People are quick to lie! Even when they don’t realize that they are lying they will respond so quickly that you know that they are not telling the truth OR maybe that they don’t really know the truth. Self-deception and denial are real!


But even if/when the mouth lies, the body will tell the truth.


Yes, the body will speak.


The body will send messages in the form of stomachaches, migraines, anxiety, bladder issues and all types of diseases to alert us that we are out of whack or out of balance.  Our body will squirm with discomfort and decline into dis-ease to encourage us to make decisions that we are failing to make or at least delaying to make. Our body will rebel in anguish to beg us to sleep more, leave toxic relationships, close bankrupt businesses, resign from unfulfilling positions and practice radical self-care. Our body will shut down in protest; yes, the body will not be ignored.


So, what is your body saying to you? When your body is speaking to you, what do you do? Do you listen? Do you pay attention?


I have learned that when our bodies are screaming to get our attention they are usually telling us that we need to make some decisions.


Our bodies are usually asking, but sometimes pleading and sometimes threatening  us to:

  1. CHANGE what is not working, what’s not nurturing us or what’s not sustaining is
  2. CORRECT what’s broken, what’s out of balance or what’s not fruitful
  3. CREATE what does not exist and what’s missing
  4. CLOSE what’s over, what’s draining, or what’s fatal
  5. CONNECT what’s disconnected, what’s out of alignment and connect with  different people
  6. CONTRIBUTE  our gifts, serve humanity and to give to ourselves what we need most, like love and acceptance


Yes, the mouth may lie but the body will tell the truth.


So, why not listen to your body when it whispers so that it does not need to roar? (from the soon-to-be-released Deciding to Soar 2)


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SharRon, Your Life Strategist

Here’s a video about our body…

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