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Please Check On Your Black and Black Collegues

May 15, 2022

Early this morning, a few Black women from various industries prayed, shared, and cried together.

We had to because we know that tomorrow, so many Black people will be expected to go to work, participate on virtual calls, and smile WHILE their hearts are bleeding and breaking.

Some Black folks will be so anxious and distraught that they will not be able to focus or find the words to engage with colleagues. Why? The ongoing collective pain of injustice, apathy, and corporate posturing is emotionally excruciating. The pain is debilitating, and knowing that there is NO RELIEF in sight makes the pain sharper and deeper.

Unfortunately, some white colleagues will not understand, and a few won’t even care about the impact of the Buffalo murders on the hearts, minds, and souls of Black employees.

For some White people who have decided that courageous allyship is too risky for their careers or who are concerned that Black and Brown people are “getting special treatment” in corporate spaces, it will be business as usual.

As a minister who works in corporate America, I know my day will be filled with healing, consoling, and holding space for people to process individual/collective grief and rage.

So even as I am processing my own pain and crying through my own gut-wrenching tears, I will be praying, consoling, and holding space for grieving people.

People ask….why do we talk about racial incidents at work? Why should DEIJ be considered a leadership competency?

Why? Corporate cultures are reflective of our bigger culture. We all know that, so no need to write about it here.

The truth: Until the words on corporate WEBSITES become the truth and the reality of the WAYS people WORK, our corporate spaces will remain emotionally violent, physically exhausting, and spiritually depleting environments that foster mediocrity, incite fear, and protect oppressive behavior.

My heart is bleeding.

One day I hope that there will be a greater appreciation and concern for the challenges, agony, and the mental stress many Brown and Black people experience and ENDURE in corporate spaces.

But in the meantime, I will do my part to be a conduit of change because, as a minister first and a corporate leader second, I believe that Jesus is always connected to JUSTICE. I believe I MUST be the change I want to see, feel, and experience.

I am praying for the families who lost loved ones.

I am praying for justice.

I am praying for a world where we all can feel safe, seen, supported, and respected.

I am praying for you.