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Finding Your Real Self In A World Of Sameness

May 25, 2021

Sometimes we hide so long that we cannot remember who we really are.

So, who are you? Do you know?

Look in the mirror and re-introduce yourself to yourself.

Remove the masks, make-up, money, mess, messages, and material stuff that obscure your essence.

Step out of the shadows and step away from your public plastic personas.

Pull off the veil of insecurity, inadequacy, and insufficiency.

As my Sister @alexokoroji would say, get naked.

Now, look! See your beauty!

Inhale your magnificence! Marvel at your splendor!

Imagine possibilities! Celebrate your body!

Ask yourself questions! Listen to your soul.

Step outside of the social constructs that confine you to mediocrity.

Push behind and beyond the biases and stereotypes that undermine you.

Speak to your heart. Clear your mind.

Honor the God in you! Look!!!

Look deeply!!! Look with expectation.

Now, that is YOU!!!❤️❤️❤️

What do you think of YOU now?

Are you ready to SOAR HIGHER than you have ever SOARED before?

It’s time to SOAR Higher!