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Belonging To Me: Living Free From Fear (On-Demand Free Podcast Event)

A FREE 3-day on-demand podcast event to help you identify who you’re meant to be & how to take action to live free from fear and obligation.

How Does The On-Demand Podcast Work?

  • Episode Release in Podcast Format
    You will get immediate access to the podcast series.
  • Fill out the worksheet
    Listen to the episode and complete the provided worksheet. The worksheet will help you process and apply the day’s lesson. It’ll only take you less than 15 minutes to capture the key insights for the day.At the end of the on-demand podcast event, you will receive a final recap of the entire series.
  • Share Your Progress
    If you’re open to sharing your reflection on your worksheet, tag me on Instagram @sharronjamison. You may receive a gift.

At the end of the 3-day on-demand podcast event, you’ll gain more clarity about who are, feel more empowered to execute your courageous dreams, and understand how you are already equipped for your life-affirming, soul-fulfilling journey.

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Nov 29 2021 - Nov 29 2023


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