You need people; nobody does anything great alone.


If you build a business, promote an organization, become an employee or even marry someone you love, you will need help.


You will need wisdom that you don’t have, you will need resources that you don’t have and sometimes you will need faith that you don’t have. Needing something from others does NOT mean that you are weak; it means that you are human. God designed us to be interdependent!


But, you MUST be discerning. Everybody does not nor can they handle access to you. Some people are incapable of maintaining confidentiality, honoring your vulnerability, respecting your boundaries or cherishing your intimacy. Some people don’t have the capacity nor the self-mastery to enter the inner sanctums of your life. If does not make them bad people. However, it does disqualify them from being close.


Your success will require that you work with all types of people. You can’t be, start or lead an international movement with a “insular” mentality. You can NOT be fruitful if you are limited to who and where you can effectively function.


Beloved, you deserve success, and your success will DEMAND that you are discerning with your relationships, especially in a fast-paced, complex, technologically-driven, interconnected economy and world. Your success will DEMAND that you check in with yourself FIRST before you check out others.


The truth is this: You can be connected with somebody and work with them. That’s called maturity. But, you don’t have to be emotionally close and invite them into personal places that they are not spiritually nor emotionally equipped to dwell.


2019 is YOUR year! Get connected so that you can grow, flow and sow! But reserve your “closeness” for those who deserve to know YOU because they have done the work to truly know, love and master themselves.


It’s time to SOAR HIGHER!

( excerpt from Dare to Soar Higher 2)




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