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Are You Living Your Purpose?

purpose2Are you living your life with purpose and on purpose?  Hard question, right? But it is a critical question because people who don’t live their purpose may enjoy financial success, but many times they don’t feel totally fulfilled.  They don’t feel happy, energized or productive. I have even heard people say that when they were not living their purpose they felt out of alignment – which is another way of saying that they did NOT feel that their mind, body and spirit were in sync.


For many years, I lived out of sync. I was not being true to myself and I was not honoring my calling, my divine WHY (my PURPOSE). And so, I felt scattered, scared and stuck. Even though I was advancing in my career, I always felt as if I was squandering my talent and living below my true potential.  Most of all, I didn’t feel congruent; I was not doing what I knew God had ordained or “wired” me to do. I was living outside of my PURPOSE.


findyourpurposeTrust me, it was not a good feeling.  I constantly felt emotionally and spiritually weary trying to fit into society’s definition of what it meant to be a successful woman. In my heart, I knew that society’s definition was limiting and confining me; actually, I felt extremely trapped. I knew that I was destined for more, but I didn’t know what the MORE was.  Even though my life provided tons of clues about what I should be doing to make a difference in the world, I initially didn’t see my PURPOSE as valid, valuable or viable. Have you ever felt that way?


Thankfully, I learned a few things.  And after I understood and accepted my PURPOSE, I felt compelled to help others find their PURPOSE too. I knew that people wanted, but really needed, to feel courageous, connected and charged to live abundant lives.  I knew people desired lives FULL of energy, engagement, and enthusiasm.  I knew that people, happy people, really wanted to contribute to society in a meaningful way. I knew that people needed to know that their lives mattered – that they had a PURPOSE.


If you feel stuck, scattered or scared, and know that there is MORE for you to do and be, I want to personally invite you to the Purpose Retreat in Jacksonville, Florida.


At the Purpose Retreat, you will meet other powerful women, women just like you, and learn about their journeys.  Believe me, we all have some lessons to share and some of our lessons were pretty painful and extremely costly. But the main lessons we learned was that living without Purpose, operating outside of Passion and relinquishing Power prevents people from living the lives that they DESERVE!


Yes, DESERVE! You DESERVE a life of abundance – but you have to go after it. Abundance won’t show up at your front door; it takes effort! And, YOU are worthy of your best effort.


Invest in yourself!


***And don’t forget….if you are not on track to reach your 2018 goals because you are making excuses, join me this Saturday from the comfort of your home as we discuss how to lose the excuses so that we can live fulfilling lives. Register here for $20.18.








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“I Have Always Done It That Way”

“I have always done it this way”. Haven’t we all said that?


I know I have. I have made that statement hundreds of times.  In many ways and for many years, it was my default response.


“I have always done it this way” was my “go to” reply when I was asked to do something differently or when I was asked to do something that I didn’t really want to do. In fact, it was my favorite retort when people asked me to consider new ideas, modify my behavior or questioned my views. “I have always done it this way” was my way of dodging conversations, avoiding conflict or escaping any responsibility to think critically about how I was living and navigating in the world.


Trust me, it was an effective way to end any conversation and I used the statement indiscriminately, and yes, aggressively when I had no desire to change, think or engage. “I have always done it this way” was my tried-and-true strategy to be left alone. And I thought that my commitment to that 6-word phrase and that 6-word mentality served me well, at least that is what I believed.


But life has a wonderful way of showing us that our failure or inability to remain open to new ideas, different cultures, emerging paradigms, innovative solutions will limit us.  Yes, life has a way of teaching us that nothing good comes from a closed mind, a closed heart or a closed hand. Nothing!!


In fact, anything closed off, closed out, closed up or closed in eventually withers and dies. Just think about it. Careers, businesses, friendships, religions, relationships, plants, pets or anything important to us dies without a consistent inflow of fresh air, a steady influx of new energy, an occasional introduction of new ways of thinking or the thoughtful implementation of new behaviors. Everything, and I mean everything, needs a constant supply of physical, spiritual and emotional oxygen to survive. Everything needs to be nurtured and challenged or it loses its vitality, vibrancy and its value.


