We must be careful that we don’t stuff our lives full of “yes” people. To do so leaves us vulnerable to our blind spots and shortcomings.

But to encourage people to speak into lives, we must stretch ourselves and grow spiritually so we can hear and digest honest feedback. We can’t be so emotionally fragile that we overact when people generously share their wisdom, insight, and advice with us about us. If so, we will miss out on valuable information WE NEED to advance to our lives, careers, and our families. It does not matter how successful we are or have been; we will always need new lessons to leverage us and lift us so that we can SOAR to our highest potential.!
Oscar Wilde said it best when he said that “true friend stabs you in the front.” True Friends!!!! True friends share their perspectives and assessments to your face. They don’t hide from the truth. They don’t coddle or cater to you; they correct you and challenge you. They provide direction to help discipline and develop you. Real friends invest in your dreams, and the most courageous and effective investment is the TRUTH!
Do you have friends who tell you the truth? Friends who are strategic help us Get UnStuck. 
We will be sharing more about the power of friendship in the upcoming weeks.
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Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!
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