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What’s In Your Hand?

April 26, 2021

I hope you are well and find the silver linings amid the craziness in the world.

I usually do not do this, but I had to share a conversation that I had with a friend yesterday.

Friend: What are you doing?

Me: I am studying. I have to speak tomorrow, and I want to say something that reminds people that they can make a difference in the world.

Friend: The world is never going to change. You need to accept that.

Me: Huh? I don’t believe that. I believe we all have gifts, skills, and a purpose. We all can do something to make the world a better place.

Friend: You think too highly of yourself.

Me: No, I think honestly about myself. I realize that we all have gifts, and we all have the responsibility to create the world that we desire. Even though I don’t have the same privilege and power of others, I have something special, and I going to use what I have.

The rest of the conversation did not go well because I don’t “do” powerless. I refuse to accept that I am impotent and ill-equipped to affect change. I hope you don’t either.

The truth: WE ARE NOT POWERLESS! We are strong! We are masterful and equipped! We are armed with goodness, gifts, and grit. And most of all, GOD sustains us!

I am not naïve; I realize the world is not fair. There are issues, ideologies, and practices that advantage some and hurt others.

But I refuse to stand by and do nothing. You and I, we, can GRAB our gifts and influence culture, dismantle oppression, and change the ethos of the world.

What does G.R.A.B. mean?

  • GROW your innate gifts, knowledge, and networks.
  • REACH out to assist others and also get help for yourself.
  • ADVANCE forward while accepting occasional failure, acknowledging risk, and overcoming occasional disappointment.
  • BUILD your resilience, your strengths, and your community to push beyond the soul-sucking status quo.

This week GRAB hold to what you desire and GO for it!

Of course, REST, too!

But don’t succumb to despair when the answers to the world’s problems are in your head, hands, and heart!

Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!

Let’s claim our stake in the world.

And if you need a reminder of your power, value, and worth, please head over to Amazon and get my new book, Deciding To Soar 2. Click here.

Our elders faced tough times too, and they were still able to affect change.

If our elders were able to survive with less support and resources, WE CAN TOO!