Did you see Oprah receive her Golden Globe award?


I was blown away by the power of her message. How about you?


What was also powerful was seeing Gayle on the sidelines cheering for her. To me, there is something magical and spiritual about seeing women cheer for each other. There is power…joy….and strength when sisters celebrate, congratulate and speak highly of each other.


It is so joyous and affirming because let’s face it……. we women, especially women of color, have had to work harder than most to be recognized and promoted. We sometimes had to climb and cry our way to the top. We have had to play, pray and over-prepare just to be acknowledged and appreciated for our talents. We had to OVER-deliver, OVER-compensate and OVER-extend ourselves in ways that left us spiritually depleted, physically sick and emotionally exhausted.


The truth be told – we worked and continue to work darn hard to be successful.  And, just knowing that we have a team of sisters who are our confidants, cheerleaders and comrades who lovingly cheer us on is often the extra motivation, push and nudge we need when we are tired, frustrated, and dejected.


It is also extremely uplifting to know that we have a group of sisters who are committed to reminding us of our worth, reminding us of our missions, and reminding us of our genius.  Having other women pulling us up, and pulling us over and pulling us close provides the safety, security and the sanctuary we need to take risks, live outside of our comfort zones and live our deepest truths.


And let’s be honest…. we all need that! We all need an extra dose of inspiration, insight and intimacy to insulate us from this competitive, crazy and chaotic world. We all need a safe place and a sacred place where we can just BE….be….BE….be!


But if sisterhood is so valuable and vital, what prevents women from developing sustainable, fruitful relationships with each other?


I believe there are many behaviors that undermine our relationships but one of the most toxic things you can do in a relationship, a true sistership, is to lie about what you really feel.

Yes, lying about your feelings will contaminate your close connections.


So here is what I propose….

If you feel angry, admit it.
If you feel slighted, say it.
If you feel disrespected, discuss it.
If you feel critical, confess it.
If you feel mean, mouth it.
If you feel differently, debate it.
If you feel tossed aside, tell it.
If you feel disappointed, deliberate it.
If you feel violated, voice it.
If you feel condemned, communicate it.
If you feel suffocated, say it.
If you feel excluded, express it.
If you feel sidelined, share it.


Don’t hide your feelings! Why smile with your mouth when you are seething in your heart?


People can NEVER  really trust your “happy” if you won’t admit when you are really mad.


So, here is a valuable relationship rule:  Tell the truth. The soul needs the truth; it does NOT thrive in a climate of suspicion.


I believe that when women feel comfortable and confident telling their truth and sharing their hearts, our relationships deepen. And when our relationships deepen, we all enjoy greater abundance and experience greater success. Deepening our relationships starts a ripple effect of grace, goodness, and godliness that we extend to each other.


I believe in my heart that deep relationships, soul-strengthening and life-giving relationships, change us. Then, we transfer those positive changes to our communities, and those positive changes affect our countries and eventually, the world changes. The world changes to a more inclusive, humane and respectful place filled with people who feel cared for and care about. Call me a dreamer…. but I believe it.


I want CHANGE and I know that other women do too. I want to foster and strengthen relationships. I want women to feel courageous enough to say what needs to be said so that we can celebrate each other, cheer for each other, support each other and love each other.


That is why I am inviting you to attend the “You Can Depend On You” Masterclass.  I want all women, people, to discover new ways to connect with themselves so that they can share their hearts and their truth…their entire truth…. even the truth that makes them uncomfortable, uncertain and vulnerable with others. Because everybody knows…that the truth will set you free!


Please take a moment and learn more about this 5 week online/live masterclass. Click here. And for the next 5 days, I am offering a discount of 50% off.


Just use the promo code: depend.


I hope you can join us.  We start on Jan 15th.


Every “Oprah” needs a “Gayle” and we all are our own brand of “Oprah” (sister). And, every “Gayle” needs an “Oprah” and we are all our brand of “Gayle” (sister).  Let’s work on our relationships because we need other. Selah!


Let’s strengthen our bonds so that we can bless each other.


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!


Blessings, SharRon

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