to help discipline and develop you. Real friends invest in your dreams, and the most courageous and effective investment is the TRUTH!
Do you have friends who tell you the truth? Friends who are strategic help us Get UnStuck. 
We will be sharing more about the power of friendship in the upcoming weeks.
If you have not registered for “Get Unstuck”, what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to seeing you!
Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!
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Break Some Rules and Fix Your Life!

 You may need to BREAK some rules to FIX your life.


Since we arrived on the planet, we have been taught rules about what to believe, how to behave, how to love and how to live.


Those rules trapped us in traditions, paradigms, and policies that prevented us from knowing who we really were and what we were designed to do.


In many ways, the rules restricted us, and in some ways reduced US to be the lowest version of ourselves!


Some rules were created to make you:


Predictable, not Purposeful!
Fearful, not Faithful!
Miserable, not Masterful!
Gullible, not Grateful!
Forgetful, not Fruitful!
Shameful, not Successful!
Reprehensible, not Respectful!
Hateful, not Helpful!
Despicable not Desirable!
Vengeful, not Valuable!
Loathful, not Lovable!


But NO MORE!!! I am committed to breaking every rule that fails to honor me and fails to honor the divinity of humanity. 
Let’s break some rules!! Let’s create what we need to SOAR!


It’s time to break a few rules and FIX YOUR LIFE so that your life reflects your divine design, destiny, and your divinity.




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Does Your Journey Inspire?

Even if your journey is hard, people who are willing to invest in themselves will join you. They will pull up their sleeves, pick up their pens, take off their pumps, remove their jackers, overcome their personal biases, and adjust their schedules to join you.


But you must show your journey – the good, bad and the ugly. If not, you will not inspire people to journey with you. You will inspire them to take advantage of you, to manipulate the system, to steal from others and to find shortcuts.


Let people see what it takes. Don’t give them a false perception of your reality. Let them see the tears, the tribulations, the triumphs and the transitions required to pursue purpose. Let them hear your woes, see your wounds and also experience your wins. Let them feel the heat of your height so that they can prepare for their own elevation. If not, they will not be prepared for the struggle, sacrifice and shuffling the journey requires.


Show it! Show enough to inspire those we are really ready for the journey. The exposure will let them see what it takes to SOAR!


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher Together!


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Close or Connected?


You need people; nobody does anything great alone.


If you build a business, promote an organization, become an employee or even marry someone you love, you will need help.


You will need wisdom that you don’t have, you will need resources that you don’t have and sometimes you will need faith that you don’t have. Needing something from others does NOT mean that you are weak; it means that you are human. God designed us to be interdependent!


But, you MUST be discerning. Everybody does not nor can they handle access to you. Some people are incapable of maintaining confidentiality, honoring your vulnerability, respecting your boundaries or cherishing your intimacy. Some people don’t have the capacity nor the self-mastery to enter the inner sanctums of your life. If does not make them bad people. However, it does disqualify them from being close.


Your success will require that you work with all types of people. You can’t be, start or lead an international movement with a “insular” mentality. You can NOT be fruitful if you are limited to who and where you can effectively function.


Beloved, you deserve success, and your success will DEMAND that you are discerning with your relationships, especially in a fast-paced, complex, technologically-driven, interconnected economy and world. Your success will DEMAND that you check in with yourself FIRST before you check out others.


The truth is this: You can be connected with somebody and work with them. That’s called maturity. But, you don’t have to be emotionally close and invite them into personal places that they are not spiritually nor emotionally equipped to dwell.


2019 is YOUR year! Get connected so that you can grow, flow and sow! But reserve your “closeness” for those who deserve to know YOU because they have done the work to truly know, love and master themselves.


It’s time to SOAR HIGHER!

( excerpt from Dare to Soar Higher 2)




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Stop Cutting The Ones Who Care!

One of the things that I have learned as a life strategist is that NEW relationship problems are usually the result of deep-rooted, unresolved issues from OLD relationships.


For example, some of the challenges that we experience with our new jobs can be traced back to unresolved problems and unaddressed issues with former employers,  previous coworkers or an ex-boss.


Some issues with our the new spouse, new partner or new crush can easily be traced back to the issues that we have not admitted, processed or even discussed with our ex-lovers, ex-partners, ourselves and sometimes, even our parents.


