Am I the only one who has ever failed? Of course not! 

We all fail!


Most people don’t want to share their fiascos, failures or flops. Most don’t want to share where and how they stumbled, stopped or self-sabotaged. Most want to hide their mistakes. They want to shine and give the impression that success, transformation, and growth were easy and stress-free.

But that’s not the truth. In fact, life is a collection of good and bad experiences.  And when we KNOW that life includes both the good and the bad, we cope better. We don’t get sidelined by adversity or discouraged by challenges.

That’s why I believe it is important to share the truth about our wins AND wounds. If you really want to help people stay encouraged, they need to know the reality of success and elevation. People need the truth, not curated highlight reels that promise instant fame and fortune.

That’s why I believe that sharing our stars and our scars is key. People need to see that we have blessings and burdens, triumphs and tragedies, guts and goofs, successes and sorrows, highs and lows, fear and faith, and friends and foes.  People need, want and are helped by seeing and knowing it ALL, not just the part we want them to see.

I have learned that letting people see my struggles, sacrifices and sometimes my sadness lets me connect with people in ways that transform, inform and reform me and them. Sharing it ALL helps and heals me, and it helps others who can testify and relate that my experience is their experience too.  Sharing connects and corrects.

So, when tempted to hide your failures – and nothing is a failure – what will you do?

Here are a few questions to consider:

As we all are re-building, reimagining, and re-prioritizing our lives, how are you sharing your wisdom?

How are you sharing your failures without judging yourself?

How are you providing insight so that others can avoid the same pitfalls?

How are you allowing others to see the REAL journey so they can learn?

How are you sharing your losses and the lessons so that to propel others forward?

How are you sharing your stories to support others?

What I have learned…our stories may be the stories that save lives. It may just be the story people need to heal and to stay encouraged as they journey through life. (from the upcoming book, I Have Learned A Few More Things).

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