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It’s time to DE-BOX!

Do you live in a box?


Do you follow outdated rules that don’t align with your heart? Do you participate in activities that you don’t enjoy just to make other people happy? Do you stay in energy-sucking careers because you were taught that certain careers give you status? Do you participate in religions that villainize you and make you feel unworthy and unlovable?


Are you living in a box?


I thought I didn’t live in a box or follow outdated rules until I started listing all of the reasons why I was not following my heart.  Over the years I practically talked myself out of most of my goals. 


For example:


When  I was younger, I told myself that I could not start a business because I was a single mother. 


In my twenties, I told myself that I could not be a lose weight because I had been overweight for years.


When I was new to the corporate setting, I told myself that I could not get promoted in corporate America because I didn’t have the right mentor.


When I turned 50 a few years ago, I told myself that I could not feel sexy because 50 meant that I was over-the-hill.


10 years ago, I told myself that I could not write a book because nobody knew me.


I had tons of reasons for not pursuing my dreams, and my reasons were logical, at least I thought they were.


But what I realized was that I was basing my life on lessons that I had learned in childhood.  The lessons about what it meant to be a woman, a mother, middle-age, and successful were based on the stereotypes, programming, and conditioning that I learned as a child.


I didn’t know it then but I was using my past to determine how far I could reach in the future.  And, I was acting as if those old ways of thinking were true.


Here’s the truth: we all have beliefs that are keeping us in places that don’t serve us and with people who don’t support us. We all are making or have made decisions based on lessons and beliefs that were passed down from our parents and society. Unfortunately, some of those lessons are keeping us trapped in mediocrity and misery. Some of the lessons are out of sync with who we really are. And, some of the lessons could be even filling us with doubt, fear and low expectations.


It’s time to tell the truth: It’s time to DE-BOX yourself!


Just think about it……


How would YOUR life change if you were able to identify old messages and stories that are keeping you in ruts? What would you do if you were able to break through your internal glass ceilings and go after what you want? What would happen if you felt empowered to do what you were born to do, and not settle for what you feel trained or tricked to do?


 My friend, you don’t have to live in a box! There is a big, limitless world waiting to be explored and experienced BY YOU!


You don’t have to be confined to what’s acceptable, practical, or familiar.  And, you don’t have to conform to what society tells you either.


YOU can do what makes you happy!


Over the new few weeks, take inventory. Determine if you are living in a box of expectations, societal norms and outdated rules that are stripping you of your joy.


You deserve to live outside of a BOX so you can SOAR HIGHER!


If you missed the free “Dare To Be Me” Masterclass, don’t worry. Click here and I will be sure to notify when we offer it again in November.

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Is It The Water Than You Swim In?

Over the last 3 months, I have done several interviews, wrote a few articles, and facilitated many workshops about 4 key factors that affect our lives and livelihoods.



➡️Shoulds– rules that suppress and steal your desires and dreams

➡️ “Labels” – societal stickers and stereotypes that confine you

➡️“Toxic Water You Swim IN – environments, beliefs, and friendships that will kill you and your dreams

➡️“Toxic Water That Swims IN YOU” – internalized isms learned from your environment that affect and destroy your self-worth, dismantle self-confidence and conceal your true identity


Why am I committed to sharing these messages? Because….


You are more than society says you are!


You carry gifts that you have never used or fully cultivated because society made you feel unworthy and unqualified.


You have not stretched your wings because society has convinced you that you can’t fly or that you can’t fly fast or far.


You have not spoken your truth because you are afraid of rejection and ridicule.


Am I right?


A few days ago, I did a Facebook Live and I shared how 3 important factors affect your success. It all boils down to societal programming and conditioning, which are politically correct terms for brainwashing.


To put it another way…being programmed is like social distancing….. because it distances you AWAY from what you desire most….YOU!


In the FB Live, I address the following:


  • The water that you were raised in ( I defined the “water” at the top of the email)
  • The water that swims in you
  • The people you swim with


Click here to listen.


I look forward to discussing the principles in greater detail during Unshackled: Desires, Dreams, and Destiny. You still have time to register. Click here. We start on Sunday, August 2nd!


You don’t want to miss this opportunity to reclaim your joy!