Yes, I have learned that anything denied nourishment, engagement, growth or expression eventually dies. Let’s face it – our health deteriorates when it is neglected, careers die when they are not managed, communities crumble with they are abandoned, dreams are unrealized with they are not constantly pursued, and love dies when it is not cultivated.  Death is inevitable because desertion and demise go hand in hand. Resistance and regression are companions. Stifling and stopping are connected. Avoidance and apathy are attached. And, ignorance and inertia are always somehow linked, aren’t they? The truth is, having a closed mind, closed heart and a closed hand is a lethal combination; it is a recipe for disaster, destruction, disappointment, detachment, and despair.


Here a few questions to consider:

How do we stay open?

How do we remember that we don’t know it all?

How do we stay connected to each other in the midst of our busy lives and competing demands?

How do we stay receptive to new ideas and to the moving of the spirit?

How do we consider different cultures, expose ourselves to diverse communities and listen to a variety of perspectives?

How do we offer our services and support for the benefit of humanity?

How do we abandon our arrogance and admit our ignorance long enough so that we can listen, laugh, learn and love?


I have learned that “I have always done it this way” is a trap that leaves little room for evolution, transformation, self-analysis, and healing. Just my thoughts of course.’


I would love to hear from you. How do you remain open so you don’t miss out on life, love, learning, and living? Something to pause, ponder and pray about, right?


I look forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment below and please share.


AND, please enjoy the next installment on SOARING series.



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You are ALREADY Courageous!

I am always surprised when people tell me that they are NOT courageous. When I am blessed to hear some of the events and experiences of their lives, it is obvious that they are courageous. And, they are not just mildly courageous, they are extremely courageous. They are bold, brave and gutsy. They are taking steps, making moves and making decisions in the face of loss, fear, rejection, and danger…. that’s COURAGEOUS!


So, why do people underestimate how courageous they are but see examples of courage in others?


I wish I knew the answer to that question. Because if more people understood and accepted how courageous they really were they would change how they navigate in the world. They would celebrate themselves and appreciate that taking small actions and making consistent moves every day is courageous. They would understand that expressing and even having a dissenting view is courageous. They would accept that being who they are in a world that penalizes or marginalizes difference is courageous. They would realize that being a parent, a partner, and a professional is courageous. They would understand that rebounding from deep despair, depression, and devastation only to emerge stronger and wiser is courageous. Even talking to people who they were taught to degrade, hate and avoid, is courageous.


Here’s the bottom line. You are courageous. You may not feel as if you are courageous as you need to be or want to be, but the seeds of courage are inside of you. The seeds may need to be activated or nurtured to grow BUT they are there inside of your soul.


Since you are already courageous, what can you do to be MORE courageous?


  • Get to know yourself better. The more you understand who you are, what you need, what you value and what you desire (clarity) the easier it is to walk in courage.
  • Get comfortable dancing with fear. Why? Fear is not going away. When you are stretching yourself to do something that you have never done before, you may feel twinges of fear. Get use to it. Dance with the fear – I like to call fear activation butterflies – and SOAR!
  • Accept that walking courageously may result in a loss. Let’s face it. When you are being honest, and when you behave in alignment with your own heart and values, somebody will get upset. But so, what! Don’t stay in a “prison of their expectations” and forfeit your right to life, love, and liberty.


Today, accept that you are courageous! Feel it in your heart. Reflect on all of the things that you do daily that take courage. Remind yourself of all of your “FIRSTS” that required you to step outside of your comfort zone. List your big wins and identify what made you win. And finally, commit to finding new ways to win in your life every day.


You are courageous! You can do what you want to do and what you need to do!


I believe in you!


I am willing to walk this journey with you. Just click here and let’s talk.


Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!


If you missed the article last week, don’t worry. Just click here.


