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Happiness = Follow the Light, Embrace Love, and Demand Your Liberation

June 24, 2021

Last weekend was a celebratory weekend and I hope you enjoyed the festivities.

First, we celebrated Juneteenth, a glorious holiday to celebrate liberation. Even though Juneteenth has been celebrated for over 100 years in the Black community, this year, the federal government finally established it as a national holiday to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people, my ancestors. Even though there is so much more work to do before all people are free, I enjoyed the gatherings.

We celebrated Father’s Day, which was a wonderful holiday to honor the men in our lives – fathers and our father figures. However, I also want to acknowledge that Father’s Day is not a day of celebration for everyone. For some, it is a painful reminder of the father they never knew or had.

And then there is the summer solstice which announced that summer is here! Many cultures celebrate the summer solstice because it symbolizes light. It’s a reminder that we carry big potential, that we are passionate, and that we are action-takers. The summer solstice is also about letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. It’s an exciting time!

When you combine the power of these 3 events, we are reminded of three life-affirming messages.

  • We are reminded that we can live liberated lives.

You can live free from toxic traditions, away from cultural expectations, and outside of societal norms. When you deeply honor your needs, desires, and wishes WITHOUT external judgment, you can make value-inspired decisions to support yourself and pursue your life’s work. You can’t stop settling, stop begging, and stop yearning for what you desire and courageously pursue it. You can DARE to soar higher in how you live, move, and love. You can rewrite the rules and reimagine your life.

  •  We are reminded that we are a light and that we can shed light.

You have the right to illuminate dark places in the world by telling the truth and protesting against injustice and greed. You have the authority to illuminate dark spots in your own life so you can heal old wounds and address old secrets that keep you cloaked in shame. You have permission to stop hiding your talents, cultivate your gifts, access your wisdom, and showcase your God-given skills. You have the authority to illuminate the lies in history books, confront the toxic myths in your families, and oppose the biased laws that govern our country. You are a light.

  • We are reminded that we deserve love, care, and emotional nourishment.

You have a right to love yourself and to give yourself the love that you didn’t receive when you were a child. You have permission to love yourself by divesting from toxic rules, toxic relationships, and toxic religions that trap you in shame and dependency. You also have the right to co-create relationships with men from a place of equality, and not succumb to patriarchy. You have a right to also support men as they divest from the same patriarchy that undermines their humanity, too.

Liberation, Light, and Love are available to you, but they are not always easy to access, especially without support.

That’s why I want to invite you to join me for “You Can Depend On You,” a life-changing, mind-stretching, culture-shifting journey to help you reclaim your authentic self so you can be who you were created to be.

So you can be your FULL self, not your public, watered-down self that betrays your soul.

Now doesn’t that sound freeing?

Can you imagine what becomes possible for you if you depend on yourself to embrace more liberation, light, and love in ways that honor your soul?

How could your life change if you courageously depended on yourself to live an honest life and not an obligated life?

The truth: You can experience a more honest, gratifying life. NO MORE Settling, Sinking, or Suffering! No more parroting, people-pleasing, and prioritizing the needs of others. No more doing anything that costs you everything, and offers nothing!

My friend, if you are interested in learning more about “You Can Depend On You”, just email

Remember, you can depend on yourself to liberate yourself from the status quo, to be a light in your own life, and to love yourself fully. You have everything you need INSIDE OF YOU!

Affirm Today: I am light, I am love, and I am liberated!

Because the best is yet to come!