SharRon, The Life Strategist Committed To Helping You SOAR!


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You Don’t Have To Live A “Shouldy” Life!

Racism, Religion, and Rules


Ask anyone who has ever achieved any success and they will tell you that the 3 things that they had to confront and conquer were issues related to racism, religion, and societal rules.


Why? Because all 3 are based on “shoulds” and prevent you from being who you were created to be.


Racism, religion, and societal rules attempt to limit your choices, make you second-guess your inner wisdom, and cause you to undermine your worth.


How do I know? I let a few “shoulds” shrink my life. And when I finally had the courage to do what I wanted to do, the “shoulds” tried to shame and stifle me. But guess what? I did what I wanted to do.


I married who I wanted to marry and lost tons of friends and my family. I challenged racist policies in corporate America and lost a few promotions. I stopped climbing the corporate ladder to pursue the ministry and people called me crazy. And when I endorsed marriage equality, I lost a few preaching engagements!


I honored my heart, and I did what was right for me; I didn’t follow the “shoulds”. I reclaimed and restructured my life so I could do meaningful work in the corporate space, pursue my calling in the ministry, write books to challenge social paradigms, and start heart-centered businesses to support other women.


I finally started getting out of my head worrying about what other people thought and into my heart so that I could trust myself. I DID Me…mistakes and all!


You can “DO” you, too. You don’t have to live a “shouldy” life. You can be FREE to do what you want to do!


After coaching and mentoring many high-performing women, what I know for sure is that too many women are miserable because they feel trapped by “shoulds”! They are staying in jobs, in churches, in relationships, and in lifestyles that are stealing their peace. They are doing what everybody else wants them to do and not what they want or feel called to do.


If you don’t believe me, ask a few of your friends if they are happy or fulfilled. And then ask them why. I bet their responses will have something to do with race, religion, or societal rules.


If you are ready to ditch the “shoulds” so you can live honestly and openly, I want to invite you to Unshackled: Desires, Dreams, and Destiny.


In an intimate setting with other high-performing women,  we will examine the origins of “shoulds” and identify how “shoulds’ are stealing your joy and shrinking your life.


This is what I know for sure: “shoulds” make you settle, struggle, and suffer. But when you do what you want to do, you can radically transform your life and create a life that makes your heart sing!


 Unshackled: Desires, Dreams, and Destiny will cover 4 Key Areas.


  • How to have better “I” Sight so you can see who you are unencumbered by “shoulds”. You are more amazing than you realize, and when you see yourself through the lens of potential and possibility, you will create a life that most reflects who you are and who you are becoming.
  • How to have greater illumination so you can better identify ways to increase your capacity to enjoy your desires, pursue your dreams, and fulfill your destiny. Trust me. Identifying your unconscious beliefs, dismantling old paradigms, and shedding old programming will help you unleash your gifts, ignite your passion, and bring peace to your soul. 
  • How to discern what types of interactions support you. You will have an opportunity to talk about friendship. Let’s face it. We all need people in our lives to support and love us; none of us thrives well in isolation. But choosing people who provide a safe place for you to grow and explore your full personality, allows you to celebrate your worth and honor your individuality.
  • How to implement what you learn so that you can increase your ability to live a bolder, fuller, and more honest life. In the safety of a small, intimate group, you can share without judgment, and without apology knowing that women can hold space for your authenticity and truth.  And in that knowing, you will have an opportunity to address whatever is holding your back from full self-expression and massive joy.


If you are ready to love who you want to love, do what you want to do, and believe what you want to believe, join me. 


You don’t have to live a “shouldy” life.


We are starting in a few weeks! There are only 15 spots.


DM or send me a message at for more information or you can register below.

Click here to register.

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Deep Down, You Already Know!

The world is shifting and all of the shifts are encouraging me to think about my life.


How about you? Do you find yourself thinking about a different life, a better life for you, and your loved ones?


I mean… when you are all alone and just reflecting on the changes in the world, do you sometimes wish for …


More meaning, less noise.

More integrity, less people-pleasing.

More purpose, less procrastination.

More wisdom, less mindless chatter.

More justice, less greed.

More truth, less posturing.

More doing, less promising.

Do you wish for more?