Your Life Strategist, SharRon


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Clarity….It Will Come!

I know we all wish we knew exactly where we want to go or knew exactly what we want to do. I know we all wish we are absolutely sure about our life’s work or our life’s purpose. I know we all wish we knew exactly what direction our life will definitely take. On some level, we all desire clarity.


But I have learned that clarity is progressive; it is a process. Clarity, true clarity, takes time, and it does not always come to us quickly or fully. Sometimes it comes when we get still and stay still long enough to hear the whispers from our souls. Sometimes clarity comes when we are exposed to new ways of thinking that expand our knowledge and widen our perspectives. Sometimes clarity comes when we ask and entertain questions with open minds, open hearts, and open hands. Sometimes it comes as we unlearn lessons from our past and consider new teachings for our future. Sometimes clarity comes when we move—move away, move closer, move up, or move out—so we can experience new realities and experience life from different vantage points. The bottom line is that clarity comes, and it comes with growth—spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.


So if you want to get clear, get still and stay open. Listen to diverse people and a variety of ideas, but don’t imbibe everything you hear. Don’t accept and promote a perspective just because it is popular. Don’t submit to an opinion just because it is communicated loudly and empathically. Don’t consent to a belief just because it temporarily sounds good or feels good. Don’t accede to a principle just because it is endorsed by those in authority. Don’t bow to values because of societal pressures and community norms. Don’t get intimidated because your viewpoints are new, not widely accepted, and still developing. Don’t endorse a position just because it is in vogue. Don’t feel the need to hijack someone else’s views and ideas either. Trust yourself and consider your own thoughts, feelings, experiences; use your own moral compass. Wrestle with precepts, thoughts, and attitudes until you become illuminated, educated, and edified. See what feels right for you because there can be no clarification or crystallization without deep conviction.


Remember, getting clarity is not a team sport; it is something you do alone after critical reflection and deep introspection. It is a process, a dynamic process with no clear-cut ending because every new experience has the potential to make us question, reshape, and reevaluate what we already know, think, believe, or feel. Also, remember that we all have some blind spots and will struggle with some concepts, because we don’t see or we can’t see all of what we need to see to formulate complete or consistent opinions. Most of all, remember that clarity may come in stages, steps, and occasionally, through signs; it is a journey.


If you are not clear about something, that’s okay. It is okay if you need to struggle with a concept or belief. It is okay if you don’t acquiesce to the crowd. It is reasonable if you just don’t know. Trust yourself, and trust the God in you. Remember, you will get clear, and your spirit will confirm when you are clear. So enjoy the process and savor the moment. Admitting that you don’t know yet is normal and human. Clarity will come when you least expect it. I promise. Blessings! ( excerpt from the bestselling book, I Have Learned A Few Things)


Hope to see you in the Dare To Be Me. Classes start this week.

Dare To Soar Higher!





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Your NOW is Necessary!

Sometimes it is difficult to be fully present in your NOW.


You know your NOW, the place where you are in your life right NOW. The emotional, spiritual, financial, intellectual and physical place where you currently reside. The NOW.
If the truth be told, sometimes people struggle with their NOW. In fact, some people spend lots of time ruminating about their past wondering what could have been, what should have been or what would have been if they made different choices in the lives. Based on their understanding of their past or their interpretations of their past, some rejoice, some perseverate and others lament. Some get so stuck in their memories or get so paralyzed by their regrets that they lose momentum, abort their own missions and forfeit their dreams.


But others get too focused on their future. It’s nothing wrong with being proactive and optimistic, but some people are so focused on the future that they miss important clues that they need to make progress TODAY. They keep looking so far ahead that they fail to seize critical opportunities that are required to prepare, position and “power” them for their next level. Or, they overlook crucial shifts, competitive trends, and technological advances that can alter the trajectory of their lives. Some are so forward-thinking that they even mismanage the fruitful relationships they NEED that offer peace, promise, potential, and prosperity.
Let’s be honest. You can’t change the past. You can’t predict the future. All you can do is live in the NOW! The NOW!


