The H.E.A.L.TM Program

  • Heal
  • Educate
  • Activate
  • Leverage

This program is designed for high-performing people who play big, work hard and show up strong. The H.E.A.L. ™ Method is a life-changing system developed to empower the whole person. It provides accountability and coaching for the woman who is ready to unleash her potential and explore endless possibilities. If you are ready to break free from the limitations of your past, this program is right for you.

With more than twenty-five years of working with people like you, SharRon has seen how working the program will equip you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to soar higher!

She combines her experience and expertise as a personal trainer, corporate trainer, account manager, life strategist, business owner, minister and mom into a life-changing program that facilitates personal transformation.

Activation points:

  • Inspires You to Move from Wanting to Doing to Being
  • Empowers You to Remove Obstacles and Overcome Barriers
  • Motivates You to Push Through and Persevere, Despite the Odds
  • Cultivates Your Inner Power to Unleash Your Potential and Creativity
  • Leverages Your Talents and Innate Gifts to Generate Income and Serve Humanity

Sound like the right program for you? Are you ready to get started, have a few questions or want to find out more about working with me?

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Words from Raving Fans...

With SharRon’s Coaching…

I have become better prepared to take on challenges that once felt overwhelming at best. Her ability to help you identify the core of an issue and then work outward and UPWARD has been so empowering. She teaches you strategies to better help yourself.

- Valerie Hall

So Motivating & Inspiring...

SharRon so generously shares her knowledge and wisdom with everyone she touches. She is such a blessing to all who have the opportunity to follow her and her work. I enjoyed your first book and I can't wait for the upcoming book, "I Have Learned a Few Things."

- Karen Harvey

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