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When you were broken, busted and disgusted, there were people who loved you. But did they really love you or did you only serve a function or a purpose?


Did your misfortune make them feel good about themselves? Did being pitiful somehow make them feel powerful? Or was it that your insecurity made them feel more confident. Or, did your failures make them forget that they were not experiencing success, joy or passion either? Was it that your empty relationships somehow made them feel full. Was it that your being disinvited, rejected and excluded made them feel as if they were accepted and part of the in-crowd? Did you only serve a function??? Hmmm


Always remember that some people will love you only when you stagger. When you are lost, low, limited and lonely, they will love you. When you are drowning, crying or failing, they will cherish you.


But…. when you realize that you are not a doormat, but a doorway, they will be indignant. When you understand that you are an opportunity to develop and not an obstacle to overcome, they will be offended. When you appreciate that you are not a last-minute option but a prized priority, they will feel slighted. When you realize that you are empowered to God and not indebted to them, they will be insulted.


Let’s face it. When you get some pep in your step and remember that you are both divine and human and that you are unbelievably talented, exceptionally gifted, amazingly loving and highly favored, they will fight you. They will attack you, attempt to discredit you and undermine everything that you do.


Yes, they will.


But…swagger on…. And no, you are not arrogant. You are confident because you know that EVERY open door and every opportunity is from God. You realize that God is the conductor, director, and orchestrator of your life.


How to handle people who expect you to stagger? Stay focused.


Don’t worry about where you have been or where you came from…. FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS on where you are going.


Then, find your tribe. Find the people who expect you to swagger! Nurture them and let them nurture you. And together, WIN!!! SERVE!!! GROW!! LOVE!!!


Let’s Dare to Soar Higher as we SWAGGER with the confidence.


If you need help with your SWAGGER, why not register for RISE?


It is a 10-day journey that will position you to SWAGGER in 2018. It is only $7…that is less than the cost of a fast-food meal so why not?


Hope to you in RISE as you SWAGGER to Success!


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!


SharRon, The Life Strategist


(from my upcoming book Deciding to Soar 2)


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Does Time Really Heal?

We are impatient people; the pace of our culture has conditioned us to rush, rush, rush and rush.


However, there is one thing that we continue to wait on….and that’s healing.


For some reason, we wait and wait and wait as if a magical time will appear that will make us feel better, do better or be better.


Granted…. time may help the sting of the pain go away, and a scab may form to conceal or protect the wound. But the wound is still there and the pain is still near. The memories and the emotional aftermath are still sabotaging your happiness, your health and your wholeness.


Yes, time has passed but the feelings have not; the feelings are present. The hurt feelings are still lurking and lingering in your mind and still causing disruption in your life.


How do I know? Because you are still easily triggered by small infractions. Your emotional buttons are still easily pushed.  You are defensive. You are insecure. You will cuss, cut and criticize people at a moment’s notice. And, you project your pain on others. Your emotional and physical states are visible for everyone to see. You are attempting to hide in plain sight.


Tweet this…Your private pain always shows up in public ways. #decidingtosoar #SharRonJamison


No, I am not a mind reader but I can quickly recognize unaddressed pain and unacknowledged trauma. I know what it feels like, sounds like and acts like. I know because for years my pain swallowed me and suffocated me. Memories of my trauma held me hostage and dictated my every move.


For years I waited and waited.  I stopped living as I waited to be rescued and relieved from the constant gnawing in my stomach. I waited as I rehearsed and recycled my pain.  I waited and I ate and ate. I did my best to find relief in Twinkies, cake and chips but all I got was unwanted pounds on my body.


I finally had to admit that I was afraid to confront my pain and that I did everything to avoid the discomfort associated with healing. I hid, I hesitated but I continued to hurt. And not only did I hurt, I hurt any and everybody that came in my direction.


I not only injured people, I settled. I settled for unfulfilling relationships, I settled for the status quo, I settled for safe, even though I NEVER really felt safe.


So, here’s the critical question that I had to muster up the courage to ask myself. Why wait to heal? Why spend your precious time in isolation, limitation or degradation? Why wait to speak your truth, live your truth or own your truth? Why delay your own happiness for “counterfeit comfort”?


Yes, “counterfeit comfort” because coping is not emotional comfort. Coping is faking. Coping is denial. Coping is acting. Coping is numbing. “Counterfeit comfort” is many things but it is NOT peace.


