Let’s be honest…..sometimes people cross the line. They make comments that feel degrading or they do things that feel demeaning. But when they do cross the line, speak up immediately. Don’t wait!


Why? Sometimes if you wait too long you will say too much. You will explode and make harsh statements that could irrevocably damage the relationship.


Yes, people will get on your nerves, I mean, your LAST good nerve. But often times they don’t realize that they have encroached on your boundaries. Remember, we all are different. A gesture that may be considered an INVITATION to one person MAY feel like a VIOLATION to another person.


So, speak up. Honor your feelings. Approach the conversation in a spirit of curiosity so that you can learn more about their intentions. After you understand their motives, then make a decision.


Remember….Seek to understand FIRST! Don’t let arrogance or ignorance ruin your relationships.


Do yourself a favor. Speak up quickly. Say what you need to say. Learn what you need to learn. And then, SOAR!

( from my upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 2)


It’s Time To Soar HIGHER!!!








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