You may need to BREAK some rules to FIX your life.


Since we arrived on the planet, we have been taught rules about what to believe, how to behave, how to love and how to live.


Those rules trapped us in traditions, paradigms, and policies that prevented us from knowing who we really were and what we were designed to do.


In many ways, the rules restricted us, and in some ways reduced US to be the lowest version of ourselves!


Some rules were created to make you:


Predictable, not Purposeful!
Fearful, not Faithful!
Miserable, not Masterful!
Gullible, not Grateful!
Forgetful, not Fruitful!
Shameful, not Successful!
Reprehensible, not Respectful!
Hateful, not Helpful!
Despicable not Desirable!
Vengeful, not Valuable!
Loathful, not Lovable!


But NO MORE!!! I am committed to breaking every rule that fails to honor me and fails to honor the divinity of humanity. 
Let’s break some rules!! Let’s create what we need to SOAR!


It’s time to break a few rules and FIX YOUR LIFE so that your life reflects your divine design, destiny, and your divinity.




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