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Women, It Is Up To Us!

Feminine power is one of the most amazing things to witness. Seeing women who are brilliant, beautiful, and brave and able to stand fully in their brilliance is a testament to our collective strength (our amazingness).


But when we women continue to use men as role models of leadership, we dilute our own power and diminish our strength. We minimize the characteristics and traits that make women different and great.


Women are connectors. When we are walking in our femininity, we have the power to use empathy, vulnerability, and/or inclusion as a competitive edge. We are able to negotiate sensitive contracts that leave people with their dignity and their willingness to continue to collaborate not only with their heads but with their hearts.


Women, we don’t need to operate in a stereotypical male-accepted paradigm to be effective, productive, or acknowledged. Women, we need to be what we were created to be…POWERFUL, PURPOSEFUL, and Proficient in our unique way!


If you are a leader, and all women are, it is up to us to model a different way. It is up to us to show our daughters, granddaughters, and sisters that leadership does not have to be wrapped up in a male form to succeed. We don’t need to mimic men! We can be women and celebrate all the variations of femininity….because femininity is diverse and divine.


Women, we MUST model “difference”. If not, those behind us will mimic the same actions and interactions that have created corruption, oppression, and excessive greed. We can make a difference; we are DIFFERENCE MAKERS!


Women, it is up to us and we can DO IT!


Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!


**Women, “You Can Depend On You” begins on June 1st.  You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to create the life that you desire and desire.

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It’s Okay To Be Human!

There has been a lot of pain shaming going around. I get it. Fear affects us all, and it affects us differently. When we are scared, we do and say some pretty scary things.

As a minister, mom and healer, I wanted to offer a few thoughts that I hope will resonate with your spirit.


There’s no playbook for handling and managing this pandemic which has disrupted and upended our lives. We all are learning as we go.

There is no such thing as the “Grief Police”. All of us are grieving the loss of something and we have a right to feel the full gamut of our feelings. Nobody gets to tell you what to feel, how to feel, when to feel or assess if it is acceptable for you to feel. 

There is also NO grief or pain hierarchy. Nobody else gets to rank your pain, tally your losses and compare your pain/loss to theirs or others. People who do so may not be aware that they are negating your feelings nor how their lack of support intensifies your pain.


If people are uncomfortable feeling their own feelings they may not have the ability to feel yours. Offer grace and seek support elsewhere. 

Some people may not have the emotional agility, bandwidth or strength to offer anything. It does NOT mean that they are selfish or inconsiderate. It may mean that they are overwhelmed, scared or too bewildered to listen with their ears and heart.

Empathy is unlimited. You can give it freely. You will not run out, and everybody can use more of it.

You are not weak for feeling deeply. You are human. Be kind to yourself and give yourself compassion. Be intentional about your self-care ( however you define it).

Don’t let others judge or assess your faith walk or how you practice your faith tradition. You have your own relationship with your CREATOR and how they engage their faith may not align, support or strengthen you.

Those closest to you may be the ones who underestimate your pain the most. You make need to seek support outside of your circle.

You don’t have to be the “strong one”. That expectation denies you the full right to experience your humanity.

None of us are in control of the pandemic. None of us are in control of other grown people. We are only in control of ourselves which means it is us to us to emotionally identify what we need and to find a way to get it to support ourselves.

I don’t know when this will pass, but it will.


I am praying for you. I am praying for myself. I am praying for the world.




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You Are Courageous!

You are courageous!


Yes, you are!


But if you are facing major decisions in your life, you may not feel as courageous as you really are.


How do I know?


Because sometimes I don’t feel as courageous as I know l am. Sometimes, I feel hesitant, overwhelmed and ill-equipped to face the challenges in my life.


But, when I remind myself of all of the ways that I have stepped out on faith and made conscious, courageous choices, I remember how capable I am of facing uncertainty and change. For example, I remember the time in my life when I moved out as a teenager with little money because I wanted to live free of restrictions. I remember when I gave up a full scholarship to attend the college that I desired. I remember when I lost my family because I married someone of a different faith. I remember when I worked in a corporate culture that was polluted by racism and sexism but still thrived. Heck, I  am being courageous now just by sharing vulnerable moments with you.