The time to heal is now! If everything else in your life is so urgent, why not make your peace of mind urgent? Why not make your emotional health a top priority? Why not invest resources to deal with your inner gremlins once and for all? Why not seek counseling, coaching or medical intervention?


You deserve to feel that you are equipped and empowered to be the author and an advocate of your own life. You deserve to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the agency and the authority to design a life that celebrates and reflects the real you.


If you want to start the process, maybe RISE can get you started. It’s a 10-day program of videos and worksheets that will help think critically about what you want and what you need to be the best version of yourself. The best news is that it costs only $7. RISE is a great start to prepare you to SOAR.


If you are interested in meeting people who are also committed to experiencing big breakthroughs and are on a journey of self-actualization, please contact me. There is a like-minded group of successful people just like you willing to connect with you and support you on your own transformational journey.


I would love to support you, but if not, I hope you will make yourself a priority. I hope you always know that you can depend on you to do what’s best for you. I hope you know that YOU ARE WORTH IT…YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO FEEL HAPPY, HEALTHY AND WHOLE!


Enjoy this video….


Celebrating you and your success,

SharRon, Your Life Strategist

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Help, I Am Having A Baby!

Women can have babies by themselves, but any woman can tell you that they would rather have babies surrounded by support. Women who have experienced childbirth can tell you that labor is so intense, so painful, so unpredictable and so overwhelming that just having a hand to squeeze is a blessing.


Labor is hard, that’s why it is called labor. Of course, there is joy…but it is hard to remember the joy when those labor pains are sending shockwaves and contractions through your body with such force and regularity that you can’t catch your breath.


But then the baby comes….and you realize that it all was worth it.  When you are introduced to the wonderful being who you have nurtured, prayed for, sang to and dreamed about, you are grateful. You are thankful because though the delivery was arduous, the result was amazing!


You realize that…. the process was hard but it was worth it.


Making our dreams come true is like birthing babies. It’s joyous but those contractions – though different – are challenging. Those birthing pains – though not physical – are unpredictable, scary, consistent and jolting. Just like physical birth, you can’t always catch your breath as you deal with competing demands, complex negotiations, contrary people and sometimes, character assassination.  You can’t catch your breath because you are learning and doing….and doing and learning all at the same time.


You also can’t catch your breath because everything is happening so quickly and simultaneously. Technology is changing, marketing is changing, competition is changing, audiences are changing and the marketplace is changing. And guess what, you are changing. The process of pursuing your dream has changed you too. You are different now. But you can’t stop…. because now you are in labor.


So, what do you do now?  In the midst of labor, what do you need?


People of purpose, visionaries, change agents, innovators,  movement makers and dreamers need midwives. They need people who can help with the labor process. They need people who can remind them of their intrinsic value, their power, their purpose and their divine destination. They need cheerleaders, champions, and confidants. They need connectors, collaborators, and constructive critiques. Don’t miss the “constructive” part because fear to some degree is always an unwanted, but constant companion.


Bottom line: They need you!


If your loved one is in labor…. birthing a dream, a vision or a movement, I have shared 10 easy ways that you can offer support. The video was a FB LIVE post but I hope it will help you too. Just click the video below to review.


So…..What can we do? What can you do?


Let’s be midwives to and for each other. Why? Because we all have a job to do to serve this amazing world. We all have a special gift to offer the planet.We all have a significant role to play in the exciting experience called life.


I am also here to help you. If you are looking for a low-cost way to start your own birthing process — to begin your own entrepreneurial or life enrichment journey, I want to support you.  I can provide introductory support to you through RISE!


What’s RISE?


RISE: Life Masterclass is a 10-day journey with me delivered directly to your mobile device or computer. And it is only $7…. that’s less than the cost of a fast-food meal, but this meal will provide great nutrients for the soul and mind.


Click here for more information about RISE and why not register for RISE at the box at the bottom of the page?


Listen, you don’t have to LABOR alone. I am here to help you.  I know what factors can propel you forward in your life. And,  I know many midwives who can also support you  because I am constantly surrounded by winners —– like YOU!!!


Don’t forget to join the Dare To Soar Higher Mailing List. I don’t YOU want to miss the freebies, events or the newsletters.


Let’s RISE as we DARE to Soar Higher in every dimension of our lives.


Remember, we are in this together….nobody SOARS alone.   


Celebrating you and celebrating your success!


SharRon, Your Life Strategist

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Can You Hope Me?

