You are courageous!


Yes, you are!


But if you are facing major decisions in your life, you may not feel as courageous as you really are.


How do I know?


Because sometimes I don’t feel as courageous as I know l am. Sometimes, I feel hesitant, overwhelmed and ill-equipped to face the challenges in my life.


But, when I remind myself of all of the ways that I have stepped out on faith and made conscious, courageous choices, I remember how capable I am of facing uncertainty and change. For example, I remember the time in my life when I moved out as a teenager with little money because I wanted to live free of restrictions. I remember when I gave up a full scholarship to attend the college that I desired. I remember when I lost my family because I married someone of a different faith. I remember when I worked in a corporate culture that was polluted by racism and sexism but still thrived. Heck, I  am being courageous now just by sharing vulnerable moments with you.


I am courageous!


And guess what? 


You are courageous too. You have courage coursing through your veins. You have a history of defying the impossible. You have decades of testimonies that prove your ability to face fear and move past fear with resolve. You have a history of living life on your own terms.  You have broken glass ceilings, torn down barriers and constructed bridges to live freely and unapologetically. 


You are courageous!


But just in case you forgot how daring you are, please take a few minutes to remind yourself of how absolutely brave you really are by listening to the audio below. Click here.


Then, download the worksheet and list all the ways that you exemplify and demonstrate courage in your life, relationships, career and in the world.


Keep the list close to you just in case you need a quick reminder of your amazingness.


Just for the record – It’s normal to sometimes doubt yourself but trust me….YOU GOT THIS! Whatever you are facing, you are equipped to handle it with grace, strategy, and peace.


Final Note: If you need support while you are navigating new challenges in your life, please register for “You Can Depend On You”. You don’t have to face challenges alone. Join a supportive, like-minded group and prepare to SOAR HIGHER! This is the last week to join.


Again, listen to the audio below. Sometimes we all need reminders of our greatness and ability to persevere.





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