I am courageous!


And guess what? 


You are courageous too. You have courage coursing through your veins. You have a history of defying the impossible. You have decades of testimonies that prove your ability to face fear and move past fear with resolve. You have a history of living life on your own terms.  You have broken glass ceilings, torn down barriers and constructed bridges to live freely and unapologetically. 


You are courageous!


But just in case you forgot how daring you are, please take a few minutes to remind yourself of how absolutely brave you really are by listening to the audio below. Click here.


Then, download the worksheet and list all the ways that you exemplify and demonstrate courage in your life, relationships, career and in the world.


Keep the list close to you just in case you need a quick reminder of your amazingness.


Just for the record – It’s normal to sometimes doubt yourself but trust me….YOU GOT THIS! Whatever you are facing, you are equipped to handle it with grace, strategy, and peace.


Final Note: If you need support while you are navigating new challenges in your life, please register for “You Can Depend On You”. You don’t have to face challenges alone. Join a supportive, like-minded group and prepare to SOAR HIGHER! This is the last week to join.


Again, listen to the audio below. Sometimes we all need reminders of our greatness and ability to persevere.





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You Know Enough To Contribute!

So often we downgrade our skills and we belittle our potential because we perceive others as having greater authority or seniority than we have.

Just for the record: Title and Time have nothing to do with TALENT!

Don’t minimize what you bring to the table because you are not the boss, owner or because you are new.

Every great leader knows the value of “rookie” wisdom. Sometimes the people who have not been developed or inculcated in a system are usually the first to see pitfalls, potential, and possibilities.

Share what you know. You have a fresh perspective that is valuable and refreshing! You will see some advantages that others may overlook and/or minimize.

Bottom line: When it comes to success, new thoughts and ideas are always needed. Without new insight, antiquated routines will ruin you, bad habits will hurt you, and ” we have always done it this way” familiarity will prove fatal!

You KNOW enough to contribute. Don’t sell yourself short!

You got this!

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Being Cute Is Not Enough!

Being pretty does not always mean that you are attractive. Attractive means that you are a magnet for change, growth and abundance.

Are you attractive?


I know you look good but are you a magnet for other leaders, trailblazers, and visionaries?


As a high-performer yourself, you need other people around you who are just as talented, skilled, and gifted as you are. You need people who are confident and are willing to share, support, and help you upgrade your skills.


And guess what?


They need you too! 


In other words, you need to be equally yoked!


Trust me, being equally yoked is not only for marriage and partnerships. Being equally yoked is essential if you want to grow, evolve, and SOAR to new levels in your life.


So how do you attract people who are just as driven, giving, and authentic as you are?


I share a few tips in the video below. But if you don’t have 6 minutes,

Here are a few tips:


  • List three adjectives that you feel describe you today
  • List 3 adjectives that you aspire to in the next five years
  • Ask three people to share 3 adjectives about you
  • Ask three people how they “experience” you so that you can identify your social blindspots and/or your social/relational strengths
  • Ask three people to identify the 3 top values that govern your life based on their interaction with you 


Now, be open to the feedback and ask for suggestions or explanations if you need clarity.


It might be a bit uncomfortable, but understanding how you are perceived is essential to attracting people who have the character and competence you need to SOAR Higher!


Bottom line: As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect and reexamine how you show up in the world.


Why? 2020 is the decade of destiny and you must attract the caliber of connections and resources that you need to excel at life and love.


I look forward to sharing more about the importance of connections and success in the next “Dare To Me” cohort. Click here for more information.


It starts in late February, so get on the waitlist today to receive exclusive bonuses and gifts.


Blessings and Happy New Year!


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Kill the P.E.S.T.S. and live your VISION!



What do you see for your life?


That question is not always easy to answer, especially for some women.


It’s difficult to answer because, throughout our lives, some of us have been socialized to only see what people have told us to see or wanted us to see.


We have been conditioned to SEE what others felt was important for us to know and do even when the images failed to value who we were or what we wanted.


