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Do You Need To Sit?

June 25, 2024

As a child, when there was a storm, my elders would say, “Go sit your narrow behind down somewhere. God is speaking.”

Now, when I look at all the political and historical storms in the world, I wonder if God is demanding that we sit, not be idle, but to sit down somewhere.

Maybe God is insisting that we sit and get incredibly still so we can hear the unique voice of our Creator, which guides and governs us.

Maybe God is forcing us into contemplation so we can see the error of our collective ways and the smallness of our love.

Maybe God is summoning us to something greater, fairer, bigger, and bolder that will support the common good.

Maybe God is showing us how our desire for domination and our denial of our corrupt systems are obliterating the world.

Maybe God is calling us to examine how society is disintegrating due to injustice, intolerance, and inaction.

Maybe God is empowering us to create strategies to dismantle oppression, confront greed, challenge exploitative capitalism, and resist all vestiges of white supremacy.

Maybe God is refueling our spirits to fight for freedom, live with integrity, and heal our ancestral wounds.

Maybe God is intervening and integrating ways to reboot, rebuild, and redistribute resources so nobody goes hungry, unhoused, or unhealed.

Maybe God is reminding us of our humanity and the humanity of others so folks can stop dropping bombs and shooting bullets at defenseless people.

Maybe God is warning us to value people over profit, power, privileges, and perks so we can remember the sacredness of human life.

Maybe God is prompting us to talk to each other and to stop talking about each other so we can see that we have more in common than we think.

Maybe God is reclaiming our attention so we can focus on solutions that instill hope, promote harmony, and facilitate healing.

During storms, my elders wisely advised me to sit. And so, I am following their advice because I realize my anger and grief about what is happening in the world are starting to consume me.

Witnessing continued genocide, horrific violence, intentional starvation, political pandering, the lack of adequate healthcare, and other global atrocities requires me to gather myself so I can determine how to participate in what I pray about and hope for.

Life has taught me that sacred sitting is a meditative posture that prepares people to be visionaries, freedom fighters, game-changers, and truthtellers. It equips them to challenge the world’s ethos, create more humane paradigms, and confront the stifling status quo.

So, I find myself sitting, thinking about my next move, determined to make a difference even if I don’t know how to help in ways that would bring transformative healing, spiritual awakening, and paths for sustainable reconciliation.

I’m sitting – thinking and praying – because I know we can do better.

We are not powerless!

We are movement-makers! We are relational innovators! We are the hands and feet of a just God!

What about you?

Blessings to you!