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Rejection May Sting, But It Does Not Have To Stop You!

March 17, 2021

Do you know many people miss out on major opportunities, love, and happiness because they fear rejection?

I don’t want to admit it, but over the years, I gave up a lot because I wanted to be liked and accepted.

For example, when I was a little girl, I scored high on standardized tests and was assigned to advanced placement classes.

I had access to better books, speakers, teachers, and other educational events, but I almost gave it up because I wanted to be accepted by my peers and my so-called “friends.”

You see, I wanted to be with the in-crowd and wanted to be popular. I knew that academic success would make me more of an outcast, and I didn’t want that. I already existed on the fringes of social acceptability because I was a black girl in a predominately white school.

Needless to say, I almost let my fear of rejection rob me of a good education. Have you ever done that?

The same thing happened early in my corporate career when I was promoted to a sales manager. Instead of my “friends” cheering for me and being happy about my promotion, they rejected me and bitterly gossiped about me. I became a pariah and was no longer invited to the dances or parties. I was crushed.

And guess what? Because I was so needy for acceptance, I almost gave up my promotion. Can you believe that? After 4 years of college and years of sacrifice, I almost derailed my career because I could not deal with rejection. 

The same thing happened in 1992 when I started my first personal training business. I wanted to teach aerobics to market myself and my budding business. Unfortunately, I was rejected by fitness studios and health clubs. According to the owners, I was too fat, white students would not attend aerobic classes taught by black women, and my music was not appropriate for “their” students. Of course, they said it nicer, but the message was clear. You are NOT teaching here.

Again, I almost let rejection stop me again from doing something that I enjoyed doing – teaching aerobics. Thankfully, I kept pushing forward and my resilience paid off. I built a clientele, won aerobic awards, and built a business called Fitness F’ness that provided fitness services for under-served markets.

The moral of the story: rejection may sting you, but it does not have to stop you. 

So, ground yourself in your truth. Surround yourself with people who support you and support your divine assignment. And most of all, trust God –  the God who made you, sustains you, and protects you as you navigate through this amazing journey called life.

You got this!