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Look Like A Fool Or Live Like A Fool

When I was younger, I wanted to be an author. But I was told that little black girls didn’t write books. Even when I saw books from Dr. Maya Angelou I was told that she was the exception, not the rule. So, I stopped believing in myself and I tried to release my dream of being a writer.


But I could not release the vision; I felt called or compelled to express myself. And so, I kept writing. I wrote stories, I wrote in my diary and I wrote letters. I memorized words and taught myself the different parts of speech. Words were going to be my tools, grammar was going to be my playground and providing thought-provoking lessons was going to be my legacy.


I was committed and so I prepared myself for greatness. I read the dictionary and the thesaurus. I practiced writing because I wanted to dazzle readers with words, tickle them with my wit, involve them in my storytelling and create vivid images that they could taste, touch and feel.


I was very excited but naïve and so I shared my dreams of being a famous author with friends. Some of the kids laughed at me and my dreams. Others ridiculed and discouraged me.  Everybody had something to say and positive words escaped them.


However, I was not really shocked.  Remember, I was the fat girl with the big teeth who nobody liked. I was the fat girl who constantly cried, who allowed people to punch her and hit her. I was the girl who had no friends and attempted to use cookies in exchange, but really as a bribe, for companionship. Remember,  I was not expected to be much or do much. Not me… the fat girl, weird girl, the black girl.


But while they were laughing, I was leveraging. I listened to sermons, read books, and watched documentaries. I even tried to read some of my father’s college textbooks because I wanted to feel how big words felt in my mouth and how they felt written by my hand. I also read encyclopedias because at the time there was no google and no search engines.


I pursued my dream; I was relentless. Every day, I watched Donahue to learn more about the world because Oprah didn’t have a show yet. Every Sunday, I watched 60 minutes to learn how to craft stories and present messages. I read Ebony and Jet because there were the only magazines at the beauty salons. I read the Bible not because I wanted to be spiritual, but because I wanted to be smart. I was on a mission.


The kids continued to laugh at my dream, and their parents continued to label me as a weird kid.  Most teachers and some adults continued to offer unsolicited discouragement.  The naysayers had abandoned their own dreams so I guess they expected that I would also abandon mine. They were wrong.


I kept trying. I would not be distracted! I would not be disrupted. I would not be deterred. I had a dream. I had a vision for my life that my young mind couldn’t even fully comprehend.


Thankfully God gave me a few glimpses, a few glances and a few glimmers of hope to persevere. And so, I pressed on.


My commitment or my pursuit taught me an important lesson. I learned that when you are going after your dreams, you may look like a fool for a little while but keep moving, keep trying and keep believing. Why? Because it’s better to LOOK like a fool than to LIVE like a fool.


LIVING like a fool means that you are not living your truth, following your dreams or honoring your divine call. LIVING like a fool means living a life that others have prescribed, assigned or confined you to live.  LIVING like a fool means settling for a life of misery, mediocrity, and mess! That’s living as a fool!


If you have a dream, look like a fool NOW – if you need to – so that you NEVER have to live like a fool in the future.  Never forget that nobody needs to validate or verify your dreams for your dreams to exist or for your dreams to be fulfilled!  You and only you have the power to PURSUE what brings your peace so GO FOR IT! (upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 2).


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Let’s Dare To Soar Higher as we do today what will bring emotional, spiritual and financially prosperity tomorrow.


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Blessings, SharRon



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Leaders Need To Share!

Being a leader is a privilege, not a position.

Having influence and being able to “speak” into, guide, impact and shape a person’s life is an honor. Such an honor, that I am humbled every time I am given access to a person’s heart, mind, soul or career. And trust me, it is “ACCESS” because people don’t have to let you into their heart or head space. They can fulfill their job requirements without being open, loyal and willing to hear you. They can perform physically, but not participate emotionally or spiritually. We all know that’s true.

If you are blessed to have influence in a person’s life, I have a few SOAR suggestions that you may want to consider so that you lead in a way that fosters trust, respect, commitment, and joy.

Soar Suggestions

If you won’t share the light, people will not share the heat.

If you won’t share the power, profits or the prestige, DO NOT expect people to share the PRESSURE!!!

If you won’t share the plan, don’t expect people to give their full participation.

If you won’t share the goods and the glory, don’t expect people to share their grit and their genius.

If you won’t share the bounty, don’t expect people to share their best.

If you won’t share the fruit, don’t expect people to share or care about your failure.

If you won’t share the truth, don’t expect people to give you their time.

If you won’t share the celebration, don’t expect people to give you their commitment.

If you won’t share justice, don’t expect people to work with joy.

If you won’t share transparency, don’t expect people to give you their trust.

If you don’t share your vision, don’t expect people to share your value.

If you don’t share responsibility, don’t expect people to take risks.

If you don’t provide development, don’t expect people to show desire.

If you don’t welcome diversity, don’t expect people not to be divided.

If you don’t give private reprimands, don’t expect people to take public risks.

If you don’t give ample opportunity, don’t expect people to take on added obligations.

If you don’t give acknowledgment, acceptance, and affirmation, don’t expect people to be available.

If you don’t give clear direction, don’t  expect people to seek development.

If you don’t share the wisdom, don’t expect to give their will or their good work.



Let’s Dare To Soar Higher as we Lead!


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