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YOU Are Wired To Win!

Rejection has a way of making you feel as if you will NEVER be successful.


But just for the record…. You were born ready!!! You came to the world FULLY LOADED!!! Everything you needed to contribute to the world was encoded in your DNA!

But when you start begging for love, hustling for business, stepping on necks for promotion and sabotaging others to be successful, you diminish, downgrade and dilute who you are! You divorce yourself from your destiny and you divorce ”self” from the divine mandates of self-love, self-acceptance, self-care, and self-confidence!



When you realize that you have and hold the power, wisdom, talent and the ingenuity you need to BUILD the life you desire, you will NOT beg others for the very things you can build for yourself!!! You will seek opportunities but you won’t compromise your integrity.


Yes, you need others to build. But never let the need for folks make you act like a fool. You are a builder!! God gave you tools. Use them and start building what you want and need! ( excerpt from Deciding To Soar 3)


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Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!



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Did My Mom Tell Me The Truth?

Did March fly by or what? Wow….


As I get older, time seems to pass faster and faster…which makes me more intentional about living in a way that honors me and others. The passing of time also leads me to an important question.


Question: Is everything we learned about other women the truth or it is a trap?


As Women’s Month comes to a close, I want us to challenge what we have been taught about women. Granted, we were taught some positive and encouraging lessons about the power of sisterhood. But, we were also taught some lessons that may be getting in the way of us developing the very bonds we need to strive and SOAR!


I want you to consider the Top 10 lessons you learned about women. I have listed and recorded the top 3 lessons that I learned as a little girl from other women. Click here to listen.




After you consider the lessons that you learned, reflect on how those lessons are operating in your life today. Are those lessons impediments to building to trust, love and authenticity? Click here to listen.


This what I know for sure…..


If women’s businesses are to thrive, we need to trust each other.

If women are going to gain political clout, we need to trust each other.

If women want to escape feelings of isolation and loneliness, we need to trust each other.

If women want to break glass ceilings and climb corporate ladders, we need to trust each other.

If women want to heal their childhood wounds, we need to trust each other.

If women want to amass wealth, we need to trust each other.

If want to stay fit, we need to trust each other.

If women want to raise caring, conscious children, we need to trust each other.




That is why it is critical for us to think about what we have been taught about each other. We need each other to enrich our lives.


I would love to hear from you! Please share your ideas. Let’s learn with and from each other. I look forward to interviewing some of you too. 


I will also be sharing more ideas about the power of challenging and analyzing our childhood lessons in my next class called, Shifts. I hope you will consider joining this important conversation because some of our mental prisons are really just patterns or passed-down lessons that stunt our growth and steal our joy.


Click here to learn more about “Shifts”.


I hope you will join me. Let’s Dare To Soar Higher together!




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What if momma was wrong ?

As Women’s Month comes to a close, I want us to challenge what we have been taught about women. Granted, we were taught some positive and encouraging lessons about the power of sisterhood. But, we were also taught some lessons that may be getting in the way of us developing the very bonds we need to strive and SOAR!

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Do You Know How To Be A Friend To Another Woman?

 It’s Women’s Month!


It’s time to celebrate women! And, we should celebrate and honor women! In most families, women are the backbones, the engines and the foundations of most families. And even though women work hard, sometimes twice as hard as men,  women are still not consistently celebrated for the many contributions they make to their families, communities and to the world.


Why is that? There are many reasons for the inequity. I will share more about why I believe women are not recognized and appreciated in future posts. 


Today, let’s talk about how women can support other women in their everyday lives because we all need MORE support. Being an island is exhausting and jeopardizes our health in a variety of ways.


So, what can we do? How can we develop authentic relationships with each other so that we feel supported, respected, challenged and loved?


I have a system called the Relationship GPS System that I know can help women have more meaningful conversations with each other. ( FYI, the system can also be used for men.) And, meaningful conversations are the foundation of meaningful connections.


What’s the Relationship GPS System(click here for video. You can also view from the bottom of the page.


It is a system that ensures that we are supporting in each other in ways that “feels” like support because all of us experience support differently.



I share a little about the Relationship GPS  system in the video below. I do a deeper dive of the framework in my coaching programs but I wanted to share a few nuggets that you can apply immediately to strengthen your bonds.




Women need each other more than ever before. In fact, the research shows that women are craving closeness and have a deep desire for belonging. Just think about it. We are electronically connected but we are not emotionally close which leaves us starving for true companionship. And, we all know what starvation does….being hungry makes us vulnerable to manipulation, die-ease and bad decision-making!



Until women are able to be who they really are and bring their full, perfectly-flawed selves to the table without judgment, we will miss out on the beauty, joy, and power of each other. We will stunt our own growth, impede our own success and prevent our own peace. 





This week use the GPS Relationship System with a few of your friends and co-workers. Write down all of the new facts you learn and identify ways that you can be more helpful, supportive and more engaging with your fellow sisters.




As you are considering your relationships this week, think about how the Relationship GPS System can improve your connections. If you are a leader, consider how asking those 4 questions can improve how you lead your teams. Consider how understanding a person’s history and dreams can help you be more compassionate and empathetic. Most of all, consider how using the Relationship GPS system can improve your relationship with YOURSELF!


If you live in the Atlanta area, bring your thoughts and insights about the Relationship GPS System to Paint Sip Socialize. Let’s put our heads together so that we can learn how we can SOAR higher as sisters. Click here to learn more and see additional information down below.


If you haven’t had time to purchase the “Get Unstuck” replay, you still have time. Click here.  And don’t forget, the replay comes with a free e-book, Can Depend On Me.  I know that the book will bless you.


Have a great week as you build and bolster new relationships.



Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!




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What type of love is that? Expensive or Valuable?

There is a difference between valuable love and expensive love.


Valuable love is a love that allows you to experience all of who you are and challenges you to be all that you can be. It is a type of love that encourages you to grow, explore and expand.


Valuable love is also a love that challenges you to live your truth and holds space for your truth to evolve as you learn more about who you are and what you need.


Valuable love affirms you, accepts you, and attends to you. It is not suffocating, demanding or intimidating. It breathes… life….new peace…new air…and new energy into your life.


BUT expensive love is different!


Expensive love is a love that cost too much; it has a high price BUT low worth. It requires too much time, energy and care.


It is a love that violates you, your ethics, your values, and morals. It is a love that compromises your character, diminishes your competency and dulls your creativity.


Expensive love is a love that erodes your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. It condemns instead of corrects. It entangles instead of empowers. It limits instead of liberates.


Expensive love demands energy that you don’t have which leaves you in a constant state of depletion, deficiency, and defeat.


So, is the love that you are giving or receiving valuable or expensive?


Look at your life. Your life will always tell the truth even when your mouth lies. (from the upcoming book, Deciding to Soar 2)


It’s time To SOAR Higher as we only commit to love that is valuable, but not expensive!


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