Deciding To Soar: 180 Lessons to Catapult Your Life!


The perfect emotional and spiritual pick-me-up, Deciding to Soar offers advice, encouragement, and straight talk for even the busiest people. Author and life coach SharRon Jamison packs knowledge and honesty into tightly-compact thoughts that will stick with you—these, each added with further commentary from Jamison, will usher you toward a fruitful, uncompromised life that focuses on your happiness and growth, while also honoring God and the relationships that are important to you.

These pages are divided into sections that address specific areas of your life—friendships, relationships, faith, and more—and are accessible, appropriate, and accommodating to every person, regardless of age, background, culture, or place in his or her life. Take the time to invest in yourself and to do the emotional, physical, and spiritual work needed to reach your goals and empower your dreams—with Deciding to Soar.

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In this book, twenty-seven women from a variety of races, classes, and backgrounds share their greatest joys and their greatest pains. They share their moments of victory and their moments of deep despair. Through powerful prose and gripping narratives, we are taken into the hearts and minds of women who have risen from the ashes of immeasurable suffering to create lives of meaning. Like individual threads forming a rich tapestry, their stories portray a beautiful and enduring image of life and womanhood.

This book is a must-read for any woman needing inspiration after struggling to find meaning and purpose in her life, who feels lost in the dark waters of life’s endless seas. But it is also for women who have been there and done that, who have found light in those waters and courageously navigated them, returning to the shore embattled, but stronger and wiser.

Join these amazing women as they take you on an incredible journey that promises to enrich your life.


I Have Learned A Few Things

By SharRon Jamison

IHLAFT-availablenowI Have Learned a Few Things is the culmination of more than 30 years of self-examination, coaching, ministering and mentoring.

In I Have Learned A Few Things, SharRon Jamison guides you through a series of experiences and coaching questions to help you delve into your own inner workings to identify the ways that your past may be affecting you today.

Whether you’ve read more self-help books than you can count, or you are new to the field, this book promises to leave you with a more complete and nuanced understanding of your life circumstances. The excellent organization of the book, along with the depth and breadth of topics and coaching questions contained in it, make it as powerful to pick up and digest one section at a time as to read cover-to-cover.

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I Can Depend On Me

By SharRon Jamison


In I Can Depend On Me, SharRon Jamison weaves an inspirational narrative fit to stand proudly alongside the best autobiographies. She takes you along on an emotionally tumultuous journey through her childhood and young adulthood and shares the wisdom that allowed her to transform experiences of pain into a spirit of grace and a well-adjusted outlook on life.

Not only will you be moved by the stories contained in this gem of a book, but you’ll be left with a renewed sense of hope that you, too, can transform your own life’s story toward your highest good.

The 5 steps toward emotional and spiritual healing that SharRon outlines in I Can Depend On Me is the foundation for her signature program, You Can Depend On You.

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Words from Raving Fans...

With SharRon’s Coaching…

I have become better prepared to take on challenges that once felt overwhelming at best. Her ability to help you identify the core of an issue and then work outward and UPWARD has been so empowering. She teaches you strategies to better help yourself.

- Valerie Hall

So Motivating & Inspiring...

SharRon so generously shares her knowledge and wisdom with everyone she touches. She is such a blessing to all who have the opportunity to follow her and her work. I enjoyed your first book and I can't wait for the upcoming book, "I Have Learned a Few Things."

- Karen Harvey

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