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You are more powerful than you know!

At the Jamison Group, we sincerely believe in the power of purpose and its ability to cultivate your unique gifts, access your inner wisdom, and inspire you to take action. From challenging the status quo to re-imagining your life, we know that the power of purpose is what activates courage and gives you the inner strength to tolerate uncertainty, take empowered risks, and hold perspective in the face of fear. We know that embracing and pursuing your purpose is the key that unlocks the fullness of your life, drives your dreams, and catapults you to success. And we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you live your purpose in a way that helps you experience more joy and peace in your life.  


Identify and understand the
connection between you and
your history, so you can SOAR
and pursue your dreams.


Recognize and reclaim your
hopes, dreams, and strengths
so you can rise to be
who YOU are.


Inspire social change, build
wealth, and create a legacy
for you and your


Be the beautiful, strong, liberated
person that you were born to be
and never settle for who society
taught and told you to be.

Deciding to Soar 2

Unwrapping Your Purpose

  • Valerie Hall

    Valerie Hall

    SharRon Jamison has that rare combination of compassion and good sense. At every opportunity, she has proven time and again that when looking at problems pragmatically while staying true to ones core beliefs, there are few challenges that cannot be overcome. With SharRon’s coaching, I have become better prepared to take on challenges that once felt overwhelming at best. Her ability to help you identify the core of an issue and then work outward and UPWARD has been so empowering, she doesn’t simply “make a suggestion” or do the work for you; rather, she teaches you strategies to better help yourself. Thank you SharRon for helping me learn to be kinder to myself, while also rediscovering my strengths both personally and professionally. – Valerie Hall
  • Janis Williams

    Janis Williams

    SharRon is a present day provocateur! She is a force that challenges common conventions and accepted ideas. Her gift of curiosity and passionate engagement strengthens the individual self and the collective body by evolving thoughts, practices and beliefs. Her talents are needed for a time such as this.
  • Sonia Ventura

    I have had the pleasure of attending numerous workshops by SharRon Jamison and I must admit that she is one of a kind. What makes SharRon an exceptional speaker and motivator is that she has the ability to tap into the energy inside you, the energy that is waiting to come out. Her presentations are always useful, helpful and unassuming with a hint of nostalgia. She presents with such grace and simplicity that anybody can learn and be moved by her words. She is definitely a speaker that will keep you laughing while you learn
  • Priscilla Coleman, Infinity Diamond Club - Co Founder - Durham, NC

    Thank you SharRon! The informative and relative information you have shared at numerous events for our organization have been enlightening and transformative. The level of professionalism and approachability that you possess, allows the participates the opportunity to open up and share. Your ability to demonstrate real life examples helps individuals to see where their lives can GROW and produce the results that they desire. Your work affirms and challenges people to live their BEST lives. We are always assured that our attendees will walk away satisfied when you are one of our presenters. This is why we continue to utilize your services year after year.
  • Karen Harvey

    SharRon is so motivating and inspiring. She so generously shares her knowledge and wisdom with everyone she touches. She is such a blessing to all who have the opportunity to follow her and and her work. I enjoyed your first book and I can’t wait for the upcoming book, “I have learned a few things.” Good Luck
  • Nina Colman

    SharRon’s programs holds tremendous value because she shares personal experience to engage, empathize with and find common ground with audiences. Her shared stories illustrate how coming from positions of pain and vulnerability, with honesty can open doors for success. She provides illustrative, real life examples of how we may dispel negativity and stick with the winners. Of course, SharRon embodies a winner of the very best kind; one who brings others up along with her.
  • Yvette D. Bennett

    Working with SharRon has been one of my greatest joys. She is motivating and so inspirational, constantly giving timelessly of herself to help anyone in need. Her passion for helping others on their journey through life inspires me to be a better person daily. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with SharRon, attending one of her workshops or just being in her presence has truly received a blessing from knowing and experiencing her.