I am so FRUSTRATED! How about you?


Do you sometimes feel stifled, suffocated and stripped of your life’s meaning?


Sometimes I do. feel pressed in, pressed down and pressed to surrender to a status quo that can’t see me, love me, or accept me as ME. I feel overwhelmed, overextended and overanxious by the demands, the pace and the obligations of life. I feel FRUSTRATED!


I used to believe that being frustrated was negative. But life has taught me that frustration is a sign; it’s a clarion call to pay attention. It is a nudge to remind you that you no longer fit where you are. It’s a warning that you have outgrown your position, overstayed your welcome and overcompensated for not being honest about who you are, what you feel and what you need. Frustration is the kick in the pants that we need to activate ourselves, educate ourselves and empower ourselves.


If you are frustrated, it’s time to move, shift, and pivot. It’s time for YOU to make critical changes in your life. If not, life will start to squeeze you. It will start to confine you to places that suffocate your vision, dampen your joy and cripple your innovation. It will start to steal your sleep, deplete your finances, and drain your sex life. Frustration is persistent. And, if you don’t pay attention to it, it will snatch your health, steal your peace, dismantle your relationships and corrupt your calling. Trust me, long-term frustration is fatal.


So, FIX it!


After you address the source of your frustration, your life will start to speak again. It will start to call you and compel you to new places where you can breathe, bloom or be re-born. Your soul will guide you to people who can speak to your spirit and call forth your greatness and celebrate your genius. Your life will stretch and expand, and its faithful agility will support your advancement.


Frustrated? You don’t have to be frustrated….. not now and not ever.


Let’s talk about ways you can leave the toxicity of frustration so you can live a life of greater fulfillment. Click here.


It’s your time to SOAR being who you really are and doing what you have been gifted to do!


SharRon, Your Life Strategist Who Cares!

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