Some of the challenges that we have making new friends can be traced back to our old feelings of not being seen, not feeling heard or not being cared for in a way that made us feel valued, respected, safe and loved.


Some of the difficulties that we have collaborating with people today are because somewhere in our lives we felt invisible, insecure, overpowered and undermined when we tried to contribute and share.


Some of the problems that we have with organized religions are because we sometimes allow ourselves to be spiritually crammed and emotionally incarcerated into rules, rituals, and regulations that we don’t believe or ascribe to yet feel powerless to change.


And since we have never adequately or thoroughly examined the ROOT of our inability or unwillingness to connect with others or ourselves in meaningful and life-giving ways, we are left feeling isolated, alienated and rejected. We become bloated with bitterness, resentment, and anger. We become cynical, defensive and unavailable, and we cut ourselves off from what we want and need the most —- a sense of belonging.


But until our wounds are addressed in ways that bring closure or healing, we deny ourselves of healthy and loving connections that provide the support we need, the acceptance that we crave and the recognition that we desire. And most of all—-we suffer!


We suffer in silence suffocated by our secrets and sidelined by our inability or unwillingness to reach out for support. We retreat into self-made and self-imposed prisons in an attempt to conceal our pain and “armor up” our lives in a futile effort to protect ourselves from anticipated threats.


We wrap our lives in old stories, bury our talents under old narratives, create our perspectives in dirty filters,  trap ourselves in societal acceptability, and hold others hostage to expectations and assumptions in our attempts to control and manipulate every engagement, interaction, and every experience we have.


We exhaust ourselves by acting, lying, shapeshifting and people-pleasing until we deplete, dilute or diminish who we are.


We betray ourselves and our needs. We don’t give ourselves permission to be vulnerable, intimate or honest so that we can experience the richness of others, nor experience the richness and depth of our own souls.


In fact, we attack people who even try to befriend, respect and love us.  Like wounded animals, we strike out at the first “perceived” attack, offense or insult.


We test people. We try people. We tempt people.  We trick people. We secretly put people on “trial” to see how much of our bad behavior they will endure before they leave. And when they leave, we blame them for abandoning us without taking an honest assessment of how we contributed to the demise of the relationship.


But what if we decided to stop blaming others for the death of our relationships and really evaluate ourselves? What if we owned our old stories that contaminated our new connections? What if we dissected our behaviors and beliefs and identified the root of our frustration and irritation with others? What if we admitted that we were emotionally injured and that we are cutting those who are closest to us because we lack the courage to confront those who hurt us the most?


What if?


What if we decided to look in the mirror and admit what’s really going on, or what happened, or what we fear will happen?


What if?


Our lives would be different. Not perfect, but different. But different… for many of us would be a step in the right direction.


So, what can we do?


We can DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!  Click here:

(except from soon-to-be-released  Deciding To Soar 2)


As you are thinking about what you want most in 2019, make sure you download my free e-book, “Know What’s Best For You”. It has questions to help you think about what is really going on in your life.






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It’s Time For YOU To Conduct A “Friend” Inventory!

If you have heard me speak this year, you have probably heard me say that everything is created, cared for and cultivated on “ships.” EVERYTHING!


Yes, our “ships” influence and affect our lives. It does not matter if it is a partnership, fellowship, companionship, mentorship, sponsorship, relationship, distributorship, friendship, citizenship, “situationship”, and the list goes on…our lives are touched and shaped by others. Even when we are not aware of it, we are somehow informed, energized, challenged or repulsed by the words and ways of others.   Everybody leaves an impression, good or bad,  in our lives.


Because our connections are critical, it is vital that we analyze who we spend time with, who we seek wisdom from and who we allow in our intimate space. And as we elevate our lives or shift our priorities, we may need to adjust and re-adjust where and with whom we spend our time and share our energy.


Let’s be honest. That’s hard for some of us. Evaluating or repositioning our relationships brings up all types of emotional baggage, feelings of abandonment and childhood triggers. That’s why we sometimes stay tethered to connections that are toxic, abusive and lifeless. 


Here is something to consider: Making adjustments or analyzing your relationships does NOT mean that you don’t love or like people.


