The other day one of my friends mentioned that one of her mentors plagiarized her work. She stole her ideas and changed a few variables and presented the entire project as her own. My friend was crushed, angry, and inconsolable.


But after deeper reflection, we identified signs that her mentor was intimidated by her. People who are intimidated by you, your gift, and your “perceived” favor are dangerous. And unfortunately, the most dangerous saboteurs are the ones who are the closest to us. Remember….our betrayers know where we are vulnerable and they know where to hit us, when to hit us and how much force to hit us with to take us down AND out!


13 Signs that a person can NOT be trusted:


1) A person who is always scrutinizing your work but never offers insight to improve your work. It’s a sign that they are watching but not interested in you winning!


2) A person who is always asking questions and acts overly interested in your work but never shares information about them or their activities. They are getting information to steal NOT support.


3) A person who constantly compares herself/himself or progress with others. They are usually insecure and feel unworthy, inadequate, or incompetent. They are prone to “hating” not helping.


4) A person who been in the same place and position for years and has no evidence of internal growth or self-development. They are stuck and stuck people stink (their behaviors).


5) A person who is cynical or sarcastic which demonstrates that their energy is laced with bitterness, resentment, and regret. They are vibrating with vitriol, not vibrancy, virtue or vitality.


6) A person who is only interested in looking good vs doing good. That’s an indication that they may be shallow and shallow people lack substance. It is also an indication that there is a conflict in values.


7) A person who never speaks their mind. They are dangerous because people who won’t talk are toxic. They are full of emotions that have never been sorted out and so they explode or implode and cause destruction, mayhem, and misery.


8)  A person who feels overlooked, undervalued or invisible. They are so hungry for exposure and applause that they will reveal your secrets, step on your neck and undermine your career for 10 seconds of fame. They are hungry for attention and they won’t care if their attention comes as a result of your aggravation, humiliation or extermination.


9) A person who thinks that they are better than others. They feel overly entitled and feel totally justified in destroying people for their benefit. They are easy to identify. They have big egos! They have big titles but little talent. They have big positions but little production and proficiency.


10) A person who agrees with everybody. Be careful! A person who agrees with everybody really agrees with no one. They are chameleons and use people as pawns for their own progress, profit, and promotion.


11) A person who is always violating trust. If they are telling you somebody else’s secrets they are sharing your secrets too. You will not be an exception.


12) A person who constantly asks you for advice but never has any wisdom for you. That’s not a companion or comrade; that’s a client.


13) A person who can’t control you or get what they want from you. They will punish you for NOT meeting their needs. They will lie, gossip, undermine you or do anything they can to kill you (literally or opportunity-wise) if you refuse to be their partner, pet, pawn or punk.


Pay attention and pray. People give clues all of the time. People are constantly showing you who they are.


Don’t get so enamored by their popularity that you don’t pay close attention to how they “live” spiritual principles.


Use Discernment! You can’t enlarge your territory in the midst of toxicity. Pay attention. Ask questions. Listen to what’s being said and what’s not being said. Watch what’s being done and not being done. Confront issues immediately and be decisive.




Hope this helps!


**I will deal with these issues in greater detail in the “Dare To BE ME” masterclass that starts in late May.




Soar Higher! 


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