I have learned that sometimes I don’t need help. I don’t need a ride, any advice, or a loan. I don’t need attention, a hot meal, or a favor. I don’t need to borrow expensive clothes, a fast car, or the use of a credit card. No, I don’t need anybody to help me. What I need is someone to hope me, because I have learned that hope is power.

Hope is fuel; it is a source of energy that encourages you to keep trying and to keep believing even when you want to give up. It is the power that spurs you on even in the face of uncertainty, failure, and fear. It is the momentum that pushes you to press beyond the pressure despite reports of impending doom and rumors of imminent danger. It is a “manifester” that helps you look past your immediate circumstances and helps you visualize the possibilities of the future. Hope is the engine in our lives.

Hope is a catalyst; it is a facilitator. It lifts you when you are depressed, sustains you when you are tired, and comforts you when you are lonely. Hope enlivens you, elevates you, and encourages you to persevere; it continues to say yes even when your body, mind, and spirit say no. Hope is a stimulus; it releases imagination, ignites creativity, and awakens ingenuity. And even in the face of insurmountable odds, hope activates; hope makes things happen. I have learned that hope provides the channel for blessings to flow.

So if I have to choose between help and hope, I choose hope. I choose hope because I have learned that hope expects, anticipates, predicts, and trust. It is more than optimism, and it is more than wishful thinking. It is faith that sees what I can’t see and knows what I don’t know. It is something that guides me and influences me to proceed even when reality, circumstances, experts, and my friends tell me to retreat, recede, and run.

The best thing about hope is that hope is an unlimited resource. It is a resource that you can decide to use sparingly or generously; the choice is yours. It is also a resource than can be applied to every aspect of your life because hope never runs out as long as you believe.

Help or Hope? I choose hope. If you want to add value to my life, give me hope. Speak to my soul and remind me that I am more than a conqueror. Remind me of my power, purpose, and potential. In the middle of a storm, remind me about the ever presence of God. Remind me of my own testimonies about how God brought me through and about how God brought me out. Yes, I may want help, but what I really need in life is hope, because hope is where our power lies.



**Chapter 35 of my newest book, I Have Learned A Few Things

Books are available on the website. Special pricing is available for book clubs.  And if you are interested in SharRon speaking at your next event, please complete the contact form.

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Stumble But Don’t Stop

I have learned that on your road to success, you will stumble. On your journey to greatness and significance, you will have mishaps, you will make mistakes, and you will make miscalculations. You may slip, trip, and fall even when you have properly planned, prepared, and positioned yourself to win. Unfortunately, you may also lose your balance because of competing demands, and you may lose your footing under the weight of mounting pressures. You may wallow, waver, and wobble privately and occasionally publicly. Stumbling is inevitable when you passionately pursue your dreams.

But it is at those critical times when you are slipping and sliding your way to success that you will be forced to make a critical choice. You will need to decide if you will become discouraged and stop or if you will become courageous and proceed. Both are choices, decisions, and options that only you can make. But remember that your decision will directly determine and/or influence your destiny and the trajectory of your life. Your choice will determine if you move closer to your dream or if you will move further away from your purpose.

So when, not if, you stumble, I hope you will choose to stumble but not stop. I hope you will use your mistakes to help you correct your course and redirect your efforts. I hope you will use your miscalculations to reassess your strategies and reallocate your resources. I pray that you will use your mishaps to consider new ideas and ponder new approaches. I hope that your slips encourage you to reevaluate paradigms and explore creative options. I hope your blunders reveal your true friends and expose your most destructive foes.

What I know for sure is that a stumble is just an event or experience; it is not an ending. It may be a fumble but not a finish. It is an error but not an exit. It is not just a loss but a lesson. It is not a defeat; it’s data. It is not fatal; it is fruitful. Stumbling is a process of small failures that set us up for significant victories. So be encouraged. Never forget that we stumble up to success; we don’t fall to fail.

Stumbling is a critical part of our journey. It plays an important role in our development and refinement processes. That’s good news! So follow your dreams, and don’t worry if you stumble, because the stumbles we make today will prepare us for whatever emerges tomorrow. So stumble but get back up, stand up, move up, and don’t give up, because God will always show up.

This is an excerpt from I Have Learned A Few Things. Are you ready to stumble? I am. Can’t wait to see where our stumbling leads us. Blessings!