Adjusting and evaluating your relationships mean that are you committed to your OWN growth, self-care, and elevation. It means that you are being intentional about your time because you NEED new experiences, different information and increased exposure to opportunities, so you can plan, position and prepare yourself for what’s NEXT in your life. Scrutinizing your connections means that you are cognizant that you have limited time and only so much energy and that everyone you connect with must be beneficial and fruitful to your life.  Essentially, ensuring that you are surrounded and supported by a healthy network is an act of SELF LOVE!


Here is the bottom line: Growth does NOT happen in isolation, in stagnation or in the wrong congregation. Growth happens in stimulating and safe environments that are replete with rich diversity, great dialogue, and vigorous debate.


That’s why we NEED conversations that challenge our thinking. We need to attend events that expand our minds, touch our souls and frame our dreams. We need to be pushed, pulled and poured into in ways that increase our competence, capacity, and our curiosity. We need connections that hold us responsible and accountable to HIGH standards.


We need to SEE and EXPERIENCE MORE because our lives develop or diminish based on what we know, what we think, what we do and what we are exposed to.


What’s the take-home message? We can’t SOAR if we don’t know MORE!


That approach sounds simple but learning and doing MORE demand that we develop relationships for where we are going, not where we are now.


As you enter 2019, and before you make another resolution, take inventory of your connections.  Find a quiet place and start with 3 simple questions.


  1. How is this connection helping me SEE me better, differently or fuller?
  2. How is this connection supporting me now, who I am becoming and my vision for the future?
  3. How is this connection strengthening, stretching or shifting me?


There are more questions to ponder, but these  3 questions should get you started. My new e-book, Know What’s Best For You, has tons of questions too. It’s FREE so download it today! It also comes with a free video series entitled, Walk Away.


Our relationships are our greatest resources. So, pay attention. Choose relationships that grow you up, grow you out and grow you within. That way you can be better equipped to SOAR Higher in 2019.


Let me hear from you. Please leave a message below.


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!




I shared some thoughts about relationships on Facebook Live. Enjoy and please subscribe to my youtube channel.

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Don’t Wait Too Long!

Let’s be honest…..sometimes people cross the line. They make comments that feel degrading or they do things that feel demeaning. But when they do cross the line, speak up immediately. Don’t wait!


Why? Sometimes if you wait too long you will say too much. You will explode and make harsh statements that could irrevocably damage the relationship.


Yes, people will get on your nerves, I mean, your LAST good nerve. But often times they don’t realize that they have encroached on your boundaries. Remember, we all are different. A gesture that may be considered an INVITATION to one person MAY feel like a VIOLATION to another person.


So, speak up. Honor your feelings. Approach the conversation in a spirit of curiosity so that you can learn more about their intentions. After you understand their motives, then make a decision.


Remember….Seek to understand FIRST! Don’t let arrogance or ignorance ruin your relationships.


Do yourself a favor. Speak up quickly. Say what you need to say. Learn what you need to learn. And then, SOAR!

( from my upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 2)


It’s Time To Soar HIGHER!!!








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There will always be someone who will attempt to control, cage and change you.


They will try to manipulate you and when that doesn’t work, they will malign you.


They will criticize you and when that doesn’t work they will castigate you.


They will ridicule you and when that doesn’t work they will reject you.


They will lie on you and when that doesn’t work they will label you.


They will blackmail you and when that doesn’t work they will try to blackball you.


They will slander you and when that doesn’t work they will sabotage you.


They will condemn you and when that doesn’t work they will attempt to politically cripple you.


They will you hinder and when that doesn’t work they will try to hurt you.


They will intimidate you and when that doesn’t work they will try to incarcerate you.


They will derail you and when that doesn’t work, they will attempt to destroy you.


They will threaten you and when that doesn’t work, they will terrorize you.


When their damnable, serpentine measures don’t work, they WILL get dirtier, more salacious and just more low-down.


But, DO NOT be scared or concerned!  Don’t Panic! Their tactics will fail.


I have learned that when you are in the will of GOD, “no weapon formed against you will prosper”.


God created you to be who you ARE!!! Nobody else gets a vote.


Don’t let their fingerprints corrupt your divine blueprint!


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!


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