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Opting Out Is Also A Courageous Option!

July 10, 2024

Sometimes, after I facilitate workshops for corporate women, my heart breaks.


Some women are really struggling in corporate environments. And honestly,  I OVERstand because it is not always easy for me, either.

But here’s the truth….. sometimes you CAN’T listen to the advice of your friends, especially if they don’t have experience in corporate settings, don’t have to deal with workplace politics, or don’t know how to extend empathy.


Some people just don’t understand that corporate trauma is real.  Trying to exist and thrive in some corporate environments is extremely debilitating, spiritually exhausting, confidence-eroding, and disease-producing!

So, here’s a reminder for some of my corporate folks, especially women of color: Opting out of any unsafe situation is courageous!

You don’t need to continue anything or align with anything that jeopardizes your emotional, spiritual, or mental health.

You don’t have to carry the torch for all women!

You don’t have to endure disrespect to prove you “can do it” because your competence is undeniable.

You don’t have to be a punching bag to hold the doors open for other women or to help women get seats at the table.

You don’t have to sabotage or undermine other historically marginalized people to gain brownie points from people who really don’t like or respect you, either.

You don’t have to do any of that!

And not doing any of that does not mean you are not committed to your success and the success of other women.

It’s also does NOT mean that you are weak, selfish, or “hurting your race.”

You can be committed to gender parity, diversity, inclusion, and equity, AND care about yourself FIRST!

Honestly, YOU MUST honor yourself first!

And while you are “getting your entire self” together, find a loving community that can hear and support you without heaping more guilt, expectations, and cultural shame on your plate.

Remember,  YOU are not responsible for correcting systems and structures strategically designed to exclude and undermine you.

Your primary goal is to stay well and whole in an extremely sick system while you help to create something healthier and better for all humans.


A Corporate Sister Who Knows & Cares