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From Bad Break-up to Good Wake-up

Bad Breakups…. Yuck!!

If you have ever experienced a bad personal, professional or a career break-up, you know that bad breakups are not easy. Feelings fly, accusations assault, lies label, connections collapse, and remarks ruin reputations. Severing relationships can be dicey, destructive and detrimental.

If the parties are not emotionally mature and spiritually-grounded, they expose themselves and others to undue scrutiny. They share intimate details of the break-up to make themselves right and to show the entire world that the other person is wrong. Trust is violated, secrets are disclosed, businesses are lost and what was shared in confidence gets plastered on social media. Making personal, business and intimate disclosures, of course, is not high-level emotional functioning, but we all have done it.

 Let’s face it…. when people are hurting, they lash out and some people play dirty. They tell half-truths, concoct outright lies, or share sensitive information that compromises not only their lives but also the lives of others. The full truth is rarely shared, and, when we are blinded by our pain, nobody really remembers the full truth anyway. After coaching people for over 20 years there are a few things I know for sure: pain has a way of making people pretty, pain causes amnesia and pain degrades others.

What I also know for sure is that pain or scandal is a magnet for messy people. Messy people run to scandal faster than pigs flock to slop. Messy people are like vultures who circle around wounded people waiting to stir the pot of pain so that they can to add their own special brand of venom to an already volatile situation. Of course, that makes the pain worse.

But breakups, though painful, are not the times to numb your feelings by finding another date or another bestie to fill the void. Yes, you need friends; we all need support. But we also need to feel our feelings too because breaks-up are the times for deep reflection and honest introspection.

What I know for sure is that breakups are great times for emotional check-ups and spiritual wake-ups. Post break-ups are times to get quiet and journal. It’s a great time to ask yourself some key questions to understand why the relationship started, why the relationship failed, what parts of you need healing or development and what you really desire in your “ships”.

The more you learn about you, the more information you have to support your new relationship with yourself AND to support a connection with a prospective partner.  Knowledge is power and self-awareness are key to growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

But above all, remember that any information you gained from relationships, should stay between the parties involved. The relationship was not a community event; it was once a special bond or agreement between the two of you.

If you are going through a break-up or if you want to learn more skills to prevent another break-up, register for the You Can Depend on You Coaching Program starting on September 21. This is the last time in 2017 that this program will be offered as a live on-line program.

If you have questions and if you are tired of choosing people who don’t align with your values, register today.

Let’s dare to soar higher as we honor the sanctity of connections even after the connection is over.

***If you need some communication advice to prevent future break-ups, be sure to get my free gift here.


SharRon, Your Life Strategist

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If you “fit in”, you will “fade out”

Most of my life I was called a misfit. Most of the groups that I so desperately wanted to join rejected me, excluded me or ridiculed me. They said that I was weird but what they didn’t realize was that I was not weird, I was severely wounded. I was hurting. Life had beat me in ways that I didn’t have the capacity to understand.

After I healed, I was still rejected, ignored and overlooked. In the eyes of the people I most wanted to accept me, I continued to be a misfit. I was labeled, and nothing would make me worthy enough to be in their cliques, or at least that is how I felt.

But I soon realized that my definition of “misfit” was not the same as their definition. And so, I re-framed the definition to honor me, to support me and to celebrate me.I changed the spelling and embraced the term, and felt powerful.I was not a misfit; I was “mis-fit”.

I accepted that I was a “mis-fit” because I realized that I was attempting to fit into places and with people who could not accept how God made me. I was a “mis-fit” because I realized that I was a circle who people wanted to fit into a square hole. I was a “mis-fit” because I was a person who demanded to live my own life without the permission, validation, or approval of others. I was a “mis-fit” because I refused to follow traditions that trapped me, norms that nullified me or stereotypes that subjugated me.

Gratefully, I accepted that I was a “mis-fit” and realized that if I kept trying to fit in that I would be a clone, an impostor and an actor who faded into their crowd.

Always remember that you are different and that God made you different to make a difference!! Do NOT fit in!  If you fit in you will fade out!

Please stand out! The world needs you to walk in all of your uniqueness so that you can demonstrate the diversity, the creativity and the divinity of a loving God.

Some still consider me a mis-fit but it doesn’t matter anymore. Why? Because I am healthy, wealthy and whole. I am SOARING to new heights as myself, the SharRon that  I LOVE. According to the words of Jill Scott, I am living my life like it’s golden.