But you deserve to SEE MORE because… YOUR VISION matters. And you have everything inside of you to make your vision come true.


That is why I am so excited about “You Can Depend On YOU”. When you know that you can write and rewrite the vision for your life, the quality and the size of your life will expand.

Click here to learn more because the Black Friday Savings start today. I included some information below.



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I am so FRUSTRATED! How about you?


Do you sometimes feel stifled, suffocated and stripped of your life’s meaning?


Sometimes I do. feel pressed in, pressed down and pressed to surrender to a status quo that can’t see me, love me, or accept me as ME. I feel overwhelmed, overextended and overanxious by the demands, the pace and the obligations of life. I feel FRUSTRATED!


I used to believe that being frustrated was negative. But life has taught me that frustration is a sign; it’s a clarion call to pay attention. It is a nudge to remind you that you no longer fit where you are. It’s a warning that you have outgrown your position, overstayed your welcome and overcompensated for not being honest about who you are, what you feel and what you need. Frustration is the kick in the pants that we need to activate ourselves, educate ourselves and empower ourselves.


If you are frustrated, it’s time to move, shift, and pivot. It’s time for YOU to make critical changes in your life. If not, life will start to squeeze you. It will start to confine you to places that suffocate your vision, dampen your joy and cripple your innovation. It will start to steal your sleep, deplete your finances, and drain your sex life. Frustration is persistent. And, if you don’t pay attention to it, it will snatch your health, steal your peace, dismantle your relationships and corrupt your calling. Trust me, long-term frustration is fatal.


So, FIX it!


After you address the source of your frustration, your life will start to speak again. It will start to call you and compel you to new places where you can breathe, bloom or be re-born. Your soul will guide you to people who can speak to your spirit and call forth your greatness and celebrate your genius. Your life will stretch and expand, and its faithful agility will support your advancement.


Frustrated? You don’t have to be frustrated….. not now and not ever.


Let’s talk about ways you can leave the toxicity of frustration so you can live a life of greater fulfillment. Click here.


It’s your time to SOAR being who you really are and doing what you have been gifted to do!


SharRon, Your Life Strategist Who Cares!

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You Have Power: Wear It Well

I have learned that I have power. That was a hard lesson for any girl—especially a black girl—to learn, especially one raised in late 1960s and 1970s. It was extremely difficult to learn because society taught me directly and indirectly that little black girls were powerless.


For example, sexism told me that my gender disqualified me from power. Racism told me that my color excluded me from power. My socioeconomic status informed me that my background banned me from power. Misguided religion told me to relinquish all power. And so for years, I learned and accepted that I was barred, really forbidden, to make choices that supported and served me. I was unfortunately conditioned to believe that I was a lower-class black Christian girl who would never have influence, affluence, authority, or the ability to do anything that was not sanctioned by the powerful majority. And the saddest part is that I grew up, and on many levels, I functioned as though those limiting beliefs were true. I thought and behaved as if I were incapable, inadequate, and ill-equipped to make choices that honored me.


But thankfully, I learned. I discovered that I had power. I learned through trial and error that I had the ability to say no without providing any additional explanations. I learned that I had the right to discern what sustained me and what weakened me. I learned that I had the right to decide who and what enters my life and also determine who and what exits my life. I learned that I had the power to determine whom, when, and how I love. I had the right to advocate for myself and the right to advocate for others. I had the power to set personal boundaries to ensure that I stayed healthy, wealthy, and wise. I had the power to function and navigate in the world in a way that honored me. It was a hard lesson, but I learned that I have power. And you have power. We all do—if we embrace it and use it well.


I have also learned we can only effectively use our power when we are courageous enough to claim it, have integrity enough to use it, grateful enough to appreciate it, and humble enough to share it. I have learned that power is most authentic when you can “wear” it without a title, wear it without money, wear it without perks, and wear it without arrogance. It is most admired when you can equally wear it well in your house, the outhouse, the penthouse, or the White House. Power is most trusted when you can wear it well in times of concord and also wear it well in times of conflict. Power is also most respected when you can wear it well when you have authority over others and wear it well when you are only directing yourself. Power is most appreciated when you can wear it well in times of great delight and wear it well in times of great despair. Power is most transformative when you can wear it well in the service of others and not only wear it well in the service of self. Power, real power, must be worn well; it must be harnessed, controlled, and used for good—and not just the good of you.


