I know we all wish we knew exactly where we want to go or knew exactly what we want to do. I know we all wish we are absolutely sure about our life’s work or our life’s purpose. I know we all wish we knew exactly what direction our life will definitely take. On some level, we all desire clarity.


But I have learned that clarity is progressive; it is a process. Clarity, true clarity, takes time, and it does not always come to us quickly or fully. Sometimes it comes when we get still and stay still long enough to hear the whispers from our souls. Sometimes clarity comes when we are exposed to new ways of thinking that expand our knowledge and widen our perspectives. Sometimes clarity comes when we ask and entertain questions with open minds, open hearts, and open hands. Sometimes it comes as we unlearn lessons from our past and consider new teachings for our future. Sometimes clarity comes when we move—move away, move closer, move up, or move out—so we can experience new realities and experience life from different vantage points. The bottom line is that clarity comes, and it comes with growth—spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.


So if you want to get clear, get still and stay open. Listen to diverse people and a variety of ideas, but don’t imbibe everything you hear. Don’t accept and promote a perspective just because it is popular. Don’t submit to an opinion just because it is communicated loudly and empathically. Don’t consent to a belief just because it temporarily sounds good or feels good. Don’t accede to a principle just because it is endorsed by those in authority. Don’t bow to values because of societal pressures and community norms. Don’t get intimidated because your viewpoints are new, not widely accepted, and still developing. Don’t endorse a position just because it is in vogue. Don’t feel the need to hijack someone else’s views and ideas either. Trust yourself and consider your own thoughts, feelings, experiences; use your own moral compass. Wrestle with precepts, thoughts, and attitudes until you become illuminated, educated, and edified. See what feels right for you because there can be no clarification or crystallization without deep conviction.


Remember, getting clarity is not a team sport; it is something you do alone after critical reflection and deep introspection. It is a process, a dynamic process with no clear-cut ending because every new experience has the potential to make us question, reshape, and reevaluate what we already know, think, believe, or feel. Also, remember that we all have some blind spots and will struggle with some concepts, because we don’t see or we can’t see all of what we need to see to formulate complete or consistent opinions. Most of all, remember that clarity may come in stages, steps, and occasionally, through signs; it is a journey.


If you are not clear about something, that’s okay. It is okay if you need to struggle with a concept or belief. It is okay if you don’t acquiesce to the crowd. It is reasonable if you just don’t know. Trust yourself, and trust the God in you. Remember, you will get clear, and your spirit will confirm when you are clear. So enjoy the process and savor the moment. Admitting that you don’t know yet is normal and human. Clarity will come when you least expect it. I promise. Blessings! ( excerpt from the bestselling book, I Have Learned A Few Things)


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