The NOW is necessary. It is a place for you to extract the wisdom from your past so that you can leverage that wisdom in the future. The NOW is a place to gain greater clarity about who you are, what you need and what you truly desire so that you can VOTE for yourself and your vision. The NOW is a place to find your courage so that you can follow your OWN conscience and not be seduced, coerced and manipulated by the crowd. The NOW is a place that you start making healthier connections based on your truth. You remove the masks, the personas, the social costumes, the need to please and your obsession with keeping up with the Joneses so that you can be authentically WHO YOU ARE!


The NOW is a sacred place. It is a place of reflection, renewal, revival, re-invention, and re-structuring of your life so that you can serve the world in a way that brings fulfillment to you and illumination to others.
So, what are you doing with your NOW? What are you learning in your NOW? How are you growing in your NOW? Who are you forgiving in your NOW? How are you maximizing and optimizing your NOW?


Be present NOW! NOTICE Everything. Be OPEN to everything. WONDER about everything! Do it NOW!


Your NOW is necessary! Welcome everything that your NOW has to offer. Why? Because eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God has in store for YOU!


Let’s Dare to Soar Higher as we endeavor to be fully PRESENT in our NOW! (From my soon-to-be-released book,  Deciding To Soar 2)


If you are ready and willing to be more present in your NOW, Dare To BE ME is for you. Dare To Be ME is not a class; it’s a life-altering experience. I hope you will join us. Classes start in 30 days.


To learn more, click here.






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Look Like A Fool Or Live Like A Fool

When I was younger, I wanted to be an author. But I was told that little black girls didn’t write books. Even when I saw books from Dr. Maya Angelou I was told that she was the exception, not the rule. So, I stopped believing in myself and I tried to release my dream of being a writer.


But I could not release the vision; I felt called or compelled to express myself. And so, I kept writing. I wrote stories, I wrote in my diary and I wrote letters. I memorized words and taught myself the different parts of speech. Words were going to be my tools, grammar was going to be my playground and providing thought-provoking lessons was going to be my legacy.


I was committed and so I prepared myself for greatness. I read the dictionary and the thesaurus. I practiced writing because I wanted to dazzle readers with words, tickle them with my wit, involve them in my storytelling and create vivid images that they could taste, touch and feel.


I was very excited but naïve and so I shared my dreams of being a famous author with friends. Some of the kids laughed at me and my dreams. Others ridiculed and discouraged me.  Everybody had something to say and positive words escaped them.


However, I was not really shocked.  Remember, I was the fat girl with the big teeth who nobody liked. I was the fat girl who constantly cried, who allowed people to punch her and hit her. I was the girl who had no friends and attempted to use cookies in exchange, but really as a bribe, for companionship. Remember,  I was not expected to be much or do much. Not me… the fat girl, weird girl, the black girl.


But while they were laughing, I was leveraging. I listened to sermons, read books, and watched documentaries. I even tried to read some of my father’s college textbooks because I wanted to feel how big words felt in my mouth and how they felt written by my hand. I also read encyclopedias because at the time there was no google and no search engines.


I pursued my dream; I was relentless. Every day, I watched Donahue to learn more about the world because Oprah didn’t have a show yet. Every Sunday, I watched 60 minutes to learn how to craft stories and present messages. I read Ebony and Jet because there were the only magazines at the beauty salons. I read the Bible not because I wanted to be spiritual, but because I wanted to be smart. I was on a mission.


The kids continued to laugh at my dream, and their parents continued to label me as a weird kid.  Most teachers and some adults continued to offer unsolicited discouragement.  The naysayers had abandoned their own dreams so I guess they expected that I would also abandon mine. They were wrong.


I kept trying. I would not be distracted! I would not be disrupted. I would not be deterred. I had a dream. I had a vision for my life that my young mind couldn’t even fully comprehend.


