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Let’s Start A Fight!

August 17, 2021

Today is a good day to start a fight!

No, I am not talking about violence, but I am talking about starting a fight in 3 critical areas.

First, this week, start a fight to be more of yourself.

Yes, be yourself, even if people try to pressure you to be who they want you to be. Resist conformity and accommodation. Stand strong even when individual and systemic pressures attempt to restrict, sway, or sabotage you. And remember to stay alert because sometimes the pressure to comply is so insidious that you may unconsciously succumb to beliefs that don’t align with your truth.

Remember, you have agency and inner wisdom. You can prevent subtle suggestions and harmful narratives from controlling your mind in a way that renders you a slave to public opinion or to the superficial status quo. You are just that powerful!

Secondly, fight against mediocrity.

In a world that pressures people to be average, it is easy to underperform or do just enough to get by. Doing the least possible can be appealing, especially when your brilliance intimidates some and confuses others.

But despite people misunderstanding you or challenging your perspective, strive for excellence and precision. Continue to do your best, even if people are not clapping for you or praising you. Do your best to make yourself proud. That alone will boost your self-confidence, and that’s something to fight for.

Finally, fight against being mean.

COVID has all of us a bit discouraged and anxious. Everywhere you look, people are frowning, frustrated, fearful, and acting foolish. People are stressed, exhausted, and physically overwhelmed.

But a kind word can be just the medicine that a stressed-out parent, healthcare provider, teacher, caregiver, or essential worker needs to make it through the day. Being cordial, grateful, and extending mercy could bring cheer to someone’s heart and provide the levity they need to endure another day. Remember, you are a thermostat, not a thermometer. You can establish and sustain a climate for positivity. You don’t need to settle for just registering the climate.

So this week, start a fight, a good fight.

And after you win your battles, extend a hand to someone else!

You can listen to the message by clicking here.

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Remember you don’t have to settle for a life you learned to live, you can create a life you love!