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You are more powerful than you know.

At the Jamison Group, we sincerely believe in the power of purpose and its ability to cultivate your unique gifts, access your inner wisdom, and inspire you to take action. From challenging the status quo to re-imagining your life, we know that the power of purpose is what activates courage and gives you the inner strength to tolerate uncertainty, take empowered risks, and hold perspective in the face of fear. Embracing and pursuing your purpose is the key that unlocks the fullness of your life, drives your dreams, and catapults you to success.

That’s why we are so excited about working with you. Because nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than supporting people as they discover and unleash their purpose. And to ensure that you fully actualize your ability and gifts, our team partners with you to laser-focus on growth, accelerate your healing, and interrupt limiting patterns to keep you moving forward. We help you clarify your vision to ensure that you are taking value-inspired steps and implementing changes to create the life and lifestyle you desire.

We believe in you and your journey. We know that with your innate abilities, the wisdom gained from your own lived experiences, and through empathetic accountability that considers the complexities of your life, you will SOAR. You will defy convention, overcome insurmountable odds, and prioritize your own needs to propel you forward. And our team is committed to designing systems and customizing approaches to educate, activate, elevate, and liberate you and your thinking so you can take your rightful place in the world – the place that brings you joy.

We look forward to partnering and championing you as you transform your life and make significant contributions to the world.


After two divorces, years of crippling depression, and decades of climbing the corporate ladder, I felt lost. I knew I was not living a life that honored my heart or my purpose. But I really didn’t know what “living” looked like for me and I felt defeated and alone. That feeling of sadness, loss, and insecurity is something that I never want other women to experience. I want women to feel anchored in who they are, worthy of their dreams, and empowered to change their lives. I especially want women who are over 40 and are in transition to choose themselves and prioritize their needs. I want them to know that it’s not too late to start again and to re-invent themselves in ways that feel more aligned with their hearts and the God-given purpose. Regardless of history, I want all people to feel motivated, fulfilled, and joyful.

Deciding to Soar 2

Unwrapping Your Purpose

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