I know you are living your life in a way that supports and sustains you too and so I celebrate you! I honor you! I thank you for being you!

If you need support helping you move and navigate more powerfully in your truth, please schedule a complimentary discovery session. I would love to meet with you and support you on your journey.

Please get my free gift.

Let’s Dare to Soar Higher as we live our truth in truth!



***I made a Facebook Live Video about being a “mis-fit”. I hope it encourages you to be who you are!!

Please get my free gift.

If you need support helping you move and navigate more powerfully in your truth, please single a complimentary discovery session. I would love to meet with you.

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Are Your “Ships” Sailing Smoothly?

How are your “ships”? You know…. your relationships, partnerships, mentorships, companionships, friendships, sponsorships, sister ships, leaderships…. your ships?

How are they?

Our “ships” are our greatest resources. They provide support, love, acceptance, critique, collaboration and all the other things and experiences we need to be our best selves. We can never be our best selves by ourselves; we need people and people need us.

Since we need people and people need us, what can we do to help our “ships” sail more successfully?  How can we help our ships sail smoother? What can we do to ensure that our “ships” offer the greatest potential to be helpful, hopeful and healing?

I believe that our best “ships” thrive when we remember 3 important things.

The most important thing to remember is that we MUST express and acknowledge our NEEDS.

Yes, we must acknowledge and express what we need from our “ships”. So often, we don’t share what we need or say what we feel. We expect the other person to know what we need, why we need it, how we need it and when we need it. We act as if people are mind-readers who know and can anticipate our every dream and desire.

But that’s not the case.  People are wonderful beings, but they are not mind-readers. And even if people did their best to anticipate your needs, they still may not get everything right.

Let’s face it. People are different. They have different backgrounds, come from direct cultures, have different experiences and have different understandings of what “ships” mean. Heck, we are not even emotionally hard-wired the same so there is NO way that two people feel, think and believe the same even if they are reared in the same house with the same parents.

And, another thing…. people are busy too. Often, they are managing the demands of their own over-stuffed, fast-paced, and complex lives. They may not have the time or the reserves to be as thoughtful as we need them to be.  In fact, research shows that the world is changing so rapidly that it is sometimes difficult to effectively process and juggle the demands of our lives. If you add a job, young or elder dependents, spouse, self-care and other life basics to manage, it is understandable that something may be missed if not openly and clearly stated.

So, what do we do?

If we want healthy relationships, we must SAY and SHARE what we need even if it is not comfortable to say or comfortable for someone else to hear. 

 As a relationship and corporate coach, I see tons of relationships needlessly destroyed because people don’t say what needs to be said. In fact, most relationships crumble not because of arguments, but because expectations and assumptions are never voiced.

At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to get your needs met. It is your responsibility to be courageous enough to say what you feel. It is your responsibility to tell yourself the truth, and then find a way to share your truth. As my grandmother would say, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”.

If you want your “ships” to sail smoothly, TALK! Share! Tell your truth.

Be sure that your needs are communicated in a clear, concise and complete way.

Don’t suffer in silence and don’t ruin a great relationship because you withheld needed remarks.

I will repeat it again. You need people and people need you!

Let’s Dare to Soar higher in our “ships” by expressing our needs.

Stay tuned for part 2 as we explore another ingredient to effective ships.

Celebrating you,


Here are some tips from a FB Live that may be helpful.

I want to see you live. Come meet me in Fort Lauderdale on Aug 12th and in Buffalo on Aug 26th.


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You Have What It Takes

Lessons from a 50+ woman 

Most of my life I was told that I could NOT to something. I was too old, too fat, too ugly, too inexperienced or too something else. I was told that I WAS not enough or didn’t HAVE enough.

When I started as an instructor in mid-1990s, the odds were stacked against me. According to the experts, I would not make it. But in 13 months, I not only won awards but I was in the paper doing what I knew to do. I didn’t look for conventional places to teach. I want to churches, hair salons, cancer support groups and community centers. I committed myself to be the best and to do my best. I infused church music, personal motivation, inspirational tips, a bit of a sermon with some aerobic moves. I didn’t try to mimic anybody. I was me. I yelled, danced, prayed, preached and packed the classes.

After a few years, people started noticing my talent and my success grew. Thanks to the additional visibility, I not only taught, but I built a very successful personal training business, Fitness F’ness. I became an aerobic director of 2 gyms, a trainer to other instructors and was a highly sought-after guest instructor at other gyms. I was hired by corporations and traveled the Caribbean teaching health and fitness.