My friend, the life that you want is possible, it’s doable and it’s “have-able”.  And that’s why you may be a bit restless.




The part of you that was taught to follow rules and go with the flow is now being challenged because the real you has been awakened and activated.


Now, your truth beckons you. That part of you that you suppressed to fit into society, fit into a job, and fit into culture is NOW demanding to be seen, heard, and known.


Deep down, you know already know that.  I am not saying something that you don’t already feel deep down in your soul.


But when you think about making changes in the direction of your dreams, you keep stalling. You stop trusting yourself. Or, you feel guilty for making decisions that honor your own heart. Am I right?


So, how do you move forward?  How do you change and transform your life so that it aligns with who you are NOW or who you are becoming?


The time to make a change is when …


Staying the same becomes increasingly unbearable.


When you know that your big dreams can’t stay in small relationships, or be confined to small perspectives or be developed in small settings.


When you feel fed up and trapped by the status quo, societal expectations, or cultural conditioning.


When you are tired of settling for what you like instead of doing what you love.


How do I know?


Because I am in THAT same place; I am right with you.  I am making changes and I am scared too, but I refuse to let fear dictate my life. I refuse to miss out on opportunities to experience more joy, more peace, and more wealth.


How about you? If you are reading this message, I know your heart wants more, your soul wants more and your mind wants more!


My friend, if you are ready to change your life and you are looking for direction, please join me for The Pursue Your Path Series: How women who are great at doing what they’re supposed to do … start doing what they’re MEANT to do. (click here to register)


I will be one of the speakers and I will be sharing about the importance of picking the right friendships as you pursue your purpose. As many of you already know, my motto is “Let Your Purpose Pick Your People ™” and I will be sharing why it’s so important to pick the right types of friends as you embark on your new life.


There will also be other speakers who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives that will be sharing valuable information too.  Trust me. Participating will help you up-level your life.


The best news:  It’s totally free and it’s online. Register here.


The show starts Monday, July 6 and you can claim your free ticket to attend by clicking here.


I hope you join me because it is time, YOUR time, to pursue your purpose so you can SOAR HIGHER in your life.


Don’t forget to register.


See you next week.


Blessings to you!


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher Together!



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You May Get Weary In Well-Doing So Take A Break!

I am checking on you.



Please forgive my delay. It took a moment to collect my thoughts.  I had to pray and reflect on what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.


Honestly, I can NOT express everything that I am feeling in this one email. Like you, my heart is heavy.


My heart is full of many emotions. I feel grief, anger, sadness, resentment, rage, disappointment, exhausted, and hopelessness. I feel passion, commitment, and energized. I feel many emotions, some even conflict with others. 


You may also have complex, contradictory emotions. Nobody has a script on how to manage and endure injustice. 


So what do you do?


Here is my prayer for you.  Do you! Do whatever you feel is right for YOU! You don’t need validation, authorization, or authentication to feel your feelings, or to do what you need to do FOR YOU!


You can cry and cuss! You can vent and pray. You can protest or volunteer. You can donate money, time, or expertise. You can rest and re-set.  You can strategize and build. DO YOU!


What we are facing is hard stuff. Not one of us will manage or experience this situation the same.


For me, as an African American woman and as a mom, the fight is exhausting, gut-wrenching, and stress-inducing.  And I know that the fight will NOT end soon.




Nobody gives up power, profits, and privilege easily.  Only consistent pressure and persistent pain–political and financial –will affect change. And trust me. The pressure to do what is right and fair will be met with all forms of resistance; history proves that so be prepared.


So, during this lengthy battle against this systemic, sadistic, damnable disease called racism, you will need to rest and reengage many times. So, please take care of yourself.


When you are ready and rested, take part in the revolution in a way that works for you — your skills, your abilities, and your sanity. Don’t guilt yourself or shame yourself. 


Remember,  ONLY you KNOW what’s best for you!


I made a brief video to support you. Click here. It’s less than 5 min. long.


Please know that I am here for you and with you.


I am fighting right by your side and with all of our allies–irrespective of their color, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, faith traditions, or color.


If people are committed to liberty and justice for ALL, I am on board. I am ready to sit and dine at the table of mutuality, respect, and honor.