Thankfully God gave me a few glimpses, a few glances and a few glimmers of hope to persevere. And so, I pressed on.


My commitment or my pursuit taught me an important lesson. I learned that when you are going after your dreams, you may look like a fool for a little while but keep moving, keep trying and keep believing. Why? Because it’s better to LOOK like a fool than to LIVE like a fool.


LIVING like a fool means that you are not living your truth, following your dreams or honoring your divine call. LIVING like a fool means living a life that others have prescribed, assigned or confined you to live.  LIVING like a fool means settling for a life of misery, mediocrity, and mess! That’s living as a fool!


If you have a dream, look like a fool NOW – if you need to – so that you NEVER have to live like a fool in the future.  Never forget that nobody needs to validate or verify your dreams for your dreams to exist or for your dreams to be fulfilled!  You and only you have the power to PURSUE what brings your peace so GO FOR IT! (upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 2).


If you need support to live your truth, call me. Click here for your free 15-minute Discovery Session.  


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher as we do today what will bring emotional, spiritual and financially prosperity tomorrow.


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Blessings, SharRon



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Don’t let where you are NOW make you forget where you are going!!

You are going somewhere! Yes, you are! You have a plan, a goal, an objective or a vision. You have imagined it, you have dreamed about it and you have talked about. You have studied, you have planned, and you have implemented.  Despite the difficulty, you have been consistent.


You may not be there NOW, but you are moving in the right direction. Granted, you had some setbacks. You stumbled. You failed, and you lost. Okay, people attacked you, insulted you and rejected you. I know…you have been lied to, lied on and lied about. Even though you don’t want to talk about it, you cried. Sometimes you cried so hard that the weeping made you physically sick and emotionally distraught.


But through it all, you are still moving. When you get frustrated, you remember all of the times that God has brought you through and you keep moving. When you feel overwhelmed and defeated, you think of your ancestors who endured, suffered, bled and died to achieve their goals and you keep moving. When you feel scared and insecure, you stop and pause, and you keep moving.


You are HERE now but you are going THERE! You can see it…. you can feel…. you know it…  can taste it…so keep moving! You got this.


I am here with you cheering you on.


How do you keep moving?


  • Assess what is working and what is moving you closer to your dream?
  • Identify who can offer support and guidance?
  • Eliminate distractions that sap your time and drain your energy.
  • Choose 3 steps toward our success.
  • Develop checkpoints to measure your success.
  • DO IT!

***From my upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 2

Love, Your Soul!


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Are YOU Curious or Critical? What do your friends say?

One of the highest compliments you can pay someone is to ask their opinion. It is something about asking and not assuming that creates connection and shows mutual respect.


First, when you ask questions, you give people an opportunity to share their perspectives, clarify their understanding, and give their opinion.  Just by asking questions you show real interest, true concern, and genuine empathy. You show people that you care and we ALL need and want more of that, right?


But even though asking questions is so important and vital to the health of relationships, most people fail to do it.


Trust me…. when I am working with a client or a couple, it is easy to detect when questions are not being routinely asked.


How do I know? Because there is an accumulation of resentment, bitterness, regret, hostility, and loneliness. Barriers have been built, boundaries have been crossed, needs have not been met, priorities are not aligned, and momentum has been lost. Signs of decay, detachment, and death are evident.


Here’s the unfortunate truth: Most people make assumptions and make all types of conclusions about you and your needs without the benefit of an honest conversion. And, real conversations don’t happen WITHOUT TONS of questions.


When a person fails to ask or explain “why”, she/he is saying the following:

1). I am too much of a coward to ask an honest question and so I will stay safe and assume.

2). I am intellectually and emotionally lazy and I refuse to reflect so I will just assume or believe whatever somebody else tells me about you. Crazy right?

3). I fear YOUR answer, so I will just make up my own.

4). I  don’t want to look at myself, so I will just point the finger at you.

5). I am too weak to handle your answer, so I will make up my own answers about you even if I don’t know you, understand you or ever had a conversation with you.


