You are going somewhere! Yes, you are! You have a plan, a goal, an objective or a vision. You have imagined it, you have dreamed about it and you have talked about. You have studied, you have planned, and you have implemented.  Despite the difficulty, you have been consistent.


You may not be there NOW, but you are moving in the right direction. Granted, you had some setbacks. You stumbled. You failed, and you lost. Okay, people attacked you, insulted you and rejected you. I know…you have been lied to, lied on and lied about. Even though you don’t want to talk about it, you cried. Sometimes you cried so hard that the weeping made you physically sick and emotionally distraught.


But through it all, you are still moving. When you get frustrated, you remember all of the times that God has brought you through and you keep moving. When you feel overwhelmed and defeated, you think of your ancestors who endured, suffered, bled and died to achieve their goals and you keep moving. When you feel scared and insecure, you stop and pause, and you keep moving.


You are HERE now but you are going THERE! You can see it…. you can feel…. you know it…  can taste it…so keep moving! You got this.


I am here with you cheering you on.


How do you keep moving?


  • Assess what is working and what is moving you closer to your dream?
  • Identify who can offer support and guidance?
  • Eliminate distractions that sap your time and drain your energy.
  • Choose 3 steps toward our success.
  • Develop checkpoints to measure your success.
  • DO IT!

***From my upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 2

Love, Your Soul!


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