I was committed to my call. So, I worked a full-time job, accepted several promotions in corporate America while being a single mom. At the same time, I built my business, started my coaching business (didn’t call it coaching back then) and supported underserved communities. My son traveled with me and I decided how to parent him so that it worked for us.

I took a lot of flack. People wanted to condemn me for teaching. The self-appointed experts hated my music even though nobody was serving our communities. People said that the way I taught was “too black”. I heard it all. It hurt my feelings but it DID not hurt my resolve. I was going to do it my way to serve people who “got me”.

What am I saying??? You are talented! You know your gifts. Look for places that need you and serve there. You don’t have to do something like anybody else.Just be you and create a life that works for YOU and your loved ones.

I am older now and I now have some health issues so over the years I had to re-invent myself. But I know that what God gave me and what God gave you is only for you and me. You and me, WE,  have the goods, gifts and the guts to SOAR!

I am not the same size in body but my heart is bigger. But I know that health and happiness require a holistic approach to life and I plan to offer that to the world.I plan to package a message that challenges the mind, strengthens the body and soothes the soul.

Be Encouraged! SOAR being you!! You are amazing and the best is yet to come!

Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!


If I can support you as you SOAR Higher in your personal and professional life, please contact me at

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Is talent enough?

 “Just because a person is qualified for a job, does not mean that he/she is the best person for the job”.

 As a new college graduate, you can imagine how a comment like that made me feel.  For years, I have been told, but really warned, to develop my business acumen so that I could compete in corporate America. I had spent years honing my analytical skills and refining my marketing prowess. I attended every available workshop that promised to develop and mentor women to thrive in corporate America. I competed for the best mentors to develop me, I worked through my social awkwardness to dine with the movers and shakers, and I learned how to dress to exude confidence.  I was ready for success, poised for opportunities and committed to shattering glass ceilings.

But after thirty years in corporate America, I have realized that talent is NEVER enough. Even having the right connections in corner offices no longer ensures upper mobility. Being a rainmaker, of course, helps you get noticed; contributing to the bottom-line and increasing profitability always gets attention. But despite good results and increased revenue, I have learned that personal integrity matters. And the lack of personal integrity hurts organizations in ways that often goes unnoticed or maybe just unacknowledged.

Integrity, the big “I” word, is often discussed in corporate circles. It is often touted as a virtue that is needed and required for success especially in the global marketplace. Everywhere we look we see articles and books promoting the importance of good character, trust, and authenticity. There is so much talk about the need for integrity that one would believe that good character is rewarded and revered more that job performance or results.  We know that’s not true. Performace counts even if the process and policies that generated the results are questionable.

 I still believe that competence is critically important especially as the way and the speed of doing business continues to evolve. Business is happening faster than ever before. Deals are being made differently and the structures of contracts are growing more complex as the world becomes more connected and accessible to emerging markets. Life in the business world is being revolutionized.

But because of the complexity, I believe that character is something that must be and expected, not just espoused. Integrity should be something that’s not just promoted but practiced so that clients, customers, and employees can operate in the space and in the spirit of trust. As technology redefines how we do business and opens international borders, integrity must become the norm.

No, it is not enough just to perform well on your job. To me what’s important is knowing that you are doing business with people who are committed to fairness, excellence and continuous improvement. It is critical to know that cutting corners is never allowed even when there’s immense pressure to exceed revenue projections.

 Let’s be honest. Even through integrity is the buzz word of the day, there are many people who continue to engage in questionable activities and serpentine practices to succeed. Laws are not broken and their behavior, even though questionable, is not illegal. Yet there is still reason to be concerned when people tiptoe on the margins of ethics as if they are walking on a tightrope. And shouldn’t we be concerned when corporations overlook indiscretions to appease stockholders?  Aren’t the deleterious effects on employee morale, customer trust and client retention important?

After 30 years in corporate America, I now understand what my mentor meant. Being competent means nothing without character. Being talented means nothing without trust. Being intelligent means little without integrity. Yes, being qualified for a job does not mean that you are the right person for the job.

Being the right person for the job means that you are competent AND  interested and committed to doing what’s right.

Let’s Dare To Soar Higher As We Lead!


** Do you have the Free Dare To Soar Higher Coaching Guide, if not, sign up here and it will be delivered to your email address.




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