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Lessons Learned Along The Way

July 10, 2023

July is my birthday month!

First, I am so grateful that God allowed me to live another year because I am here only by divine permission. Thank you, God!

Over the last 12 months, I learned some critical lessons about life and business that I want to share with you. I pray that what I have learned provides valuable insight for you.

1) Without a good portion of health, life is difficult. After almost 40 years in the biopharma industry, I have witnessed the challenge of illness and the disparity in health care. Take care of your mind, body, and soul! Make your wellness and well-being priorities.

2) Reinvention is a superpower. The world is evolving faster than we can keep up. But if you are anchored in your identity, purpose, and values, you will navigate the vicissitudes of life with greater ease. So, identify your values, uncover your purpose, get clear about who you are and how your identities influence how you navigate the world. The more you know about yourself, the more you will stay grounded amid chaos.

3) Most relationships are seasonal, situational, or strategic. Only a few relationships have the emotional elasticity, relational insight, and spiritual dexterity to navigate all your life’s changes, transitions, and evolutions. So, be wise! Be discerning. And most of all, be quiet until the Spirit releases you to share certain information with specific people.

4) Don’t be constantly emotionally needy or financially greedy. Be balanced and generous so people will be excited about working with you, growing with you, and trusting you. Nobody can or will constantly endure a downer or “drainer.”

5) Know what you need when you need it. And then ask for it. Emotionally intelligent folks will not endure “crystal ball” connections. They are too taxing on the spirit and soul. So, speak up!

6) As our ancestors said, “Steal away.” Rest, spend time alone, listen to the whisper of your soul, understand the rhythm of your heart, and learn how discontentment feels in your body. Steal away so you can stay whole, healthy, and guided by the Spirit.

7) Confidentiality is what brings clients and cash. I never share who I work with without their permission. Some companies and most high-profile people value secrecy. Discretion is everything! People will more

8) Everything is not a demon! Sometimes you just make a wrong decision. That’s ok. Don’t spiritualize your mistakes; learn from them.

9) Learn how to quit, say no, establish boundaries, and apologize even if you are not wrong. It will keep your life simple.

10) Learn how to disagree without disconnecting! Sometimes you leave the most fruitful relationships because of minor disagreements. Listen. Negotiate. Compromise. Be open to a different point of view and be mature enough to hold the tension of difference.

11) Since America thrives on capitalism, find a way to do business without manipulating, exploiting, or abusing people. Even though the system is rigged, you don’t have to be raggedy. Pay people on time. Delivery work on time. Stop bad-mouthing people. Be fair!

12) Have a contract with everyone so people are clear about expectations BEFORE you work together.

13) Don’t get into a relationship if you don’t have time or don’t want to compromise. It’s ok to stay single until you are ready to be in a healthy, soul-nourishing, mutually beneficial relationship.

14) Don’t wear your wealth. People are not impressed with sizzle; most prefer substance! Enough said.

15) Be clear about what legacy you want to leave and what you want to be known for. Living just for yourself will leave you empty and lonely. Ask yourself: what do I want to contribute to the world?

16) Re-skill or upskill your expertise or knowledge. Technology has changed the game, so get ready for tomorrow… today.

17) Teach your dollars some sense so you can generate passive income. Financial literacy is a necessity, not a luxury.

18) You determine your career, and you write the scripts for your life. YOU decide when you want to retire, retool, or recalibrate. You create your vision, goals, compass, and priorities! YOU! You must live with the consequences, so you MUST make the decisions.

19) Have a succession plan, a will, trust, or something so what you start can live on after you die.

20) Know GOD for YOURSELF! Learn all the ways that God shows up for you! God is more than a religious book, doctrine, or custom. God is MORE than what you have been taught or told. Establish your relationship with God, and don’t worry about who approves it or approves of it.

I pray these 20 insights resonate with you.

Let me know which one aligns with your life.