Here’s the bottom line. Assuming is a sign of weakness and disrespect.


Assuming does not honor you, does not honor the other person, does not honor the relationship and God knows, it does honor not the truth.


So, what can we do?


Let’s Dare to Soar Higher as we elevate our conversations by asking questions, the real questions so that we can obtain the information that we really want to know and need to know to strengthen our relationships.


If you need help identifying people who may have the capacity to be friends with you, maybe this brief questionnaire will help. Get it here:


And, join me on Saturday as Dr. Vikki Johnson and I discuss our bestselling book, Addicted to Counterfeit Love.


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Here are some more tips to help you determine if relationships are healthy. I hope it helps!


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What’s YOUR prayer for YOU?

This week I had to ask myself some hard questions.


The hardest questions were  —-  SharRon, what’s your most sincere, highest and most powerful prayer that you can offer/ask of God about your life? And, do you trust God to do what you ask? AND, are you willing to do your part?


Hard questions, right?…..This is what I know for sure.


We need to PRAY! We may call it talking to God, communing with the SPIRIT, listening to our intuition, being guided by our moral compass, resting with nature, meditating, reflecting, listening….and the list goes on. Whatever we call it, we must do it!


And, after you pray you must take action. YOU MUST decide to take dominion over your life!


Yes, it’s easier to “go along to get along”. Doing what others want you to do may seem painless and straightforward. It’s simple, right?


It does not take much effort, energy, expertise or education to let others control your life.  You can go along for the ride without any investment, information, insight or initiative.


If you abdicate responsibility for your life, you can rest; you can take a break. You won’t need to challenge assumptions, ask questions or accept responsibility. Being a puppet, parrot, pawn and a punk is so carefree, uncomplicated, and acceptable, right?




Simple maybe….but letting others orchestrate and dictate your life is also deadly, reckless, stupifying and limiting. When you do what OTHERS WANT you to do you forfeit your opportunity to be authentically YOU. You forfeit your opportunity to live a life of truth, meaning, and contribution. You forfeit your ability to live with honor, self-pride and internal peace. You forfeit your right to defy the impossible,  reject stereotypes and neutralize mind-numbing, soul-depleting norms.  And most of all, you forfeit the opportunity to be a vessel, a conduit and an instrument for God! You lose YOU!


Today…. I encourage you to stop what you are doing and get still. Ask yourself…what is your highest prayer for your life?


And then, DECIDE to TAKE DOMINION over devils, demons, drama, and distractions that limit your ability to BE YOU, CHOOSE YOU, LIVE AS YOU and LOVE YOU! (from soon-to-be-released Deciding to Soar 2)


Of course, be ready…you may not receive applause, accolades or acknowledgment when you decide to live YOUR own life. You may not receive help; you may only receive attacks, insults and rejection.


Why? Caged, controlled and confined people have a history of lashing out at self-liberators. People who live in lack, live by labels and live according to limitations will not take too kindly to you being a LEADER in your own life.


But DO YOU anyway. Never forget that Being YOU may have a high COST but it is always WORTH THE PRICE!    


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher! as we pray and then take dominion over our lives!


If we are not connected, please join my mailing list. I would love to connect with you and share tips and tools to help you to SOAR HIGHER!


I would also love to support you. Click here to schedule your 15-min Discovery Session. It’s my gift to you.


And if you are an influencer, visionary or a business owner, please don’t forget to visit   Actress, International Speaker, Publisher, Thought Leader and Author Alex Okorji provides some tips to elevate your business and your life.  Thank you, Alex, for the feature.


Please visit to learn more about this amazing thought leader who was listed as one of the top women influencers in the world.


Thank you for reading this article!


Celebrating you and your success!


SharRon, Your Life Strategist.


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Oprah and Gayle… The Strength of Sisterhood

Did you see Oprah receive her Golden Globe award?


I was blown away by the power of her message. How about you?


