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10 Questions To Get You Moving Towards More Joy

April 8, 2021

Are you ready to create, grow, or do what you were born to do?

A few days ago, I asked a powerful group of courageous, brilliant, truth-seeking women 10 important questions to help them prepare for the second quarter of 2021.

Though very self-aware, their answers to my questions revealed they were not living their highest, most truthful expressions of themselves. (That was their assessments, not mine.)

Why were the self-assessments so critical?

Because they were all embarking on new paths – new jobs, new relationships, new faith beliefs, and new businesses. And because they were entering new phases of their lives, they desired clarity. These women wanted to understand what kept them small and dissatisfied.

Their willingness to accept feedback blew me away. They were not invested in keeping secrets, hiding their weaknesses, or accepting their blind spots. They yearned for insight and illumination, and they opened their heart to hear critiques from other women without fearing judgment. It was amazing to witness such transparency and vulnerability.

Their mental break-throughs, aha moments, and deep revelations made me reflect on the questions, too. I also wanted to ensure that I was not overlooking or ignoring some truths about myself. And after deep reflections, I wept. As I peeled back layers from old wounds that I thought were healed, I cried because the questions challenged my “wokeness,” and invited me to look deeper at how I had been conditioned, colonized, and confused about my talent, skills, and God-given mission. The experience was painful, yet purposeful.

The experience was so powerful that I wanted to share the questions with you, and I hope the questions pierce through your emotional armor too. The more you delve deeper into your own soul, the easier it is to create a life that aligns with your needs.

The truth: so much is happening in the world, but if we are clear about who we are, we can make better choices that support our desires. We can be more anchored in who we are, more intentional about who we are becoming, and more committed to being a light in the world. We can be more alive, aware, and awake to our intuition and to the Spirit. We can grow, heal, and serve at the highest level of our ability and calling.

Here are the questions:

  •  When did you stop being curious about who you are and what you were created to be?
  • When did you decide to settle for less than you desire?
  • When did you start feeling disqualified for more?
  • Why do you keep believing that you don’t need others?
  •  What is constantly conforming costing you, and how long can your soul pay the price?
  •  Why do you fear losing people who don’t really celebrate, love, and support you anyway?
  • What will you do to regain and reclaim who you are?
  • What do you need to mourn so you can move on?
  • Who are you if your degrees, accomplishments, and social personas are stripped away?
  • How do you represent your values when you are surrounded by people who believe differently?


Hard questions. Yes!

Important and life-changing questions. Yes!

But these are the questions that will galvanize and guide you to be who you were created to be.

Remember, you don’t have to forfeit YOU to fit with THEM – whatever and whoever “them” may be

Take a few minutes and answer the questions.

Then, dare to be different and by daring to be YOU!

It’s time to SOAR HIGHER!

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