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What Do Already KNOW But Refuse To Accept?

April 12, 2021

After 30 years of working with people, one thing I know for sure is that most people really know the truth.

They may deny it, dilute it, denounce it, devalue it, distance themselves for it, but they KNOW.

And it is the KNOWING that creates the crisis.

It is the KNOWING that something no longer serves their highest good that causes the dis-ease, the disruption, and the disconnection in their families, careers, and their relationships.

It is the KNOWING that their current circumstance or their current choice contradicts their calling or their character.

It is the KNOWING that causes anxiety and misalignment.

The truth: Living in that “I know but I don’t want to know place” is acutally dangerous to the soul and psyche.

In fact, if you decide to live in this toxic place for too long, you suffer; your health, happiness, and wholeness are comprised. Most of all, you sacrifice living a life that supports, sustains, and satisfies you.

So, what do you really know that you are trying NOT to know? Take a few minutes and answer these questions.

  • Do you know what relationships contradict your values?
  • Do you know how your chosen career is preventing you from pursuing your divine calling?
  • Do you know why you are investing your time and money in everything except your own development?
  • Do you know why you keep walking into dead-end jobs and joining toxic organizations?
  • Do you know why you are blaming others for your unhappiness instead of cultivating a life that inspires you?
  • Do you know why you are conflating your income with your identity?

What do you know that you are trying NOT to know?

Once you answer those questions, you will be free to create a life that honors you and the God in you!

As I stated in Deciding to Soar 1….”Living a lie will make you die,” and the death will be slow, subtle, and painful.

You don’t want that!

You deserve better!

You deserve to live a life of peace and joy!

We all do.

Let’s Dare To Soar Higher Together!


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