If people are unwilling to be fair, respectful, and equitable, I am ready to be on the battlefield for justice for as long as it takes. 


Let’s be honest. This fight for equality and justice won’t be over soon, but it will be won.   It will be won through blood, tears, defiance, volunteerism, contributions, protests, honesty, policies, forgiveness, and more.


Until then, fight, rest, and re-engage in your own way until freedom rings.  We got this!


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher TOGETHER!


Blessing to you,




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Women, It Is Up To Us!

Feminine power is one of the most amazing things to witness. Seeing women who are brilliant, beautiful, and brave and able to stand fully in their brilliance is a testament to our collective strength (our amazingness).


But when we women continue to use men as role models of leadership, we dilute our own power and diminish our strength. We minimize the characteristics and traits that make women different and great.


Women are connectors. When we are walking in our femininity, we have the power to use empathy, vulnerability, and/or inclusion as a competitive edge. We are able to negotiate sensitive contracts that leave people with their dignity and their willingness to continue to collaborate not only with their heads but with their hearts.


Women, we don’t need to operate in a stereotypical male-accepted paradigm to be effective, productive, or acknowledged. Women, we need to be what we were created to be…POWERFUL, PURPOSEFUL, and Proficient in our unique way!


If you are a leader, and all women are, it is up to us to model a different way. It is up to us to show our daughters, granddaughters, and sisters that leadership does not have to be wrapped up in a male form to succeed. We don’t need to mimic men! We can be women and celebrate all the variations of femininity….because femininity is diverse and divine.


Women, we MUST model “difference”. If not, those behind us will mimic the same actions and interactions that have created corruption, oppression, and excessive greed. We can make a difference; we are DIFFERENCE MAKERS!


Women, it is up to us and we can DO IT!


Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!


**Women, “You Can Depend On You” begins on June 1st.  You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to create the life that you desire and desire.

Click here to learn more.

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It’s Okay To Be Human!

There has been a lot of pain shaming going around. I get it. Fear affects us all, and it affects us differently. When we are scared, we do and say some pretty scary things.

As a minister, mom and healer, I wanted to offer a few thoughts that I hope will resonate with your spirit.


There’s no playbook for handling and managing this pandemic which has disrupted and upended our lives. We all are learning as we go.

There is no such thing as the “Grief Police”. All of us are grieving the loss of something and we have a right to feel the full gamut of our feelings. Nobody gets to tell you what to feel, how to feel, when to feel or assess if it is acceptable for you to feel. 

There is also NO grief or pain hierarchy. Nobody else gets to rank your pain, tally your losses and compare your pain/loss to theirs or others. People who do so may not be aware that they are negating your feelings nor how their lack of support intensifies your pain.


If people are uncomfortable feeling their own feelings they may not have the ability to feel yours. Offer grace and seek support elsewhere. 

Some people may not have the emotional agility, bandwidth or strength to offer anything. It does NOT mean that they are selfish or inconsiderate. It may mean that they are overwhelmed, scared or too bewildered to listen with their ears and heart.

Empathy is unlimited. You can give it freely. You will not run out, and everybody can use more of it.

You are not weak for feeling deeply. You are human. Be kind to yourself and give yourself compassion. Be intentional about your self-care ( however you define it).

Don’t let others judge or assess your faith walk or how you practice your faith tradition. You have your own relationship with your CREATOR and how they engage their faith may not align, support or strengthen you.

Those closest to you may be the ones who underestimate your pain the most. You make need to seek support outside of your circle.

You don’t have to be the “strong one”. That expectation denies you the full right to experience your humanity.

None of us are in control of the pandemic. None of us are in control of other grown people. We are only in control of ourselves which means it is us to us to emotionally identify what we need and to find a way to get it to support ourselves.

I don’t know when this will pass, but it will.


I am praying for you. I am praying for myself. I am praying for the world.




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You Are Courageous!

You are courageous!


Yes, you are!


But if you are facing major decisions in your life, you may not feel as courageous as you really are.


How do I know?


Because sometimes I don’t feel as courageous as I know l am. Sometimes, I feel hesitant, overwhelmed and ill-equipped to face the challenges in my life.


