Even when we don’t perceive changes, recognize changes, or desire changes, changes are happening all around us and in us. Change is inevitable.  COVID-19 is a great reminder of that!

Since the world is changing and continues to be unpredictable, it is us to you and I to effectively and successfully navigate the transitions…which means that we must MOVE; we must act! We must transform our thinking, behaviors, habits, and relationships to create something sustainable for generations to come.

I know that creating something new can feel intimidating especially since there is so much uncertainty in the world. But we don’t have a choice. WE can’t get back to the good old days, and just for the record…the gold old days were not good for everyone.

We have to muster up the courage and resolve to reframe, reprioritize, and recalibrate our lives, businesses, and our government. If not,  we will suffer consequences.

 What are the consequences if we don’t change:
  • We will jeopardize our dreams, goals, and advancement individually and collectively.
  • We will abort our personal and professional missions to make a meaningful contribution to the world.
  • We will forfeit our momentum and impede our growth and technological advancement.
  • We will lose the healthy and helpful relationships and alliances we need to make global change.
  • We will continue harmful habits, policies, and practices that degrade people and communities.
  • We will miss trends, clues, warnings, and shifts to move to a higher level of destiny.
  • We will fail to create a more equitable world so that everybody feels valued and protected.
  • We will continue to destroy the planet and leave pollution issues to our children.
  • The bottom line is: we will LOSE, and we lose what we value most, and we all value something.

So how do you M.O.V.E? I am glad that you asked.

There are a variety of ways to move.

MOVE UP: To navigate change, we must become more conscious of our surroundings, ourselves, and souls. We must be able to sense and assess shifts in the atmosphere, the environment, and in our own hearts so that we can elevate our lives and our communities.

Then we must move up in courage to try new things, explore viable options, and open our hearts to new possibilities. We must increase our determination to STAND up for ourselves and others even if it means that we must stand alone.

We will also need to increase our commitment to ourselves and to our endeavors so that we don’t get sidetracked by the “THE MIDDLE”, the challenging space between where we are and where we want to be. We must MOVE UP!

MOVE IN: To navigate changes, we need to move in circles that nurture us.  We must find people or environments that provide motivation, information, inspiration, and exhortation. We must find organizations and places that stretch us and provoke us to be great, excellent, and balanced in all that we do and say. We must move into places that promote progress, personal power, and personal responsibility. We must move into more justice, more equality, and more peace. We must MOVE IN!

MOVE AWAY: We must move away from haters, naysayers, dream slayers, and scandalous players. And haters are not just people. Some of the biggest naysayers are organizations that demonize, villainize, ostracize, and marginalize people. Some of the biggest dream slayers are government policies and gatekeepers who ensure that only certain people have rights, access, and privileges to resources and support. Some of the most corrupt players are businesses that exploit people for profitability, gamble with pensions for profit, contaminate the environment for cash, and exchange peace for power.

We must move away from myopia and pre-packaged ideas because change demands that we be creative, curious, and contemplative, not critical. Change is a time to remove limitations, renew our minds, and venture out of our exclusive silos. Don’t forget… change is not just about you or me; change is about WE! We must MOVE AWAY!

 MOVE AROUND: During change, we must move around people who are productive and purposeful. We must find people who have transformed their pain into power. We must find people who are committed to being held accountable and are willing to hold others accountable to do more, be more, and say more. We must move around people who understand that being alive means that we must be aware and awake to anything that threatens the health, wealth, and safety of ALL people. We must move around obstacles to forge ahead. We must MOVE AROUND!

MOVE DOWN: During change, we must move down from our high horses of superiority, self-aggrandizement, and self-sufficiency because change requires the skills, insights, and participation of all people. We must move down from our practices, perceptions, and policies of oppression, excess, and waste that portend to poison our kinships and environment. We must move down from anything that fails to honor and protect the dignity, decency, and divinity of all people. We must MOVE DOWN!

MOVE OVER: During change, we must move over our egos, our biases, and our own narrow-minded attitudes to be more diverse. We must be more inclusive of people,  more inclusive of ideas, more inclusive of challenges, and more inclusive of strategies that are innovative and creative. During change, we must be open – open headed, open-hearted, and open-handed – so that we don’t limit our options, disregard opportunities, and underestimate obstacles that must be addressed to get our country moving in a positive direction. We must MOVE OVER!

It is time to move.

Are you ready to MOVE?

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Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!