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Conscious connections that keep love alive

At The Jamison Group, our team works closely with partners to identify how old beliefs, social conditioning, and unspoken needs impact their relationships – with themselves and each other. Through our customized approach, we help couples strengthen and deepen their relationships so they can SOAR Higher as lovers, partners, and friends.

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Being radiant and radical is revolutionary

In I Dare To Be Me, you will reclaim and activate your inner wisdom so you can choose to live freely, fully, and openly. In a 6-month high-touch, high-accountability mastermind community, you will restructure your life and make new life-affirming, life-building decisions to catapult you toward your deepest desires and highest visions.

In I Dare To Be Me… you will realize that you are uniquely equipped for success on your own terms.

You will accept that fulfillment and joy are inevitable.

You will move from dreaming to daring!

And… you will Dare to SOAR higher knowing that you can dare and decide to be whatever you want to be, and you can start right now. 

You Can Depend On YOU to be bold, beautiful, and brilliant 

In You Can Depend On You, you gain proven wisdom, skills, and tools to help you unleash your potential, identify your inner barriers, and revamp your life. In this self-paced program, you will: 

  • Understand your unique history and leverage lessons for future success.
  •  Build a life that reflects your values, needs, and desires. 
  • Restructure your life to limit distractions, allow more ease, and support your growth.  
  • Design your new life, so you activate and actualize your gifts and talents in meaningful ways.
  • Create spiritual practices that nourish your soul and sustain you. 

The truth is, you can depend on you, and this life-affirming learning experience will show you how.

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