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Don’t Reject Any Part Of YOU!

June 7, 2024

I used to hide parts of me because I felt ashamed, guilty, inadequate, dirty, and awkward.

I hid my truth so much that I stopped living in integrity, alignment, and peace.

I hid my genius so much that I didn’t honor my talents, gifts, and expertise and failed to contribute fully to the world.

I hid my love so much that I failed to make myself present, accessible, and “satisfy-able” which made me feel isolated and alone.

I hid my brokenness so much that I left people confused, frustrated, and concerned about my path, needs, and values.

I hid my pain so much that I suffered in isolation and succumbed to depression and despair, never asking for help or support.

I hid so much and hid so well that I lost myself in relationships, organizations, and perspectives.


But I blossomed when I accepted those cracked, flawed, fragile, differently-shaped, multi-colored, frayed, complex, and authentic parts of me.

I grew! I evolved! I healed.

What I didn’t realize then was that all of the pieces …all of them…were valuable pieces and elements of my life journey. They were me! And rejecting those undesired pieces of me did not make them any less mine. Remember, rejection of a thing does not erase or negate a thing!

The truth is that the pieces that I rejected left me ill-equipped, unbalanced, and afraid to live fully. They made me suffer and kept me stuck in relationships and situations that further eroded my self-esteem and undermined my power. But accepting those parts gave me the confidence, knowledge, and power to assume my rightful place in the world.

Here are some questions: what piece of YOU and your history are you rejecting? How is rejecting parts of your past supporting your development and elevation in the future? What are you afraid for others to know, and why?

Whatever you are rejecting, please know that you have the power and strength to bring those pieces of you back home where they belong. And then, you can use them differently and more compassionately in the next season of your life.

Let’s Dare To Soar Higher as we welcome our pieces back home so we can use them as lessons, leverage, and laughter as we SOAR!