But, when I remind myself of all of the ways that I have stepped out on faith and made conscious, courageous choices, I remember how capable I am of facing uncertainty and change. For example, I remember the time in my life when I moved out as a teenager with little money because I wanted to live free of restrictions. I remember when I gave up a full scholarship to attend the college that I desired. I remember when I lost my family because I married someone of a different faith. I remember when I worked in a corporate culture that was polluted by racism and sexism but still thrived. Heck, I  am being courageous now just by sharing vulnerable moments with you.


I am courageous!


And guess what? 


You are courageous too. You have courage coursing through your veins. You have a history of defying the impossible. You have decades of testimonies that prove your ability to face fear and move past fear with resolve. You have a history of living life on your own terms.  You have broken glass ceilings, torn down barriers and constructed bridges to live freely and unapologetically. 


You are courageous!


But just in case you forgot how daring you are, please take a few minutes to remind yourself of how absolutely brave you really are by listening to the audio below. Click here.


Then, download the worksheet and list all the ways that you exemplify and demonstrate courage in your life, relationships, career and in the world.


Keep the list close to you just in case you need a quick reminder of your amazingness.


Just for the record – It’s normal to sometimes doubt yourself but trust me….YOU GOT THIS! Whatever you are facing, you are equipped to handle it with grace, strategy, and peace.


Final Note: If you need support while you are navigating new challenges in your life, please register for “You Can Depend On You”. You don’t have to face challenges alone. Join a supportive, like-minded group and prepare to SOAR HIGHER! This is the last week to join.


Again, listen to the audio below. Sometimes we all need reminders of our greatness and ability to persevere.





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You Know Enough To Contribute!

So often we downgrade our skills and we belittle our potential because we perceive others as having greater authority or seniority than we have.

Just for the record: Title and Time have nothing to do with TALENT!

Don’t minimize what you bring to the table because you are not the boss, owner or because you are new.

Every great leader knows the value of “rookie” wisdom. Sometimes the people who have not been developed or inculcated in a system are usually the first to see pitfalls, potential, and possibilities.

Share what you know. You have a fresh perspective that is valuable and refreshing! You will see some advantages that others may overlook and/or minimize.

Bottom line: When it comes to success, new thoughts and ideas are always needed. Without new insight, antiquated routines will ruin you, bad habits will hurt you, and ” we have always done it this way” familiarity will prove fatal!

You KNOW enough to contribute. Don’t sell yourself short!

You got this!

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Being Cute Is Not Enough!

Being pretty does not always mean that you are attractive. Attractive means that you are a magnet for change, growth and abundance.

Are you attractive?


I know you look good but are you a magnet for other leaders, trailblazers, and visionaries?


As a high-performer yourself, you need other people around you who are just as talented, skilled, and gifted as you are. You need people who are confident and are willing to share, support, and help you upgrade your skills.


And guess what?


They need you too! 


In other words, you need to be equally yoked!


Trust me, being equally yoked is not only for marriage and partnerships. Being equally yoked is essential if you want to grow, evolve, and SOAR to new levels in your life.


So how do you attract people who are just as driven, giving, and authentic as you are?


I share a few tips in the video below. But if you don’t have 6 minutes,

Here are a few tips:


  • List three adjectives that you feel describe you today
  • List 3 adjectives that you aspire to in the next five years
  • Ask three people to share 3 adjectives about you
  • Ask three people how they “experience” you so that you can identify your social blindspots and/or your social/relational strengths
  • Ask three people to identify the 3 top values that govern your life based on their interaction with you 


Now, be open to the feedback and ask for suggestions or explanations if you need clarity.


It might be a bit uncomfortable, but understanding how you are perceived is essential to attracting people who have the character and competence you need to SOAR Higher!


Bottom line: As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect and reexamine how you show up in the world.


Why? 2020 is the decade of destiny and you must attract the caliber of connections and resources that you need to excel at life and love.


I look forward to sharing more about the importance of connections and success in the next “Dare To Me” cohort. Click here for more information.


It starts in late February, so get on the waitlist today to receive exclusive bonuses and gifts.


Blessings and Happy New Year!


P.S. I would love to work with you. In the meantime,… here are a few ways I can help you transform your life from the inside out:


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