It’s time to DARE to Soar Higher!

SharRon’s ability to transform and motivate people to move beyond their
limiting beliefs and move into their next level in life is truly a gift. If you need a
spark from the RIGHT flame, you are in the right place!

Welcome to the Jamison Group

We are a leadership training and personal development organization committed to helping people SOAR beyond their limitations so that they can live the life of their dreams.

We specialize in personal transformation and we are extremely passionate about helping people navigate life’s transitions, both in their personal and professional lives. From career moves, to divorce, to empty nests, addiction recovery and more, our dedicated teams of experts are passionate about inspiring people to embrace change, imagine possibilities and to create lives filled with passion and purpose.

The perfect emotional and spiritual pick-me-up, Deciding to Soar offers advice, encouragement, and straight talk for even the busiest people. Author and life coach SharRon Jamison packs knowledge and honesty into tightly-compact thoughts that will stick with you—these, each added with further commentary from Jamison, will usher you toward a fruitful, uncompromised life that focuses on your happiness and growth, while also honoring God and the relationships that are important to you.

Articles & Audio

When you were broken, busted and disgusted, there were people who loved you. But did they really love you or did you only serve a function or a purpose?   Did your misfortune make them feel good about themselves? Did…

We are impatient people; the pace of our culture has conditioned us to rush, rush, rush and rush.   However, there is one thing that we continue to wait on….and that’s healing.   For some reason, we wait and wait…

Women can have babies by themselves, but any woman can tell you that they would rather have babies surrounded by support. Women who have experienced childbirth can tell you that labor is so intense, so painful, so unpredictable and so…

Dare To Soar Higher!

Dare To Soar Higher!

What do intimacy and prosperity have in common?

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Good communication not only makes dollars….but it also makes a difference!    

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