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Have You Lost Your Voice?

May 17, 2021

Have you lost your voice?

Not your physical voice, but the sound of your truth?

Why does losing your voice matter?

Losing your voice is how you gradually lose yourself.


Losing your voice is when you fail to own your truth and stand up for what you believe in or trust.

It’s when you swallow your words, abandon your truth, and suppress your opinions to make others happy.

Losing your voice is when you downplay your beliefs in exchange for fake respect, shiny objects, and conditional acceptance.

What I know for sure: Your voice is unique, and it’s yours. You may not have developed it, refined it, or acknowledged it yet, but you have a voice. You have opinions and perspectives that guide and govern your life.

You have something to say! And it’s important that you say it because you have something to say that only you can say. Nobody else in the world has your unique perspective or lived experience.


You have a voice that creates, connects, and comforts in a distinctive way.

You have an incredible, inimitable sound that summons greatness, shares insight, and serves a bigger purpose.

You have a voice that carries, moves, and inspires people to take life-altering action.


Just so you know…. some people will not like you using your voice especially if your voice clashes or competes with the status quo or pushes people beyond their comfort zones.

But despite the risks and repercussions, and there will be many, I encourage you to FIND YOUR OWN VOICE and speak as loud as you can. 

Speak so loud that you rattle the cages of conformity and complacency to inspire change.

Speak so loud that you pull down strongholds of wickedness in high places so integrity can be restored.

Speak so loud that you drown out your haters, doubters, and manipulators who try to confuse, control, and confine you!

Speak so loud that you empower and embolden people to live beyond their circumstances and rise beyond their trauma.

Speak so loud that people feel the winds of challenge, change, and progress in their lives.

Speak so loud that the mental chains of oppression fall from the minds, hands, and hearts of leaders, influencers, and change agents.

SPEAK with intention and conviction!

The world needs your voice.


Justice is waiting, Truth is waiting. Peace is waiting. Your Creator is waiting.


Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to say to myself and to others to live honestly and with integrity?
  • What do I need to share to support my mission, vision, and truth to others?
  • What do I need to demand to keep myself safe, sane, and striving in my personal life?
  • What do I need to express to release old wounds, address old trauma, and forgive old debtors so I can move forward with joy and peace?


Your voice needs to be heard and witnessed.

Are YOU ready?