There is a difference between valuable love and expensive love.


Valuable love is a love that allows you to experience all of who you are and challenges you to be all that you can be. It is a type of love that encourages you to grow, explore and expand.


Valuable love is also a love that challenges you to live your truth and holds space for your truth to evolve as you learn more about who you are and what you need.


Valuable love affirms you, accepts you, and attends to you. It is not suffocating, demanding or intimidating. It breathes… life….new peace…new air…and new energy into your life.


BUT expensive love is different!


Expensive love is a love that cost too much; it has a high price BUT low worth. It requires too much time, energy and care.


It is a love that violates you, your ethics, your values, and morals. It is a love that compromises your character, diminishes your competency and dulls your creativity.


Expensive love is a love that erodes your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. It condemns instead of corrects. It entangles instead of empowers. It limits instead of liberates.


Expensive love demands energy that you don’t have which leaves you in a constant state of depletion, deficiency, and defeat.


So, is the love that you are giving or receiving valuable or expensive?


Look at your life. Your life will always tell the truth even when your mouth lies. (from the upcoming book, Deciding to Soar 2)


It’s time To SOAR Higher as we only commit to love that is valuable, but not expensive!


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