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Born With or Born In…What’s True For YOU?

May 7, 2021

You were BORN WITH extreme wealth; you are rich. You have abilities, innate gifts, supernatural wisdom, and God-inspired uniqueness. You came to the world loaded and encoded – divinely equipped to shift the atmosphere, challenge paradigms, correct what was broken, and to create what was missing. You were BORN WITH everything you needed to fulfill your God-given assignment, your sacred agenda, your dharma, or your calling.

You were also BORN IN an environment that shaped you. Your environment, which consisted of your family, culture, teachers, caregivers, systemic barriers, ideologies, TV shows, faith traditions, and anything else that you were exposed to or affected by as a child, influenced you. My friend, your environment informed your worldview, and most importantly, it shaped how you SEE YOURSELF.

Just think about it. Your environment provided financial privileges, adequate resources, or/and extreme poverty. Spiritual growth, intellectual freedom, or/and emotional prisons. Great opportunities, a few options, or/and insurmountable obstacles. Unfettered access, historical barriers, or/and systemic difficulties. Heart-stopping beauty or/and hope-depleting burdens. Breath-taking gardens or dilapidated ghettos. If you are like most people, your environment provided a few extremes, some common events, and some humdrum experiences. Yes, you and I were born in a society filled with complexity, contradictions, craziness, and chaos.

The truth is that we were all reared in environments that included a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which deeply affected and molded us. (But we are focusing and centering YOU in this blog)

Your environment was not neutral; environments never are. Your environment could have enhanced your self-worth and self-awareness or stripped you of your self-confidence, self-value, and your self-esteem. It could have muted your voice, prevented you from seeing your amazingness, and strengthened your ability to hear and know an all-loving God. It could have infected you with doubt, injected you with fear, or ignited you to pursue your passion. Trust me, your environment shielded you and shaped you in ways that you cannot always identify. And all the messages, myths, and “shoulds” you learned and absorbed could have undermined or magnified what you were BORN WITH.

Here’s the truth: To live a value-directed, purpose-driven, joy-infused authentic life, you MUST discern and understand what you were BORN WITH vs BORN IN.

The good news is….what you were BORN WITH is more powerful than anything that you were BORN IN, but you must believe that!

You must believe that you are a treasure chest of unlimited possibilities, unspeakable creativity, and unreplaceable genius.

You MUST believe that you can SOAR beyond anything you have been taught, told, or terrorized to do or think.

You must hold tight to your own deep sense of truth and find your own way, follow your path, and heed that quiet, but undeniable inner call.

You must muster the courage to chase what calls you and leave what no longer fulfills you.

You must resist conformity and embrace awe, adventure, and exploration.

You must lean into what feels aligned and lean away from what feels awry.

You must excavate your truth, activate your power, and liberate your mind from narratives that strip you of your agency and dignity to create anew.

My friend, it won’t be easy! But don’t worry. You have everything you need because you were BORN WITH everything that your God-inspired journey will require. It may be just a seed now, but you can cultivate it to succeed as YOU, not the curated compliant you.

Don’t worry about your background, family drama, historical oppression, or your missteps. What you were BORN In can’t cancel what you divinely know or disqualify you from doing what you were created to do, if you don’t let it.

So, lean into who YOU know yourself to be.

Aspire to live a life you love and not settle for a life you learned to live.

No more “supposed to” living; obligated living is beneath you. Only inspired, God-directed, value-driven, purpose-informed, liberated living can honor your divine call.

And if you suspect you are living a limiting BORN IN life, and you want to explore what a full, bold, aligned BORN WITH life looks like and feels like, join me.

Join hands with other heart-centered leaders, trailblazers, and visionaries as we embark on a journey to amplify what we were BORN WITH so we can DARE to SOAR HIGHER in every aspect of our lives.

COVID was disruptive, yet it also revealed that you had shrunk your ability to experience joy and dream down to your reality. But it’s time to get back on track and live fully and authentically. No more suppressing who you are or abandoning your dreams.

If this speaks to you, drop me an email and I will send you information about the life-changing journey called “I Dare To Be Me.” You can learn more about the program by clicking the Programs Tab, too.

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As always, blessings to you as you Dare To SOAR HIGHER than you have ever SOARED before!


(excerpt from my upcoming book, Deciding To Soar 3)