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Unbothered and Unboxed!

Most people who feel fulfilled live Unboxed and Unbothered lives.

They do not live by norms or play by rules that undermine their desires or diminish their dreams.

They chart their own paths and prioritize their happiness, even if it means being rejected or kicked to the curb.

People with such courage are not special; they are just focused and committed to knowing and honoring themselves in bolder and broader ways.


They realize they have the internal wisdom and gifts needed to co-create a life that allows them to be the highest version of themselves.

And our highest versions of ourselves are empowered, liberated, aware, authentic, rested, aligned, and joyful.

Next week, we will discuss the power of living unboxed and unbothered, and you are invited to join us.



May 14 2024


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Your Home
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