Yes, our “ships” influence and affect our lives. It does not matter if it is a partnership, fellowship, companionship, mentorship, sponsorship, relationship, distributorship, friendship, citizenship, “situationship”, and the list goes on…our lives are touched and shaped by others. Even when we are not aware of it, we are somehow informed, energized, challenged, or repulsed by the words and ways of others.   Everybody leaves an impression, good or bad,  in our lives.

Because our connections are critical, it is vital that we analyze who we spend time with, who we seek wisdom from, and who we allow in our intimate space. And as we elevate our lives or shift our priorities, we may need to adjust and re-adjust where and with whom we spend our time and share our energy.

Let’s be honest. That’s hard for some of us. Evaluating or repositioning our relationships brings up all types of emotional baggage, feelings of abandonment, and childhood triggers. That’s why we sometimes stay tethered to connections that are toxic, abusive, and lifeless.

Here is something to consider: Making adjustments or analyzing your relationships does NOT mean that you don’t love or like people.

Adjusting and evaluating your relationships mean that are you committed to your OWN growth, self-care, and elevation. It means that you are being intentional about your time because you NEED new experiences, different information, and increased exposure to opportunities, so you can plan, position, and prepare yourself for what’s NEXT in your life. Scrutinizing your connections means that you are cognizant that you have limited time and only so much energy and that everyone you connect with must be beneficial and fruitful to your life.  Essentially, ensuring that you are surrounded and supported by a healthy network is an act of SELF LOVE!

Here is the bottom line: Growth does NOT happen in isolation, in stagnation, or in the wrong congregation. Growth happens in stimulating and safe environments that are replete with rich diversity, great dialogue, and vigorous debate.

That’s why we NEED conversations that challenge our thinking. We need to attend events that expand our minds, touch our souls, and frame our dreams. We need to be pushed, pulled, and poured into in ways that increase our competence, capacity, and our curiosity. We need connections that hold us responsible and accountable for HIGH standards.

We need to SEE and EXPERIENCE MORE because our lives develop or diminish based on what we know, what we think, what we do, and what we are exposed to.

What’s the take-home message? We can’t SOAR if we don’t know MORE!

That approach sounds simple but learning and doing MORE demand that we develop relationships for where we are going, not where we are now.

As you enter the 4th Quarter of 2020, and before you make another resolution, take inventory of your connections.  Find a quiet place and start with 3 simple questions.

  1. How is this connection helping me SEE me better, differently, or fuller?
  2. How is this connection supporting me now, who I am becoming, and my vision for the future?
  3. How is this connection strengthening, stretching, or shifting me?

Our relationships are our greatest resources. So, pay attention. Choose relationships that grow you up, grow you out, and grow you within. That way you can be better equipped to SOAR Higher.

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Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!