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You can’t choose where you are chained

December 13, 2021

My elders used to tell me that you can’t choose when you are chained.”

This message still resonates with me today and I constantly ask myself — “what am I unknowingly chained to that is compromising my values, voice, and vision.”

Not only do I vigorously interrogate my life, in my work with leaders, visionaries, healers, and entrepreneurs, I help them question their lives too.

I help them identify the mental, social, spiritual, emotional, systemic, and cultural chains that unconsciously block them from pursuing their desires and dreams.

I also help them see ways that old and invisible chains are shrinking, compromising, and sabotaging their lives in ways that bring unnecessary struggle, endless sacrifices, and mind-numbing box-checking.

The work I do with people is life-changing because, honestly, people rarely realize how they are chained to careers, identities, traditions, beliefs, and relationships that rob them of peace, power, and purpose.

The unfortunate truth is, some folks have lived with their “chains” for so long that they have normalized scarcity, boredom, mediocrity, and people-pleasing.

Some have even idolized some of their “chains” and endlessly condemn, judge, and harm people, sometimes in the name of God.

Of course, it’s difficult to see our own chains, but it is not impossible.

So, this week, reflect on your life.

Identify what may be “chaining” you and preventing you from living a life that embodies your values, honors your purpose, and addresses your deepest needs.

Identify what small shifts can liberate you from standards, protocols, and a few people, so you can metaphorically breathe new air, build new relationships, break unhealthy habits, and bury toxic traditions.

And if you need support, please email me. Having a fresh perspective can help you see what’s blocking you from soaring in every dimension of your life.

Listen to the message on YouTube.

You can’t choose if you are chained, so GET FREE!