What was also powerful was seeing Gayle on the sidelines cheering for her. To me, there is something magical and spiritual about seeing women cheer for each other. There is power…joy….and strength when sisters celebrate, congratulate and speak highly of each other.


It is so joyous and affirming because let’s face it……. we women, especially women of color, have had to work harder than most to be recognized and promoted. We sometimes had to climb and cry our way to the top. We have had to play, pray and over-prepare just to be acknowledged and appreciated for our talents. We had to OVER-deliver, OVER-compensate and OVER-extend ourselves in ways that left us spiritually depleted, physically sick and emotionally exhausted.


The truth be told – we worked and continue to work darn hard to be successful.  And, just knowing that we have a team of sisters who are our confidants, cheerleaders and comrades who lovingly cheer us on is often the extra motivation, push and nudge we need when we are tired, frustrated, and dejected.


It is also extremely uplifting to know that we have a group of sisters who are committed to reminding us of our worth, reminding us of our missions, and reminding us of our genius.  Having other women pulling us up, and pulling us over and pulling us close provides the safety, security and the sanctuary we need to take risks, live outside of our comfort zones and live our deepest truths.


And let’s be honest…. we all need that! We all need an extra dose of inspiration, insight and intimacy to insulate us from this competitive, crazy and chaotic world. We all need a safe place and a sacred place where we can just BE….be….BE….be!


But if sisterhood is so valuable and vital, what prevents women from developing sustainable, fruitful relationships with each other?


I believe there are many behaviors that undermine our relationships but one of the most toxic things you can do in a relationship, a true sistership, is to lie about what you really feel.

Yes, lying about your feelings will contaminate your close connections.


So here is what I propose….

If you feel angry, admit it.
If you feel slighted, say it.
If you feel disrespected, discuss it.
If you feel critical, confess it.
If you feel mean, mouth it.
If you feel differently, debate it.
If you feel tossed aside, tell it.
If you feel disappointed, deliberate it.
If you feel violated, voice it.
If you feel condemned, communicate it.
If you feel suffocated, say it.
If you feel excluded, express it.
If you feel sidelined, share it.


Don’t hide your feelings! Why smile with your mouth when you are seething in your heart?


People can NEVER  really trust your “happy” if you won’t admit when you are really mad.


So, here is a valuable relationship rule:  Tell the truth. The soul needs the truth; it does NOT thrive in a climate of suspicion.


I believe that when women feel comfortable and confident telling their truth and sharing their hearts, our relationships deepen. And when our relationships deepen, we all enjoy greater abundance and experience greater success. Deepening our relationships starts a ripple effect of grace, goodness, and godliness that we extend to each other.


I believe in my heart that deep relationships, soul-strengthening and life-giving relationships, change us. Then, we transfer those positive changes to our communities, and those positive changes affect our countries and eventually, the world changes. The world changes to a more inclusive, humane and respectful place filled with people who feel cared for and care about. Call me a dreamer…. but I believe it.


I want CHANGE and I know that other women do too. I want to foster and strengthen relationships. I want women to feel courageous enough to say what needs to be said so that we can celebrate each other, cheer for each other, support each other and love each other.


That is why I am inviting you to attend the “You Can Depend On You” Masterclass.  I want all women, people, to discover new ways to connect with themselves so that they can share their hearts and their truth…their entire truth…. even the truth that makes them uncomfortable, uncertain and vulnerable with others. Because everybody knows…that the truth will set you free!


Please take a moment and learn more about this 5 week online/live masterclass. Click here. And for the next 5 days, I am offering a discount of 50% off.


Just use the promo code: depend.


I hope you can join us.  We start on Jan 15th.


Every “Oprah” needs a “Gayle” and we all are our own brand of “Oprah” (sister). And, every “Gayle” needs an “Oprah” and we are all our brand of “Gayle” (sister).  Let’s work on our relationships because we need other. Selah!


Let’s strengthen our bonds so that we can bless each other.


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!


Blessings, SharRon

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