➡️Shoulds– rules that suppress and steal your desires and dreams

➡️ “Labels” – societal stickers and stereotypes that confine you

➡️“Toxic Water You Swim IN – environments, beliefs, and friendships that will kill you and your dreams

➡️“Toxic Water That Swims IN YOU” – internalized isms learned from your environment that affect and destroy your self-worth, dismantle self-confidence and conceal your true identity

Why am I committed to sharing these messages? Because….

You are more than society says you are!

You carry gifts that you have never used or fully cultivated because society made you feel unworthy and unqualified.

You have not stretched your wings because society has convinced you that you can’t fly or that you can’t fly fast or far.

You have not spoken your truth because you are afraid of rejection and ridicule.

Am I right?

A few days ago, I did a Facebook Live and I shared how 3 important factors affect your success. It all boils down to societal programming and conditioning, which are politically correct terms for brainwashing.

To put it another way…being programmed is like social distancing….. because it distances you AWAY from what you desire most….YOU!

In the FB Live, I address the following:

  • The water that you were raised in ( I defined the “water” at the top of the email)
  • The water that swims in you
  • The people you swim with

Click here to listen.

I look forward to discussing the principles in greater detail during Unshackled: Desires, Dreams, and Destiny. You still have time to register. Click here. We start on Sunday, August 2nd!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to reclaim your joy!

SharRon, The Life Strategist Committed To Helping You SOAR!