You can’t rely on the opinions, assessments,  and perspectives of others.  




People are fickle.


Sometimes they love you; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they appreciate you; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they will support you; sometimes they don’t.


Sometimes they hate you; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they lie on you; sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they degrade you; sometimes they don’t.


At the end of the day, we can’t let the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others derail us, disrupt us or depress us. We must know who we are and be at peace about who we are not. Why? We are not as bad as people say we are, and we are not as good as people say are. ( are pretty amazing)


Remember, people are judging you based on how they see themselves, not how they see YOU! Their views are not entirely about you! In fact, when people change how they see themselves, they will often change how they see you too.


Just to be clear……I am not saying ignore all rebukes and accolades; that is not wise. It is important to hear when you have done a great job and when you need to improve your performance. If you value people who share information with you and you value what they have to say, listen. Some of their comments may be valid and valuable and will help you SOAR in new ways. However, use their feedback and suggestions as a GUIDE to support your growth and as a GAUGE for your improvement.


BUT never let another person’s opinion entirely GOVERN how you love, treat, honor or celebrate yourself! NEVER!!! Stay balanced when you receive applause and also when you receive attacks.


Remember…..even though you are GREAT, you are not as good as people say you are. And, if you are not great, you are not as bad as some people say you are.  So, stay humble and hear the comments without heeding the comments in a way that inflates your ego or erodes your confidence.


My grandmother would say it like this. Don’t get the big head and don’t let people poke holes in you either. How is that for wisdom?


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