If you are like most, you are probably stunned that we are in October. I don’t know if it is age or something else, but time is moving faster and faster as the years go by, right?


Over the last couple of weeks,  I have been doing some pruning. Why? Because my life got too busy.  And so, I took some time to downsize some relationships, refocus my energy and reprioritize some activities so I could concentrate on being more productive, and more FULFILLED!


Yes, I had to take a step back because I lost my P.O.W.!


You know…..your P.O.W. – that feeling of enthusiasm, zest, bliss and alignment that makes you excited about getting up in the morning? That feeling that makes you feel as if you are in your flow, gaining momentum and pursuing your purpose. That feeling that makes you feel seen in a way that honors your very soul. I am not sure what other people call that feeling….I call it my P.O.W.—short for my power.


Have you ever lost your P.O.W.?


I didn’t realize that I was losing my P.O.W. at first, because the loss was gradual. Months of fatigue, frustration, and overwhelm slowly sapped and siphoned my energy away from my goals. I lost my joy and my mojo. And, I was left feeling physically, spiritually and emotionally exhausted.


At first, I tried to rationalize my feelings of lethargy, but the evidence was clear……..  I was doing too much of the right thing, and I was doing way too much of the wrong thing. I was out of balance, and my life was screaming for relief. (lol) Have you ever been there?


Even though I initially failed to see the symptoms in my life, losing your P.O.W. is pretty easy to see if you are paying attention to your body, spirit, mind and your relationships. So, what should you look for when you are feeling “out of sorts”?


Look for the loss of 3 things.

1) Loss of Perspective – What do you see?
2) Loss of Optimism – How do you see it?
3) Loss of Wisdom – What do you know?


Here’s a brief video that talks about losing my P.O.W. and I hope it encourages you to reflect on your life.


If you are starting to downgrade your dreams, feel bombarded by negativity or feel as if you can’t trust your intuition, maybe it’s time for you to pause, pay attention and re-prioritize your life.


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