We have power, and we have more power than we realize. So accept it, embrace it, honor it, and wear it well. Wear it with courage. Wear it with strength! Wear it with compassion! Wear it with humility. Wear it with gratitude. Wear it with understanding. Wear your power, and wear it well.


How are you wearing your power? Only you can decide.



(excerpt from ” I Have Learned A Few Things”. You can order today.

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It’s time to DE-BOX!

Do you live in a box?


Do you follow outdated rules that don’t align with your heart? Do you participate in activities that you don’t enjoy just to make other people happy? Do you stay in energy-sucking careers because you were taught that certain careers give you status? Do you participate in religions that villainize you and make you feel unworthy and unlovable?


Are you living in a box?


I thought I didn’t live in a box or follow outdated rules until I started listing all of the reasons why I was not following my heart.  Over the years I practically talked myself out of most of my goals. 


For example:


When  I was younger, I told myself that I could not start a business because I was a single mother. 


In my twenties, I told myself that I could not be a lose weight because I had been overweight for years.


When I was new to the corporate setting, I told myself that I could not get promoted in corporate America because I didn’t have the right mentor.


When I turned 50 a few years ago, I told myself that I could not feel sexy because 50 meant that I was over-the-hill.


10 years ago, I told myself that I could not write a book because nobody knew me.


I had tons of reasons for not pursuing my dreams, and my reasons were logical, at least I thought they were.


But what I realized was that I was basing my life on lessons that I had learned in childhood.  The lessons about what it meant to be a woman, a mother, middle-age, and successful were based on the stereotypes, programming, and conditioning that I learned as a child.


I didn’t know it then but I was using my past to determine how far I could reach in the future.  And, I was acting as if those old ways of thinking were true.


Here’s the truth: we all have beliefs that are keeping us in places that don’t serve us and with people who don’t support us. We all are making or have made decisions based on lessons and beliefs that were passed down from our parents and society. Unfortunately, some of those lessons are keeping us trapped in mediocrity and misery. Some of the lessons are out of sync with who we really are. And, some of the lessons could be even filling us with doubt, fear and low expectations.


It’s time to tell the truth: It’s time to DE-BOX yourself!


Just think about it……


How would YOUR life change if you were able to identify old messages and stories that are keeping you in ruts? What would you do if you were able to break through your internal glass ceilings and go after what you want? What would happen if you felt empowered to do what you were born to do, and not settle for what you feel trained or tricked to do?


 My friend, you don’t have to live in a box! There is a big, limitless world waiting to be explored and experienced BY YOU!


You don’t have to be confined to what’s acceptable, practical, or familiar.  And, you don’t have to conform to what society tells you either.


YOU can do what makes you happy!


Over the new few weeks, take inventory. Determine if you are living in a box of expectations, societal norms and outdated rules that are stripping you of your joy.


You deserve to live outside of a BOX so you can SOAR HIGHER!


If you missed the free “Dare To Be Me” Masterclass, don’t worry. Click here and I will be sure to notify when we offer it again in November.

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Please Don’t Judge Me. I Need You To Listen!

I hate being judged!


I also hate when I  judge others. Every time I judge somebody it lets me know that I have my own internal work to do because it reminds me that I am being myopic, narrow and selfish.


To SOAR higher, we need to be open, expansive and willing to hear from others.


Today I am sharing the 5th Principle: Non-Judgement


Do you really know how to give people your E.A.R.? I tackle this issue in today’s lesson.


Click here to listen.


Then, share your thoughts in the Dare To Soar Facebook group. Every question gets you entered into a raffle to win a free book.


If you missed the preceding principles, don’t worry, the links are below.


I will be answering questions in the Dare To Soar Higher Facebook. If you have not joined, click here.


Also, if you know anybody who can benefit from the FRIENDS series, please share the email with them or click here.


Let’s Soar Higher together!




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