Has FEAR made you a prisoner?
Has FEAR limited how you see the world?
Has FEAR limited you to a life of lack, limits and labels?
Are you resigned to living a life without PURPOSE or POTENTIAL?
Now take a moment to envision WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Does that vision seem impossible? Does it feel like an unattainable goal that can only happen in your wildest dreams? Does it feel too far-fetched to consider?

Maybe, your desires seem out of your reach because you feel as if you are NOT
EQUIPPED to answer pressing questions likeā€¦.

How to find out what HOLDS YOU BACK.
How to find out what MOTIVATES you.
How to find out WHO YOU ARE.

And HOW TO build the skills, LEVERAGE your strengths, and CONQUERyour fears to
break THROUGH obstacles to REACH your best potential.

Learn how to TAKE CHARGEof your life to unlock your true potential. Discover how to BLAST AWAYthe barriers that hold you back. Become the author of your own

You can create and live your dreams with The CRM Currency.

The CRM Currency, is a comprehensive program designed to unleash your FULL
potential so that excel in your relationships, excel in your career, and excel in the world.

The CRM Currency promises to activate your strengths and help you to access your inner wisdom so that you can move beyond the negative chatter in your mind, move beyond the limiting beliefs of your past, and move beyond the immobilizing feelings of fear so that you can into MOVE the realm of opulence.

The CRM Currency is not like other programs; it is customized to meet your needs and to accomplish your dreams.

It is easy to advise someone to look deeply into their soul; advising someone to do something is simple. But, it is more effective to guide people towards
self-improvement and self-empowerment. It is more helpful to travel with people and not just point the way.

I , SharRon Jamison, have decided to join people on their journeys. I want to walk beside people as they discover their dormant talents, their hidden strengths and their yet-to-be-developed skills. I want to journey with people as they become more aware of who they are and what they were created to be.

The CRM Currency is an ideal program for anyone who desires to LIVE a more fulfilling life. This comprehensive program provides a holistic approach to help you create a successful future, and provides the methodologies needed to help you break free of the limitations that keep your trapped in mediocrity, doubt and fear.

With this mastermind program, you will learn how to access your inner wisdom to gain the
clarity and courage you need to SOAR. You will get answers, tools, support and strategies to get YOU where you WANT to be so that you can do WHAT you WANT to DO.

The first module begins with learning YOU, the real YOU, the complete YOU, the YOU that only YOU knows! We discover what motivates you, what
energizes you, what depletes and what challenges you. We work together to identify ways to optimize your innate talents and abilities to create financial, emotional and spiritual wealth.

This module focuses on the power of CHOICE! Everything you do and everything you aspire to have are created by your choices. This module will help you identify what choices are needed for you to self-actualize and self-realize. We share tips, techniques and proven strategies to help you stay engaged and committed to choices that align with your goals, desires and dreams.

This module focuses on how to cultivate the heart, mind and soul for prosperity. We focus on developing attitudes, approaches and habits to support your dreams and goals. Special attention is given to uprooting the past and preparing a path for you to enjoy a future of abundance.

Holistic health requires that every part of us is nurtured, developed and challenged. If not, we cannot create the synergy needed to function at an optimal level. But how do we address and cultivate our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions? We focus on what's important; we prioritize our needs and create strategies to do what is only essential and productive. This module focuses on identifying what's essential to our overall quality of life.

There are many definitions of success and there are many paths to success. This module focuses on developing a path that works for you. The module ensures that you have a roadmap to live by design and NOT by default.

It is time for a new beginning. This module focuses on the harnessing the power of course correction, self-connection and community to build and fortify your new life. This module provides tips to ensure that you don't lose momentum as you continue to create continued success and experience continued growth in your life.