Dare To Be Me

Dare To Be Me!!!

I Dare YOU To Be YOU!

  • For too long you have been living as a fraction of who you really are.
  • You have followed the status quo, you have done what others wanted or expected you to do.
  • You have made decisions that were safe but were inconsistent with your truth.
  • You stayed in unfulfilling relationships, you stayed in unrewarding jobs, and stayed in toxic habits.
  • You said “yes” when your heart screamed “no”.
  • You followed a faith tradition that left you doubting, depressed and discouraged.
  • You took yourself off of your own priority list and made sure that everybody was happy, healthy and whole.
  • You were pretending, placating and pacifying but never “purposing” your life’s work.
  • You felt unloved, unseen, unknown and unfocused.
  • You knew that you were called to contribute to others but was confused about how to proceed.
  • You lost yourself and you lost your ability to live courageously, authentically and fully.
  • You longed to be surrounded by people who were seekers, leaders, thinkers, and go-getters.


  • It’s time for a change!
  • It’s time for a new beginning!
  • It’s time for YOU to be who you really are so that you can enjoy your life!
  • It’s time to Soar!
  • It’s time to excel as who you really are, and not exist as how society told you to be.
  • It’s time for you to join Dare to Be Me!

Dare to Be Me is a 6-week online live life-changing experience where we will explore how to be more of who we are so that we can live fearlessly, authentically and powerfully in the world.

This life-enriching journey is for high-performers, creatives, coaches and leaders, people just like you, who are ready to up-level their lives.

We will focus on the power of SELF-MASTERY so that YOU can tap into our own wisdom, be guided by our own inner compass, and be activated by your own desires to LIVE your life!

YOU will design your own life based on your own rules, based on your own needs and your own truth!

It’s YOUR time.

It’s YOUR journey!

It’s YOUR choice!

It’s all about YOU!

The life-changing journey will focus on:

  • Mastering the Power of Clarity
  • Mastering the Power of Courage
  • Mastering the Power of Connection
  • Mastering the Power of Curosity
  • Mastering the Power of Commitment
  • Mastering the Power of Change
  • Mastering the Power of Centering

It is time for you to be the REAL YOU so that you can love fully, live fearlessly and lead effectively.


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